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A loving wife waits for another man.

All in all, it was a very educational experience.

Sarah dozed off on the ride home. Her first day as a trainee had been an emotional roller coaster, moving from the highs of learning high finance to the lows of being humiliated and beaten. Stone had to wake her up when they arrived at his house.

There were boxes in the foyer that looked like they came from an expensive store. "Ah, those must be the first delivery of your new clothes. Why don't we take them into your bedroom and you can put them away?" With that, he picked up a stack and went into her apartment. She had no choice but to follow with a stack of her own. With Stone standing there, obviously waiting for her to open the boxes, Sarah opened the first box. She can see it contains bras. But as she pulls them out, she is shocked to realize bras are all demi or shelf. "Where are the regular bras?" "Remember, your breasts are an asset and in business you use all assets."

She shuddered at the thought of wearing a shelf bra. Her breasts were not the firm globes that some women had, no hers hung down her chest. She remembered the one time she'd let her boyfriend talk her into having sex doggy style, she'd caught a look at herself in the bedroom mirror. Her large breasts hung down and with her long nipples at the bottom, she'd looked like a cow. Wearing a shelf bra would be like putting them on a platter.

The next small box contains underwear, all thongs except for a few regular panties that he explained are for her periods.

The next two boxes contain blouses and skirts. The blouses are all shear and the skirts much shorter than she was comfortable. One large box contains some jackets that coordinated with the skirts. She was relieved that she'll have something to cover her breasts when she wears those shear blouses.

The last box contained what looked like exercise clothes, although they looked very skimpy.

"Ah, good. I was hoping they would come today. I expect you to start exercising tomorrow. I have an exercise regimen all prepared for you. You will exercise for an hour every morning before breakfast. Meet me in the kitchen at 5 am and I will get you started. You may pick your own exercise outfit from the selection in the box. "

"Oh, I believe there is one final box for you in the foyer. It contains your personal belongings from your old place. You may fetch it as soon as you've put away these things. Good night."

She was surprised when she brought the box with her personal possessions in to her room as the box was rather small. Opening it up, she immediately realized that none of her old clothes were in it. In fact, all that was in the box were some mementos of her college years and some pictures of her sister. She supposed that Stone had had all her clothes disposed of since he wanted her dressed in more expensive things. She had planned on having a few things to wear around her apartment, things that weren't so revealing. But that was not to be.

The next morning she awoke at 4:45 and pulled on her exercise clothes. Just as she thought, they barely covered her privates. They were so tight, it almost didn't make a difference, everything was visible. Her long nipples were very prominent. The top doubled as an exercise bra, so she didn't even have that to help hide them.

Stone was already working out on the weight machine when she entered the exercise room. He saw her but didn't acknowledge her until he finished that set.

"Your workout schedule is posted on the wall by the door. I expect you to follow it exactly. You may take 5 minutes to read it before beginning. You may ask me any questions when you have finished reading over today's regimen."

The exercises for this morning seemed pretty normal. But she gasped when she got to the end. He expected her to do Kegel exercises! Not only did he expect her to do them, expected her to do them in front of him.

"Sir, why do I need to do Kegel exercises?"

"Kegel exercises are good for you.

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