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Refuge from a world aflame.


"Ok Anna, what do you have in mind?"

"On Monday you mentioned some benefits. What's in it for me Tom?"

"This deal guarantees 12 months of orders with 6 months being paid in advance. This was agreed to keep us in business. I could put you in charge of this deal giving you a promotion and a pay rise."

"How much are we talking?"

Anna tried to sound in control of this negotiation but Tom could sense she was going to go through with it anyway.

"Tom wrote down her rise and passed the piece of paper over to her. Anna nodded her head in agreement as Tom smiled.

"The meeting will take place this Saturday Anna, is that ok?"

"Yes that shouldn't be a problem; I'll tell my husband I'm meeting a client."

"You are to meet him at the International Hotel outside of town at 7pm Saturday. He will have a table booked where you can discuss everything. Thank you Anna, I know this must be very hard."

"Leave it Tom, you have no idea and I'm not doing this for you!"

Anna walked out and sat her desk as her colleagues began to enter the office. Anna tried to switch off from everything and at times everything felt normal again as the girls started with their gossip.

Saturday soon arrived and Anna was standing in front of the mirror as she got ready for her evening. She had explained to her husband she was meeting a client over dinner to sign a contract. Anna felt terrible as her husband seemed excited about the deal. She began to have second thoughts before she received a text message from Tom wishing her good luck.

Anna looked very sexy walking down the stairs to the delight of her husband. She looked beautiful but also professional. She had chosen to wear a knee length black skirt with a white blouse which showed a nice deep cleavage without looking slutty. Even with her black jacket her cleavage was visible. Underneath she wore a matching black lace bra and panty set with stockings and heels to complete the package.

The taxi soon arrived at the hotel and Anna paid the fare before heading into the hotel. As soon as she entered Mr Davies was waiting for her at the bar.

"Good evening Anna, glad you could make it. I must say you look beautiful."

"Thank you Mr Davies your looking good yourself."

"Please call me Alan. Shall we?"

After shaking hands Anna nervously followed Alan into the restaurant. Anna began to relax throughout the meal as the conversation remained totally professional. Anna even began to wonder if she could seal this deal without using her body. She found herself warming to him as he remained polite and respectful throughout the meeting.

When the meal was finished Mr Davies ordered a bottle of wine to take away, before asking Anna to join him in his room to sign the contract. As Anna stood up she felt light headed as the wine took its effect, but she remained confident she was still in control.

Once in the room, Mr Davies poured two glasses of wine before handing one to Anna. She accepted the glass making her way to the window.

"Do you mind if I smoke Alan?"

"Not at all Anna, I want you to relax."

Anna sucked deep on her cigarette as she sat silently looking out at the window. In the window she could see Mr Davies' reflection and he was taking off his tie and jacket. The nerves began to creep back as she wondered if she would be expected to have sex with him.

As she crushed out her cigarette and exhaled her last breath of smoke, Anna stood up as Mr Davies approached her.

Raising his hand to her face, Mr Davies stroked a finger down her cheek and Anna felt goose bumps all over her body.

"You're so beautiful Anna; I'm very pleased you agreed to come tonight."

"I had no choice. I can't lose my job, I'll lose everything otherwise."

"There is always a choice Anna."

Mr Davies pulled a coin from his pocket and showed Anna both sides of the coin. She looked up at him puzzled before he spoke.

"You can walk out right now and the deal is off. Or we can flip and let fate decide."

"What.......? What do you mean?"

"Heads I sign the cont

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