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He discovers his cousin's panty drawer; she takes a shower.

It was lawfully yours and I don't think that you did anything of which to be ashamed. Knowing you, you probably gave a lot to charity, too, didn't you?

"Look at us, Sis. We're what Father never was and never could be ... good people. Kinky, irreverent, but decent and kind. We can give the world the Adler Publishing that it really needs. I don't know what Father would think of it, but I don't give a damn. Together, we can make this dynasty and this company better than it ever was and even start a family with the rest of this household that will make the prudes and snobs in society choke on their own priggishness... ," I started to ramble myself.

"Just shut up and kiss me again, little brother," Becky interrupted me, slipping me enough tongue to make a germophobe flee in terror.

The rest of the movie experience was more or less actually watching the film and trying to zip up my pants, only to have Becky and Des block me and stroke my dick to keep it from getting too limp again. They succeeded, each lady doing her bit to stop any further softening whatsoever. In fact, after a good while, I was fully hard and walked rather awkwardly out of the theater to the van.

That was when Tammy stripped completely naked and we men all began fucking her hard before even leaving the parking lot. I fucked her pussy for several minutes, after which Bacchus fucked it for a couple of strokes, and then Felix took his place. By the time that Liam got himself inside sweet Tammy and her equally delicious twat, she was about to scream her orgasm. Bacchus quickly stopped her mouth with his thick dick, while I started fucking her ass and Felix began sucking Tammy's tits. By the time that we were done with Tammy, she was a quivering heap of mocha-colored flesh on the van floor.

I exploded once again, flooding Tammy's asshole with my slimy cream (or was that creamy slime). Bacchus unloaded a terrific amount of cum in her mouth, while Liam came deep in her pussy. We all got dressed in a hurry, wishing to get home and rest a bit for our next little fun together. When we got there, I started to lie down on the couch for a nap, but the ladies all stopped me. They escorted me to the master bedroom, undressed me again, and huddled until Tammy and Becky stripped and spooned with me. I had no idea why they did that, other than perhaps a family thing, but I didn't care right then. I was quite satisfied to cuddle with my two sisters, something that I never did before.

I awoke to the sound of a powerful female climax, after what turned out to be an hour of rest. It was unmistakably Des's voice, and then she followed it by walking into the bedroom herself, with Kerry in tow.

"Honey, your little slut just ate me out to three consecutive orgasms! It's a wonder that she doesn't have lockjaw from eating my pussy and ass! She even sucked on my tits. She also let Felix fuck her pussy, and by the time that he was done, Liam was ready, so she now has four swimming teams in her sweet slit. Anyway, she badly wants your cock up her ass, and I think that she is good and ready for it, don't you agree?

"Oh, may I suck your balls during the act and your cock afterward? I badly want to do ass-to-mouth for you. It's quite safe. Kerry cleaned out as soon as she could in order to make it safer for me. She said that she has made it a regular thing for her, gotten in the habit so that she can have her ass ready to please a man or two, just in case. I also want to rim her ass and clean up all of your spunk as it leaks from her tush, if that's alright with you," Des proposed, which more than finished the job of rousing my cock from its slumber as well as the rest of me.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Tammy wasn't in bed with me, but on the hallway floor, getting Felix up her ass and Liam in her pussy, while Bacchus rammed Becky in the bathroom over the sink.

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