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A reworking of School for Scandal

look, I'd say Nick won, hmm?"

Chandra only nodded and crawled the length of Nick's body until her pussy was directly over his hardened length.

Sam came close and locked lips with Chandra while she eased down on Nick's sheathed dick.

"Holy fuck! Oh damn, Chandra!" Nick yelped, seemingly pleased with the feeling. He grasped her waist, guiding her up and down on his erection.

Chandra let go of Sam's mouth and gasped, twisting her nipples while she rode him. Rushes of energy ran through her veins, forming goose pimples on her arms and legs. Beads of sweat formed on her neck and back almost instantly. Chandra moved vertically on his dick, as he requested. She clenched her thighs together giving him a tighter fit.

"Oh damn babe. So freaking hot. Fuck him!" Samantha cheered her on.

Chandra threw her head back and with every shove into her pussy, she could feel a part of her hardened exterior being stripped away. She rubbed the top of her clit while she hopped on Nick's cock like a freaking pogo stick.

Damn the man was good.

More than.

She hadn't been fucked this good by a man in quite a while.

Without losing the rhythm between them, Nick sat up and wrapped both muscled arms around Chandra. "Damn..." Nick pulled close, pressing his head onto Chandra's a moment before turning to Sam and kissing her passionately.

"I gotta switch, babe. Do you mind?"

"Of course not." Sam kissed him again and kissed Chandra's lips too.

Chandra touched her swollen lips and allowed Nick to flip her over on her back.

"Let me get behind her Nick!" Sam touched Chandra's shoulder, urging her forward.

Chandra did just that, letting her two new lovers move her, shape her.

Chandra was in too much of a daze to stop them. She leaned back into Sam's chest and opened her legs wide, watching Nick settle between her thighs again.

"Oh hell, so freaking hot, babe. You gotta be ours. After I'm done with you, I wanna watch you and Sam recreate last night. I wanna see how she got you hot and bothered, Chandra. I gotta see for myself."

Chandra nodded and wrapped one arm around his neck while she reached back, letting Sam suck on her fingers. She watched the intensity in those wild brown eyes, seeing his intent to fuck her into this mattress instead of what he'd originally asked for.

Holy hell.

Chandra inhaled sharply when Sam's fingers turned her nipples like dials.

And just when she thought things would settle, he sped up the pace again while he enveloped her mouth completely, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth. "Oh God, Chandra I'm so close."

Chandra cried out and found his mouth again, clenching her hips tightly to get ready for what would be one of the most powerful climaxes in recent weeks.

No matter that Chandra didn't feel men as a whole were as attractive as women.

Nick was more than just any man. More than any she'd had anyway.

Chandra accepted this battle of wills and was defeated a lot faster than she wanted.

Oh hell, at least it was worth it.

* * * *

"Oh God, Chandra. Damn babe." Nick yelled out, feeling the pressure on his groin increase by leaps and bounds. He inhaled deeply and wrapped Chandra's legs around his waist while he pushed into her repeatedly.

Chandra's pussy fit like a glove, almost as perfect as Sam's and damn he wished he could feel the sensation of that piercing on his cock.

Maybe later.

Perhaps when they got to know one another a little more outside of the bedroom.

However, even with the latex, being inside this naughty librarian was absolutely amazing.

His body tensed with his balls drawing up closer to his body. Feeling all the adrenaline rush to his nipples and cock he grabbed Chandra, kissing her feverishly while he filled the condom with his release. His breath hitched in his throat and he closed his eyes, seeing bursts of light behind his eyelids.

Fuck yes.

Damn it wasn't love yet but it fucking could be.

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