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Older sister needed help.

g smile before he said, "Tori wrestled me to the ground and yanked it off!"

The look that Beatrice shot Tori reminded Tori of a mother hen protecting her young. Tori threw up her hands and said, defensively, "I did not! I promise I didn't, Beatrice. He took it off then jumped out and tried to scare me!"

Jake responded indignantly, "I did not!" Then the whole room erupted again as everyone tried to get their opinion heard.

This time, it was George that took matters in hand. "Hush! Everybody hush! Jake, tell us what happened and try to make it factual. I know that's hard for you lawyers, but stick to the facts, mister!"

While everyone focused their attention on Jake, he told the story of Friday afternoon. Tori was glad that he left out the more intimate parts, but she had a feeling that George and Beatrice could probably fill in the blanks.

After Jake finished, there were lots of hugs and slaps on the back. Beatrice whispered in Tori's ear, "I told you he needed you!" The older couple were so happy that they decided to join Tori and Jake for a slice of cake. Jake poured the coffee and Tori added a scoop of ice cream to everyone's plate. Then they all sat down and enjoyed the dessert and the company. It was obvious that George and Beatrice were extraordinarily happy about the changes in Jake.

Chapter Eleven

On Monday morning, it was business as usual. And as usual, Tori had loads of information that Jake needed. But, this week, instead of gathering it all from the computer, Jake suggested that they actually go out and do a little surveillance of a few of his cases. They took the 35 mm camera with them and went to gather some evidence.

That night, Jake showed Tori how to use his dark room to develop the pictures. Jake's grandmother had built the darkroom into the back corner of the garage. Jake told Tori that his grandmother had been an amateur photographer and had spent hours working with her camera and film. And she had taught him the details of the art form.

As Tori saw the pictures developing, she realized that Jake's grandmother wasn't the only one with a talent for picture taking. The pictures that Jake took easily rivaled ones that she saw hanging for sale around town. And these were just pictures that he was taking to make his cases work. She wondered what he could do if he actually went out and took pictures with his sole goal being ascetic quality.

The work week flew by with each day including trips around town, collecting the proof that Jake believed could influence a judge's decision. Tori came to understand his passion for his work. It was like putting together a puzzle and Jake was a master at the game. He could think through issues that Tori thought were just emotional jumbles. Jake would find an angle to work from, then he would sort through the details. It amazed her to watch him in action.

On Friday afternoon, shortly before quitting time, Jake and Tori walked into Paul's downtown office . Tori had talked to her dad on the phone during the week, so he was aware that Jake was making progress. She had told him about moving in with Jake and about Jake's new willingness to get out and about. But from the look on his face, Tori could tell that it was still a shock for Paul to actually see Jake outside of his dark office.

When Tori and Jake handed Paul the files they had finished working on, Paul's mouth fell open. "What have the two of you been doing?" he asked in astonishment.

Jake laughed and said, "Just what you pay us to do!"

When the three of them finished going over the information, Paul looked extremely satisfied. "This is the best work you have ever done, Jake. Obviously getting out to gather the photos has added an edge we didn't have before. I don't think there is anyway our clients can lose with this sort of proof backing up our claims. I daresay that our practice will become even more in demand after the courts catch wind of this. I think this calls for a celebration."

Jake gave Tori a cocky grin and a quick wink.

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