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She knows she should have a talk with her son.

The next swipe of his tongue was right in there amongst the sweet pink tissue of the inner workings of this magical spot and her reaction was stronger. "Oh Richard, your tongue is sensational."
He licked her again and again and Megan responded, her breathing quickening and louder. He brought a hand up to spread her labia lips more, but he didn't need to, they were already wide open and her little clitoral bud was engorged and ready. He wasted no time, licking it and then taking it between his lips and sucking it up into his mouth. "Oh my God, that is heavenly," she screamed. "Oh no, I think I'm going to cum. No, not yet ... it's too soon … too soon."

Her lower body could not keep still, it bounced and lifted off the edge of the table. The fingers that had been about to help spread her nether lips instead went to the equally spread cheeks of her arse and her jolted in reaction as she felt his fingers tracing the line of her arse crack deep inside her cleavage. Once or twice, his finger would roll across her puckered anal ring, but it was not threatening and she felt only increased arousal from having it there.

Her body was close now to a massive orgasm and Megan felt the trembling intensifying along her inner thighs. Richard could feel it too on his cheeks that were being squashed by her upper thighs as they clamped tightly around his head. His finger snuck down and swiped some of her juices, then returned to the pucker of her anus and circled around it.

With her throbbing release only one or two tongue swipes away now, she screamed out, "Oh, I love your finger there." As the wave washed over her and her body spasmed into an intense release, Richard shoved one finger right by her tight sphincter in to the first knuckle, heightening her finish. "Oh yes, stick it in my arse," Megan was stunned that these words were actually pouring from her mouth in her moment of release. 'What must Richard think of me?' she wondered as her body began to come down from the dizzying heights of orgasm.

As the throbbing within her lower body subsided and Megan relaxed her thighs' grip on his head, she slowly opened her eyes to see Richard's face hovering above her flat belly, a broad smile on his face. "What … what is it?" she asked, curious about his happy face. He had not come, she was the one that should be showing a broad smile of contentment … she had just experienced what was possibly her best ever climax.

"If that was anything to go by, I think that you and I are going to be very happy together. You are one very sexy woman, you really got into that, you went off like a firecracker."

"I've never had a finish like that before, that's not really how I am. Actually, I'm a bit embarrassed … I think I said something I wouldn't normally say."

"What would that be, Megan?"

"Richard, don't make me repeat it … it was just something that came out because everything you were doing to me felt so good."

"I guess you must mean the extras, other than licking and sucking on your clit."

Megan went red and turned her head away to one side, not wanting to maintain eye contact. "Yes!" she whispered.

"You must have liked my finger in your arse," he told her and to emphasise his comment, she felt his finger still inside her, twisting around inside her rectum.

"Oh no, it's still there," she gasped.

"It sure is, Megan. Looks to me like your lovely arse is an area that we may need to explore some other time."

"No, no, I don't normally like having anything put in there ... it's just that your finger felt so good. It added to the finish that you gave me." She turned to look him in the eye again. "You can take it out now." He did.

Richard moved away from Megan and the table. "I guess that we better take ourselves upstairs and consummate our new relationship in bed like normal couples do.

"Umm!" she sighed dreamily, letting her heels slip off the side of the table, her legs dangling toward the floor.

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