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The coven attempt a ritual and Baal returns.

Rubbing gently over his buttocks and down the backs and outsides of his legs. Tanya filled up on more gel before moving on to the front.

Tanya smiled to see life slowly returning to Jeff's cock. How she loved the stamina and vigor of youth. Tanya started down at his feet and moved her way slowly up the front & inside of his legs. As she got just above the knees, Jeff moved his legs apart in order to accommodate her. Tanya chuckled "you randy little bugger." Jeff chuckled back. To keep Jeff off guard, Tanya moved instead to his neck again, shoulders, chest (little extra attention to the nipples), then onto the waist. "Open them further," Tanya commanded as she gently nudged his feet further apart. Then she reached down and between his leg, pressing the loufa in just before reaching his anus. Firmly she dragged it slowly forward. Jeff was up on his toes by the time she reached the tip of his penis.

"Oh my God!" Jeff had never felt anything like what she was doing to him.

"Now it's your turn" she said. Jeff looked at her a little dazed.

"You have to soap me up" she explained. Now it was Jeff's turn to grin.

As Jeff turned to put gel on the loufa, he thought to himself that he would really soap her, inside and out. He turned back to Tanya bringing the loufa up to her shoulders. Gently Jeff mimicked what she had done to him earlier. Slow, circular movements ... across the neck and shoulders, down the back, over the buttocks and down the outside of the legs. As he got more gel, he ordered Tanya to turn around. Oh how he wanted to caress those tits!

Jeff moved a step closer and raised his hand. At the contact, Tanya sighed softly mentally moving forward to what she was expecting. Jeff allowed a slight smile to touch his lips briefly, but quickly relaxed his face so he didn't give anything away. While circling her shoulders with the loufa in his left hand, Jeff covertly reached his right hand behind himself to pick up the bar of soap. He let the water run over it as he turned it in his hand until he had a nice lather. Now this was no ordinary bar of soap, Tanya had received it as part of a bridal shower gift from her girl friends. Jeff knew this because he saw it after the bridal shower and was embarrassed to be caught looking at it, eliciting an explanation from Tanya who was amused at his embarrassment. The soap was shaped like a long, thick prick with balls and all. Jeff wasn't sure that it was actually supposed to go inside, but he was determined that Tanya be thoroughly cleaned.

Although Tanya's eyes were now closed, he kept his right hand behind his back. He used his body to move Tanya to the back wall of the shower stall. There was a little seat ledge built into the wall where he planned to have Tanya lift her leg for easier access. Jeff moved his knee between her legs as he pulled his upper body away to watch her face as he worked. Jeff brought the lathered soap dick forward and placed it between the folds of her pussy, pressing gently upwards. Tanya's hips rocked forward. Without any instruction from him, she raised her foot to the seat ledge allowing him the room he needed for his plan. He slowly moved the soap back and forth with his right hand while his left hand used the loufa on her nipples. By now Tanya was moaning softly and her hips were moving slowly in rhythm with the soap. Jeff wasn't sure what she thought was between her legs, and right now he wasn't sure he cared.

"Do you like that?" He asked her softly.

"Oh yes!" she cried. "More, please ..." she begged.

A wicked grin flashed across Jeff's face. He'd give her more all right and she would love it.

Jeff turned his body a little to give more freedom to his right arm. He dropped the loufa to the shower floor and circled his left arm behind her. Using his left hand, he opened the lips of pussy wide clearing the way as he shoved the soap dick up her pussy until only the balls were left showing.

"YES" she screamed. It was all the encouragement Jeff needed.

Jeff began to pump the artificial cock in and out.

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