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"Oh my god," she wailed, finally remembering her unclothed state. She slapped her book over her face, not looking at him. The childish reaction of, if I can't see him, he can't see me, the first thing that sprang to mind. That book was all that had been covering her breasts she now recalled. She was just making things worse. Hastily she rolled over, burying her face in the couch.

"Go away. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why, Michelle, I'm shocked. I wouldn't dream of telling you what you should or shouldn't wear," Brandon said, sounding honestly shocked at the very thought. "No more would I tell you what to read," he added, picking up the book she'd dropped and looking at the rather lurid cover.

"Seizing her dress in his big brawny hands he savagely wrenched the material in two directions. There was a loud ripping sound and Lady Sue found herself naked to the waist. He chuckled evilly as he enjoyed the sight of her pearly white breasts, each tipped with a perky pink nipple."

"I have to admit, this seems to be quite a book?" Brandon said. "Does she get away from the evil Baron's wicked clutches?"

"You liar. There's no Lady Sue or evil Baron. You're just making that up."

"I am? I guess I am. I was just imagining the scene from the picture on the cover."

"Well, don't bother. Just go away."

Michelle felt the couch sink slightly as he sat down next to her. His hand ran over her bottom in a loving manner, not quite slipping between her legs. She gasped.

"You stop that and go away."

"What? After you so kindly invited me in? I wouldn't be so cruel. It must have taken a bit of courage to invite me in, especially dressed like that."

"I didn't realise. I wasn't thinking. You know I wouldn't have asked you in if I'd remembered."

"Unfortunately, all I know is that you did. Lift your hips."

His hands grasped her hips, encouraging her to lift them. It was the work of a moment to have her resting on her knees, bottom high. Brandon started gently rubbing her.

"Just what do you think you're doing? You know you're not really going to seduce me. Stop being silly."



"Be quiet."

With that a pair of fingers slipped between Michelle's lips. She opened her eyes wide with shock. He wouldn't, she told herself. He's teasing me, she assured herself. She gasped as his fingers did unmentionable things to her.

"Brandon," she wailed.


"Are you going to stop that?"

Silence was her answer. After all, two fingers gently stroking in a very sensitive area made no noise. Michelle did, but not the fingers.

She could feel Brandon settling between her legs, kneeling behind her. Then his cock was there, at first, just lightly touching. Then it was pressing against her. Fingers deftly parted her lips a little. Just a little but far enough for his cock to start slipping between them.

She lay there, eyes open wide, finding it hard to credit what was happening. Slowly but surely Brandon drove his cock into her, sinking deep. She could feel him inside her, rubbing against her passage, awaking her body against her will, making his way deep into her. She shuddered slightly as she felt his groin slowly connect with her own.

"You right about one thing, Michelle."

"What's that?"

"It's still a little too hot. Far too hot for any energetic exercise."

"You're going to stop?" There was a hopeful note in her voice. At least, she hoped it sounded hopeful.

"Don't be silly. It just means that we're going to have to be content with non-energetic exercise."

To demonstrate what he meant Brandon started moving slowly, almost lethargically, pulling back and then sliding back home in a comfortable manner. That was the start of a long slow process. Michelle was, she knew, getting fucked. She hadn't, in her wildest dreams, imagined that she'd be fucked in slow motion.

Michelle found that just because things were happening slowly it didn't mean that they weren't happening.

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