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Strangers meet in a Turkish bathhouse.

My nipples were now so hard and sensitive, that they ached for him to touch them, play with them, and suck them into his mouth. My pussy was so wet, and it to ached for his touch, and the bulge inside his wetsuit.

I tilted forwards onto my knees, pausing for a moment as he stared closer at my breasts. I hoped he could smell the sweet coconut lotion that was soaked into my skin. I then picked up one of his hands and placed it firmly onto one of my swollen breasts.

"Bloody hell!" he gasped, as his fingers closed around the soft flesh of my breast. Both of us began to breathe faster as he brought his other hand up, and tightly held both mounds together.

I couldn't have wished for a more erotic moment. I had sand, sea, sunshine and an inexperienced young man in my claws. But what he lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm.

Soft groans turned to whimpers as he dug his fingers into my breasts. I leaned back on my hands, thrusting my breasts closer towards him. He knelt up and pushed his face into my heaving cleavage, sending new sensations through my body, while my pussy eagerly twitched.

He nuzzled his face in between my breasts, squashing them into his face with his hands. Then I pushed him backwards and cupped my own breasts.

His facial expression was one of total inexperience, but with the eagerness to learn. He had obviously had some experience with girls, but not a woman like me. I knew what I wanted, and I was determined to get it.

I spread my knees a little to balance myself in front of him and, with my back arched to emphasise my bust, offered him a nipple to suck on. My knees wobbled as his tongue nervously flicked across my nipple. I clutched his shoulders, trying to keep my balance while he teased my ever hardening nipple with his soft lips. I smiled as he moaned his tongue licking round my nipple before he sucked it into his mouth. Waves of pleasure started to run through my body, from my nipple to my brain, and then down to my empty, waiting cunt.

He grabbed my other breast, lifted it to his mouth, and sucked the burning hot teat into his mouth. He was now spoiled for choice, turning his head from one breast to the other, taking each nipple in turn into his mouth, as if trying to decide which one tasted the best.

I loved the feeling of power I had over this lad as he stimulated my nipples to near breaking point. I pushed myself roughly against him, searching for more pleasure from his sucking, biting and groping.

With his head still firmly suffocated between my breasts, I pulled on his legs until he kicked them out straight. Slowly, so he was still able to suck on my nipples, I parted my legs further and lifted my knees so I could straddle him.

Keeping my breasts squashed against his face, I began to roll his wetsuit down his body. I was impressed by his multi-tasking skills as he raised his hips, helping me remove the wetsuit, and sucked harder on my nipple.

At last I managed to pull down his wetsuit and free his cock. Licking my lips like a true wanton slut, I reached down and took his beautiful cock into my hand. He shuddered as my fingers curled tightly around his cock.

"Just relax now, and enjoy yourself." I whispered.

He reluctantly let go of my breasts and put his hands into the sand behind him, supporting his weight as my breasts hung in front of his face. He smiled at them as the gently breeze chilled his wet saliva around my nipples.

I placed my hand on his chest and gently pushed him back as I slithered down his body towards his cock. He fell back flat and gently grabbed my hair. I had to admit that I was impressed when my head reached his cock. It stood hard and rigid while the tip emerged from his soft foreskin.

I wanted to admire it for a few moments, but I couldn't wait any longer with his cock throbbing inches from my mouth in anticipation. So, I opened my mouth and sucked him all in until the tip reached the back of my throat. He grunted like an animal as I gently nibbled and slowly licked up and down his sweet length.

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