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A dentist, a horny wife, a jealous husband, and a .22.


Donny's dick gradually rose in response to that last remark. She still found him attractive! He knew now that she never intended to get back with him, and certainly didn't intend to be exclusive with him. He could either accept Chad's dominant role in her life, and allow Deanna to walk all over him, or give up the sexiest woman he'd ever known. What to do?

"I only want you, Deanna. Why don't you want only me?"

"Because you only have a 4 inch dick, which is really sad for you, but I can't be content with such a sorry penis. Also, Chad is strong and manly, whereas you are weak and effeminate. You're a boy-toy, nothing more. Chad doesn't just want me- he has Roberta too. He's a stud, a real man, who fucks around as he wishes. Face it, you were dealt a terrible hand: a sweet, but too nice personality and a small penis."

"There is one solution for him, you know!" Roberta spoke.

"What's that?" Chad asked, quite curious as to what should be done for such a pitiful case of a weakling.

"If he can't be a great stud, we should help him by making him a hot babe!"

Deanna looked at Donny, and had to agree with Roberta. The answer to Donny's problems lay between his legs. She really felt sympathy for the guy; life must be hard on a man with a small dick. Her future mother-in-law and new, part-time mistress, had the right idea: turn his weakness into an asset, by feminizing him! He already had the sweet, sensitive nature of alot of women displayed many times. (Of course, many women didn't.)

"That's a great idea! Donny, you make a lousy guy, but you'd be a really terrific gal! What of it, Donny? Want to be a woman?"

Donny couldn't believe what he had just heard. They were proposing to solve his problems by changing his sex into one more compatible with his hyper-sensitive, passive-aggressive nature. But, he did have one fear: the pain of losing his dick!

"What about my penis?"

"Would you really miss it? It's only brought you pain, due to its unimpressive size." Chad pointed out.

"But the pain?"

"You can be given anesthesia. We can do it in stages, anyway, starting with feminine clothes, then female hormones, and finally, the replacement of your genitals with a vagina." Roberta replied.

"But I'm not gay!"

"You won't have to do it with guys! You can be a lesbian! Lesbian sex with me, wouldn't that be more fun for both of us? You wouldn't have to worry about your erection, and if you ever wanted to penetrate me, you could use a strap-on dildo, which is likely to have more impact than a little dick." Deanna told him.

They were rapidly eliminating his excuses. He knew that they all wanted him to become a woman, for both his sake and Deanna's. Well, he'd seen the army slogan "Be All That You Can Be" once, and that seemed to sum up the issue. He had more potential as a woman than as a man, plain and simple. If you can't be hot as a guy, why not turn heads as a girl?

"Alright, I'll be your girlfriend, if I can't be your boyfriend!"

"Splendid! We can start today! You were always rather cute, so making you a girl just makes better use of your assets." Deanna stated.

"What's my new name?"

"Donna. Logical alteration of Donald, or Donny, as it were." Chad suggested.

Deanna and Roberta nodded their agreement.

"Well, Chad, I'm a slave, so I can't keep him as a slave, can I? We can be lovers, but he needs a master or mistress better suited to the task of controlling him. I'm too submissive for that."

"I'll own him here, and Roberta will dominate him at her place, just like you."

"Sounds like a great plan, son. However, if we're going to turn 'Donna' here into a girl, we should stop using masculine pronouns, shouldn't we? She needs to learn to think of herself as a woman."

"Agreed. Donna is her name, and she shall be referred to in the feminine from now on."

"Okay, so, Donna, we need to start feminizing you right away, alright? We'll start with undressing, if that's fine with Master here."

"Very good, slave.

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