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The girls thank them after hours at the park.

It started when I was sleeping in the basement under the theater. I liked to take naps on days like this because I rarely had any other opportunities to sleep. I was sitting down in a chair when she walked in. Normally I would be mad at the person who disturbed my rest, but not to her.

She walked in, taking great care to close the door behind her so the lock would latch, and took a seat next to me. We had both just got through bad breakups, and really liked to talk to each other about it, and we just enjoyed each others company. We talked for a bit, and then she completely surprised me. She leaned over and kissed me. Out side the opening song was over the the theater filled with applause, it almost seemed like it was for us. Shortly after she leaned in for another one. And then her tongue forced its way into my mouth, and we began to make out. It was like a dream come true. She began to get up and move, while we were still making out, and she sat on my lap facing me.

"Aww look at this," she said "Your nice shirt is getting all messed up. Maybe you should take it off." She leaned in close so she could whisper the last part into my ear. I unbuttoned my shirt faster then I thought possibly, and after I was done she threw my shirt across the room, and leaned in close to me.

With my shirt off we continued to make out, but this time she was rubbing her hands on my bare chest. I moved my hands onto her legs, and moving up her body, taking the dress with the. Past her waist, then past her stomach and up. By this time her dress was lifted up enough to where I could see the black thong that she had on. She lifted her arms so I could lift her dress completely off.

And as I did I got a good look and her perfectly shaped body, only covered by her black thong, and matching bra. She looked into my eyes with a seductive smile and said "your turn." I wasn't sure what she ment until she started to unbuckle my belt, then unbutton my pants. She looked into my eyes, and licked her lips as she unzipped my pants. The only thing stopping my rock hard cock from springing out was my briefs, but that didn't stop her from rubbing my cock. She only looked down for a second, but quickly returned to look into my eyes as she rubbed me. I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes, and let out a small moan. She got up slowly, moving her hands up my body as she did. She grabbed me by my chin to lift my up. I stood up, and my pants fell down around my ankles, and she pushed my back down into the chair. She kneeled down to slide off my shoes and socks, and to take my pants completely off.

When she was done, she stood up, and looked me over. She smiled and moved her hands behind her back to unclip her bra. And there they were, her bare breasts, perfectly round, and like I said before not too big and not too small. She leaned over to kiss me on the lips. She then kneeled down to kiss my on my chest, and she moved down my body until she reached the only part of my body that was covered. She kissed the tip of my cock through the brief, and grabbed my balls through the cloth with her hand. She looked up into my eyes as she reached down into my brief to pull out my hard cock. Stroking it softly as she began to lower her head, and lick the tip of my cock, still looking into my eyes. When her tongue first touched it it sent shivers up my spine, but that resided as she opened her mouth to take my cock in her mouth.

She started out slow, focusing mainly on the head with her lips and tongue. It was pure ecstasy., I could barely contain myself. I let out several quiet moans of pleasure as she started to move my cock deeper into her mouth, all the while using on of her hands to stroke my balls, and the other one she was using to please herself. She abruptly stopped sucking altogether and looked up into my face. "Lay on the floor so I can get something out of this." I wasn't sure whether this was a plee or a demand, but either way I obeyed her.

As I layed o

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