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Sometimes it takes a friend to see what you need.

I had seen the looks she gave me; I knew there was no mercy in her cruel heart.

'Now, however, I must rest,' said Adena. 'You will sleep here, as befits a slave.'

I continued to kneel as she returned to the hut. After some moments she came out again and I heard the sound of stone striking wood. Glancing up, I understood the purpose of the holes that had been bored into the earth of the courtyard. My Mistress was busy driving wooden stakes into them. I was to be staked out under the sky. She worked quickly and efficiently and I wondered how many slave males she had staked in this way. 'Here, boy,' she commanded at last, 'on your back.'

I rose and, not meeting her eye, went swiftly to lie on my back between the four stakes that she had set. Each was fitted with a stout leather thong. She took hold of my right wrist first and bound it tightly to the stake, taking care over the knot. My left wrist was next and then my ankles. The stakes were set so that I was stretched uncomfortably wide, my arms and legs spread far apart in the shape of an X.

When she was done, she went around, checking each knot, and then stood between my spread legs, surveying her work. 'Sleep well, boy,' she said with a cruel smile. 'Your training commences in earnest at dawn.'

She stepped around me and went into the hut. I could hear her taking off her bracelets and washing her face in the wooden bowl. Next I heard her drinking from what sounded like a wineskin. Naked beneath the stars, stretched between four stakes like an animal, I was utterly wretched. My meagre meal had left me hungry but worse than that was the cold. I was used to sleeping indoors, with a fire to heat the room, and blankets for my body. A warm kajira too, if such was my pleasure. Here, naked under the forest sky, I feared that I would not survive the night.

For some time I struggled against my pride but in the end it was no use. 'Please, Mistress,' I called, 'I am cold.'

She came swiftly from inside the hut and I feared she would beat me. Instead, by the light from the stars, I could see that she was amused. 'And you wish your Mistress to warm you, is that it, slave?'

I swallowed and said nothing, fearful of the method she might choose to warm me.

She had brought the wineskin with her and she took another mouthful, tipping back her head while my eyes took in the gorgeous curve of her throat. 'Here,' she said, 'drink, my slave. It will help to warm your blood.' Stooping over me, she held the wineskin a little above my face and poured. I swallowed as best I could as the wine splashed my face. She laughed at my discomfort. I could see that her eyes were bright with the wine she had drunk.

The next moment, squatting down on the earth by my side, she took up my manhood with her long fingers. It was in a poor state, shrivelled with the cool of the evening. She examined it at some length and then looked back at me with mocking eyes. Then she began to caress me, fingers working quickly and well. In a moment my manhood began to rise against its restraint. I tried to move away, pulling against the leather thongs that held my ankles and wrists, but a look from her made me still. She continued to play with me, as a young girl plays with a new toy, at the same time detached and intent.

'Please, Mistress,' I begged her, 'don't.'

Swiftly, she leant across me and with her open hand slapped my face. 'I will do what I please with what is mine,' she told me harshly. 'I wish to regard the extent of my merchandise, to see what it is I have to sell.'

I did not speak but turned my head to one side. 'Look at me,' she commanded and I was obliged to do so.

She continued then to caress me, occasionally squeezing or tugging at my balls, until my manhood was painfully swollen with desire.

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