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Mary felt a twitch of excitement, her snowbunny either on the offensive or close to buckling under the months of deliberate flashes of skin and curves she could no longer play off as accidents. Everything in her body, from the heat and cold flowing together through her veins and the pulsing between her legs told her to act; send one invitation that Josie would either swallow whole as the wolf she seemed, or fly back inside to the safety of her den.

She took the trimmer in one hand and looked up to the sky, clear and blue with the sweetness of summer, and pulled her top away from her chest. She did this whenever she wanted Josie's full attention, but without a bra her snowbunny would get a full view of the moisture percolating on her skin, gathering and trickling down, following the curve of her breasts. She pouted her lips and sighed, mixing imbuing just the right amount of voice in her siren song. Mary knew full and well the reaction she would give Josie; after long stares at her own feminine profile in the bathroom mirror, and Mary had her ways of turning, swaying, beckoning until Josie began to approach from the corner of her eye. She let her tongue peek out as the ecstatic rush made her read spin. Mary wanted to drive her crazy, to see just how much she could unveil of her.

Then she saw, Josie had a scowl, dark and determined. She grabbed Mary by the wrist and yanked her as she stormed into the kitchen with her, slamming the sliding door behind them. She pushed Mary against the wall, out of sight. "I bet you think I'm some sweet little housewife, bored and horny and just waiting for the sexy gardener to pluck her." She hissed, close enough to feel her breath lave over her exposed neck. Mary grinned wickedly from ear to ear, and snaked her body against Josie.

"What ever do you mean, Josie?" The game itself had her on the brink, licking her lips with fire swelling in her eyes. While the idea of showing Josie the ropes and breaking her out of her suburban shell was enticing, trying to keep up with the fierce animal that held her in place could not compare. Her pulse rang in her ears, and a rush of wetness threatened to burst.

"Shut up." She kissed Mary and wedged her thigh between her legs. She returned the crash of their lips, but was dominated into submission each time, pushed back again and nearly suffocated between her snow-wolf and the walls of her den. Josie was skilled. Skilled and incredibly strong, Mary fell into her world, indulged in it and continued her feebly fighting against it. It felt better that way.

"See what you've made me do?" They came up for air, panting like mad, lips close enough to get sucked back in.

"All part of my master plan." Josie jerked her leg upward, and Mary drew a sharp breath. "Ahh-are you sure you're a housewife?"

"I only wear the skin of one." She captured Mary's lower lip with her teeth and snarled, then kissed her, feeding off her kill.

"And what if I were to peel it back?" Mary wriggled a hand free and caught Josie's hair, fighting back with feverish kisses of her own. "What would I find?"

"God, you have no idea what you're doing to me."

"So tell me." She was addicted to challenging her, their banter drumming her up to a point-of-no-return she passed in one short moment.

"I'll show you." Josie needed Mary's lips again, go deeper into her mouth and come apart at her very foundation. Mary knew, she felt the same. "I'll show you just how crazy you make me."

"Mmm-you sure talk a lot."

"Shut up. My house, my rules. You are mine."

Josie's house passed by in a drunken blur as they bumped into walls and furniture on their way to their bedroom, entangled in each other and tugging at their clothes between impatient kissing.

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