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Susan and Shawn are temporarily reunited.

A chance to fuck! Don't these women have hobbies?

The dance finally ended and magically my wife reappeared. Her face was flushed and her clothes didn't seem to fit her quite right. I made no comment, just led her to the car. I wasn't totally shitfaced. I had nursed that second V-12. Still, I hoped I wouldn't be asked to take a breathalyzer test. Does a Toyota Corolla qualify as heavy machinery?

Susie: The Dance

Strangely, when we arrived at the dance we went our separate ways. Drew headed directly for the bar. Drew only agrees to come to a few of these dances a year. And usually he hovers over me like a hawk! He may be boring, but he is big and strong and a bit intimidating. I think he scares other men away from me. I almost only ever dance with him. Or his buddy Randy, another exciting guy. (Snicker!) But this night was different. He didn't appear to be paying any attention to me at all. So I went to find some excitement.

I know a lot of the women in the club because we hang out at the club swimming pool during the summer days while our husbands are at work. So I went looking for some girls that I knew. No sooner had I lost sight of Drew than several men approached me from different directions. The first one that got there, he said his name was George, asked me to dance and of course I accepted. I love to dance.
We were slow dancing. At first it was like a junior high dance. You could have slipped another (skinny) person between us. George seemed to be extremely interested in checking out the people around us. (I think he was looking for Drew.) We slipped gradually closer and closer together, and by the end of the dance George held me in a tight clinch. I rather liked it.

No sooner had the dance ended when a different man asked for the next dance. His name was Jack. We started out close. He was rubbing his chest against mine. I wasn't wearing a bra, and my sundress was so light it felt like he was directly rubbing against my nipples. They seemed to swell under the pressure. So did Jack, for that matter. I could feel his hardness bumping into my leg. Then he turned me slightly and suddenly hardness had slipped between my legs!

I hadn't worn panties that night. My sundress was so thin and light that panties, even a thong, would have made an obvious panty line. Besides, I wanted to feel naughty. So I could feel Jack's stiffy rubbing against my mound! Suddenly we seemed to melt together. I could feel my lips down there being rubbed by the hardness of this brazen man! His hands left my back and converged on my bottom. He pulled me even closer and began to move me back and forth, up and down against him.

I didn't know how to respond. I was shocked, yes. No one had ever been that forward towards me before. But I was liking it. I guess I didn't fight him. I didn't object. Instead I went with the flow, as they say. I was becoming more and more aroused. Suddenly the song ended and I was in the arms of another man! There seemed to be a crowd of men surrounding me and I was in the middle of the crowd dancing with one of them and that one changed at the end of every song. Hands ran up and down my body over my dress. Was it the guy I was dancing with? Was it one of the men around me? Was it all of the men around me? I didn't know. I didn't know how to respond. My body was responding for me! Had I panties on, they would have been thoroughly soaked.

Jack took over again.

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