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Fun road trip for both with both perspectives.

I closed my eyes and replayed her earlier shower scene in my head, only this time it was the Directors cut and she had removed her bikini bottoms and was totally naked, she lathered herself all over with soap, in full view of me, knowing that I am watching.

I soon realised that my shorts were becoming tight again and I managed to sit up and swing my feet up onto the bench just as the door to the steam room swung open.

She seemed startled for a second, standing at the door to the steam room with one arm across her bare chest, but after a couple of seconds she came in and sat down, smiling nervously but making no further attempt to cover herself. 'Hi,' I said as she settled herself down opposite me, 'I'm Sorry if I startled you.' I added. She smiled and said 'That's OK, I thought I had the place to myself, I didn't expect anyone to be in here'. We both sat in silence for a short while before I asked 'Is it always this quiet in here on a Sunday?' she paused for a moment then said 'Well, I only came here twice before on a Sunday, it seems to be busier in the morning,' she replied, then added 'I usually come to the ladies only sessions in the week, but my husband wanted to come along with me to see what it's like here'. 'Oh' I said, 'I take it he didn't enjoy the experience then?' she giggled and said 'No, I booted him out of here and sent him to sulk in the swimming pool so that I could get some peace and quiet.'

She swung her feet up onto the plastic bench and sat back into the corner with her eyes closed. We sat in silence for a while, both of us soaking up the steam as I stole occasional glimpses of her beautiful breasts. I was in severe discomfort with the shorts by now, not due to an erection this time, it was now entirely down to the wet material chaffing against my skin and the elastic around the top had shrunk and started to dig into me. I shifted position every few seconds, trying to get comfortable but to no avail. I looked across to where she was sitting to see her looking at me with a bemused look on her face. 'Having problems?' she enquired, 'yes' I replied, 'these damn shorts are killing me, I didn't know it was a mixed session today so I didn't bring anything to wear and these are all I had in my sports bag.'

'Oh' she said, 'don't mind me, go ahead and take them off if you like, I think it's a stupid rule anyway, after all, we are all adults here.' I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said 'are you sure, I'm a regular here and I don't want to cause trouble.' She laughed and said 'they don't mind, so long as nobody complains and that's not likely to happen, they don't have any new admissions in here for the last 2 hours of the session which was about 20 minutes ago, so its just us.' That was good enough for me, I stood up and peeled the soaking shorts off, they fought me all the way, the elastic had dug in deep, leaving a red impression all the way around my waist and they clung to my legs all the way down. I balled them up and threw them into the corner, the sense of relief and the feeling of freedom was fantastic, it was as though I had been released from a ball and chain. I realised that she had watched me intently as I took the shorts off and that made me feel more than a little turned on.

'Better?' she enquired.

'Yes thank you, much better' I replied.

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