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Their reunion is bigger bang than she expected.

ay gdbyes we r going home in 5 mins but not to sleep ;-)"

Amber: "oh shit he said yes"

By the time I had received Amber's last message I was up the stairs and standing behind her taking her in my arms giving her a massive hug, delighting in the feel of her warm firm body pressed into mine. She turned and gave me a small peck on the cheek then turned to face the rest of our friends.

"Sorry to say, but Adam and I have to get going." Amber said trying to ignore the chorus of why's and don't go's from our friends.

"I need beauty sleep and lots of it." Amber said laughing.

"You are one of the sexiest girls here, you don't need any more." Said one of our drunker friends, little knowing that Amber did not plan on sleeping at all tonight.

"OK fine I won't sleep at all tonight then." Amber said as she gave me a wink, "but we are still going home." With that she grabbed me by the hand, gave our friend Kate a quick kiss on the cheek and led me away towards the stairs.

"So he wanted to then?" Amber asked as soon as we were out of earshot.

"Of course he wanted too. He is a guy and you are a beautiful girl. There has never been an easier question to be answered in the history of the English language."

Amber and I emerged from the pub walking out into the warm fresh air of a typical Australian summer night. We spotted Chris straight away, already waiting near a vacant taxi. We both slowly walked over and stood next to Chris. No words were said as the three of us jumped into the back of the taxi. For anyone outside watching us, going home for a hot threesome would have been the last thing they thought we were going to do.

The taxi ride seemed to take an eternity. Amber sat between us, dropping her hands onto both of our thighs to start our trip. By the end of the trip Chris and I had both returned the favour dropping a hand each onto Amber's legs. I attempted to keep my eyes staring out of the window and not make it obvious to the driver that we were both stroking up and down Amber's inner thigh. I knew that Amber would not let things progress too far in the cab so I kept my rubbing to short strokes at first but slowly progressed to pulling her dress up ever so slightly so that my hand almost came in contact with her panties. I glimpsed over to see that Chris too was stroking her leg and had raised her dress up to about the same length. Amber leaned over and breathed into my ear, "you are both making me so wet."

I turned back to the window, as it was all I could do to restrain myself from hiking her dress up in the taxi to see how damp her panties had become. Soon though we pulled into the driveway of our small block of units, and jumped out of the cab. Chris and I certainly both had some adjusting to do to make ourselves decent before walking up the driveway to the house.

Amber walked over to the door as I settled the cab fare and flung the door open walking inside the house without even looking back. Once inside she shed her shoes, and turned around to see both Chris and I standing in the doorway, admiring her sexy figure.

"So which one of you would like to kiss me first?" She said breathlessly as she stared us both in the eye. " You were driving me crazy in the cab both of you."

She then walked over to us seductively and wrapped her arms around the back of Chris's neck and pulled him close to her lips then began to pash him sensuously, twisting her head from side to side as her tongue explored his mouth deeply. I stood mesmerised as once again I looked on as my beautiful demure sexy girlfriend passionately kissed another man in front of me. After several seconds of watching I reached out with my hands touching Amber, running my hands up and down her shoulder and her back. As if shocked by the touch into remembering I was still standing next to her Amber broke her kiss with Chris and stared at me maintaining eye contact and pulled me towards her for another passionate kiss. Amber really does love kissing, and I think more than any other thing I can do this gets her wettest the fastest.

Chris reached out as Amber

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