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Hard Work.

I felt completely content. I shouldn't have teased him like that.

"I've known you for a while but I still don't know much about what you do outside of work," Ryan said. "What are your hobbies?"

Hobbies? I'm kneeling at your feet and you fucking want to talk about hobbies?

"Fantasizing about guys with Celtic tattoos. Obsessing about hot bosses. Resisting pleasuring myself over tuxedoed--"

"Yeah, yeah, enough, you'll inflate my ego," Ryan said.

"I can think of something else I'd rather inflate," I breathed on him again. I liked teasing him.

He chuckled.

"Nice," he said. "But not what I had in mind for today's lunch menu."

"Your other hobbies," he said.

"I still play soccer."

"Must be what keeps you in such great shape."

"Not as good a shape as you," I whispered.

We were silent for a second. I let my fingers glide over the fabric on this thigh.

Ryan offered me a hand up. He took me in his arms. Then he held the back of my head, tilted it at just the right angle, kissed me. Softly at first, then with more intensity. He brushed his lips against my ear. "I missed you," he whispers.

Not as much as I missed you, I thought.

He let go of me and patted the edge of his desk. "Hop up."


I follow directions.

He pulls my legs apart. Steps between them. Caresses my jaw. Smiles at me like a kid in a candy store. Kisses me again. Fuck, he's a great kisser. He unbuckles my pants.


He is not really thinking about having sex at the office is he?

Ryan pulls my zipper down.

Holy shit.

He is definitely thinking about having sex at the office. My eyes dart over his shoulder to the door. He didn't lock it, did he?

"Lift your hips up," he whispers. His voice is harsh, commanding, hot.

I shook my head. Not a no really, just an automatic response.

"Oh yeah," he says.

I lift my hips. He pulls my pants and underwear down, grazes his teeth down my inner thigh. Takes off my shoes and socks. Throws everything aside.

Kisses his way back up.

My heart is pounding. I'm hard. It's partially from fear.

He smiles that wicked, I'm-in-control smile at me again.

"You're enjoying this," I hiss.

"Nahhhhh," he answers.

Rat bastard.

Then my cock is in his mouth. For like a split second. Almost before I can register it, he stops.

Fucking Joker-Penguin-Riddler lovin' rat bastard.

My heart is in my throat and I'm breathing hard. I look over at the door. I'm sure he didn't lock it.

"Lock the door," I whisper.


He yanks me forward a little, palms my ass, giving it a quick caress then brushes a finger near my entrance.

Panic surges through me like a lightning bolt and my eyes bulge wide.

"Ryan!" My whisper is loud.

He cocks an eyebrow up at me.

"I've never..."

Jeez, I can't even fucking say it.

"Bottomed. I was always the taker." I don't know where this is coming from. Again it's like aliens have taken over my brain and are speaking out of my mouth. Yeah, I'm a guys' guy, and I don't always bottom, but Ryan had me that way on Friday for Christ's sake but for some reason it came out of my mouth like I was a virgin. What the fuck?

Ryan looks like I set a match to him.

He fists my hair again. Leans in until we are nose to nose. His stare is intense.

"But, for me, you're going to do whatever I want, aren't you?" There's barely any tone to the whisper. The words come out on a rasp. Savage.

I want to nod but he's got too tight a grip on my hair.

"No," I say. But it is clear from my tone and expression that I mean yes.

He chuckles that warm laughing sound again. Caresses me with his thumb circling my entrance. Spikes my adrenaline.

"Tell me what I'm going to do."

"Put me on bottom," I say very quietly.

He shakes his head. "Say it the way I'm going to do it."

Words fail me.

Ryan caresses my balls. He bends forward until his lips are at my ear. "I'm going to pound my cock into you until you can feel me up in your throat. Drive in and out into that beautiful tight hole until you beg for mercy."

I wanted to beg for mercy now.

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