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My daughter came home early bringing a friend with her.

I clenched my walls against his finger and he slipped a second finger as well.

"My sweet Lidya, so wet," he cooed into my ears and brought his fingers coated by my juices to my lips.

I sucked on them tasting myself, my gaze locked on the stranger who seemed to be watching us with his mouth wide open, stroking himself.

I balanced myself against the wall with my hands and Jack eased his cock into me from behind.

This position seemed to push him in deeper and with every thrust, his dick hit my G-spot, making me grow wild.

He nibbled my neck and pounded rapidly into my pussy, while his fingers strummed my clit.

The stranger in the other building was watching us and I noticed him stroking himself in time with every thrust. My boobs were bouncing on my chest and the sound of our bodies slapping together filled the air.

Jack pinched one of my nipples while his other hand teased my clit and I found myself screaming his name as I came, clenching my walls around his dick. Jack came with a shout, shooting his load into my pussy and I felt the warm cum dribbling down my thigh.

We both stood panting and I saw the stranger panting as well.

"Looks like we put on quite a show," Jack said in an amused voice and I giggled.

I waved at the stranger and he seemed shocked that I'd noticed him and quickly hid himself behind the curtains.

"He didn't wave back," I said with a pout and Jack laughed as he wrapped his arms around me, guiding me to the bedroom.

"He probably didn't expect to be caught by us," Jack explained and I nodded.

"Thank you for that wonderful birthday gift, Lidya," Jack said and gave me a kiss.

I was really lucky to have a husband who seemed to love my exhibitionist ways.

"I would do anything for you, Jack," I replied truthfully and we went to sleep.


A week after Jack's birthday, I returned home after shopping at the mall.

"Jack?" I called out as I removed my coat and brought my bags inside.

"Over here, honey!" Jack called out from the living room and I walked over there to find Jack watching me with an amused grin.

"Look who I ran into at the park today," he said, his blue eyes twinkling in mischief.

I noticed a man sitting on the couch looking nervous as he gazed at me.

He was wearing glasses and it took me a moment to recognise him.

"Peeping Tom?" I exclaimed in surprise and Jack burst out laughing while the guy blushed furiously, making him look like a tomato.

"Uh.. I'm Henry.. Not Tom.. And I'm sorry.. I.. Uh.. Watched you..." Henry stammered looking quite adorably ashamed.

"Its fine Henry. You made the whole thing more exciting," I said reassuring him.

"Oh! Uh..." The poor guy was speechless and I glanced at Jack who was watching our interaction with a smug grin.

I raised my eyebrow at him questioningly.

Jack was upto something and I was both excited and apprehensive about it.

"Do you remember what you told me on my birthday?" he asked.

"I said 'Happy Birthday'?" I said drily and he rolled his eyes at my bland reply.

"You promised you would do anything for me," he reminded me.

"Yes I would. What about it?" I asked.

"I want to watch you fuck Henry," he said bluntly and I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

We've never done anything like that before and I found myself intrigued by the prospect.

I glanced at Henry, his messy brown hair and flushed cheeks. He looked like a cute nerd.

"You ok with that Henry?" I asked him and his eyes widened in surprise as his gaze jumped from me to Jack and back again.

He gave an imperceptible nod.

"Yes or no Henry?" Jack demanded.

"Yes," Henry squeaked out and Jack gave a wicked smile.

"Excellent! There's just one condition though," he said and Henry and I looked at Jack in question.

"You both will listen to me and do everything I tell you to do," Jack said firmly and I shuddered as I got excited by the idea.

Henry already had a visible bulge in his pants and I smirked.

"Good. Now strip!" Jack ordered and we hurried to obey him.

This was going to be fun!

We both stood naked in front of Jack as he sat on

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