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Robin dresses up, gives Batgirl what she craves most.

I felt both a bit odd and a little turned on as I got into the stairwell. For a start the cold concrete under my bare feet and then the fact while I was able to use my door spy hole to see if anyone was there I had no idea if someone was on the stairs or the next level. I walked up and got the ice and then trotted back to my room. I didn't see anyone and I don't think anyone saw me.

I thought about it and wondered why I had felt a bit of a tingle from it. The thing was the robe I had on was thick and secure I was also wearing my panties. Large comfortable panties the sort of panties that could be mistaken for a chastity belt from a distance. I then thought back to two nights before when I had gone to the hotel bar for the evening; it was a warm night so I had worn a light summer dress. I had not worn a bra with it and had worn more sexy underwear. I had not felt a tingle then. I guessed it was the connotation of wearing the robe.

I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep that night and I felt like I wanted to do something. But I just wasn't turned on enough to really get going. I tried to let my mind wonder and all I could think of was being naked on that stairwell. By this time it was around one in the morning and the lights in the corridor outside of my room were dimmed. I stood in front of the mirror and took off my pyjamas and looked at myself. I'm tallish just under 5'10 and I keep myself fit. I have a neat hourglass body, large breasts that are matched by the hips. I keep my pussy trimmed rather than shaven and have thick raven black hair. I took a deep breath and picked up the room key card and looked through the spy hole I couldn't see anyone.

I opened the door and stepped out, I stood there for a few seconds and let the door close behind me. I then headed for the stairwell. This to my surprise was still fully lit. I guess that it was a fire escape. The harsh yellow light reflected off of my pale skin and I again felt the coolness under my feet. I slowly climbed the stairs and exited onto the floor above. The lay out of the floor meant that there was a sort of circular route. I could follow the corridor around and come back to the stairs. I turned left and slowly walked down the first corridor. Next to the ice machine was a coca-cola machine the red light glowed and in the low light lit me up in red. My pin-up body nude bathed in red light must have looked very sexy but there was no one there to see.

I got to the end of the corridor and turned right. This corridor only had the one very low light so it was a lot darker than the last, I slowly walked along it, one foot in front of the other feeling the carpet under my feet. I got to the end and turned right again. This corridor had the elevators in it and the green light above them glowed. I stopped at the end and looked to see where the elevators were. The indicators both read 'LG'.

Like the first corridor this was a long one, as I walked slowly I started to hear something. I thought for a moment that it was someone else and I froze momentarily. Listening carefully I could hear that the sound was coming from one of the rooms, it was a man snoring. I started to walk again, one foot in front of the other the snoring grew then started to fade. By the time that I was level with the elevators I could no longer hear it. I glanced up at the indicators one of the elevators was now shown to be on the third floor, I was on the fifth floor and my room was on the third I held my breath. The little arrow to the left of the indicator blinked on. The elevator was going down and I started to breath again.

I turned right again and this time I could see the green sign for the stairs in front of me. I think my pace quickened. Soon I was back in the stairwell the coldness under my feet.

I started down and then I could hear another sound this time it was voices.

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