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Lady & her son attend the bloodstock centre.

She began with the bottom one, working her way up, exposing more and more of Erica's long legs. Jeff noticed that the blonde's black boots went all the way up to mid-thigh.

When Mary had opened all the buckles up to Erica's belly, the tall blonde pushed her hands away and sat down on the bed. She was facing Jeff, her legs spread wide apart in the same position Mary had been in. Jeff could clearly see the neatly trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair, the swollen red pussy lips and the large clitoris poking out between them. Then his view was obscured by Mary kneeling down between Erica's legs. Her head dipped down between the blonde's legs, and Erica sent Jeff a triumphant little smile as his wife began eating her out.

For a couple of minutes Mary's dark head moved up and down and from side to side between Erica's long legs as the brunette feasted on her Mistress' pussy. The wet sounds of her lips and tongue on Erica's pussy were nearly driving Jeff insane. Erica had one hand behind Mary's head and was grinding her pussy against her face, all the while observing Jeff through cool, half-closed eyes.
"I don't think Jeff can see us properly, sweetie," she remarked. "Lean back a little." Mary cast a glance over her shoulder at Jeff. The lower half of her lovely face was coated in Erica's pussy juice. She leaned back, supporting herself on both hands, and Erica stood up, straddling her and crouching down to lower her cunt down to Mary's upturned face. This time Jeff could see perfectly how Mary stuck her tongue out and plunged it in between the wet folds, licking up and down along Erica's slit, and how her lips closed over the large clit. She was making sexy little noises in the back of her throat as she licked and sucked Erica's dripping pussy.

It was the sexiest sight Jeff had ever seen: those long legs in black leather boots on either side of his wife's body; the black leather dress opened just sufficiently to allow Mary access to Erica's cunt. Erica's face was twisted with pleasure, her hands kneading her large creamy breasts through the leather of her dress. If she felt any strain, standing in a half-crouch like that, she didn't show it. Jeff jerked violently, but neither the chair nor the restraints gave as much as a millimetre. Nearly delirious with sexual frustration, all he could do was watch as Erica rode his wife's face to orgasm.

When she was done, Erica gave a satisfied sigh and straightened up. Mary remained where she was, staring adoringly up at her Mistress.

"Poor Jeff," Erica remarked. "It looks like he's feeling a little neglected." Mary turned to see, and licked her lips as she saw the state her husband was in.

"Can I have him now, Mistress," she asked, her voice unrecognisable with arousal.

"Not yet, I think," Erica mused, "but we're going to have to do something before he has a stroke." She reached down and pulled Mary to her feet. "Go and sit on his lap, sweetie," she instructed.

Mary went over to the chair and was just about to swing one leg over Jeff when Erica stopped her. "No, the other way around," she said. Mary reversed her direction, straddling Jeff with her back to him. She grabbed his cock in her hand and pointed it up as she lowered her pussy.

"Did I tell you to fuck him?" Erica's voice cracked like a whip, and Mary froze. Jeff groaned in frustration; the head of his cock was so close to Mary's pussy he could feel the warmth radiating from it. "Sit on his lap with his cock up along your stomach," Erica told her.

Mary lowered herself, her buttocks against Jeff's belly, his cock rubbing against the soft skin of her pubic bone and lower belly. Mary leaned back against him, rubbing her back and shoulders against his chest. Jeff craned his neck and kissed his wife in the hollow of her neck, causing her to squirm and moan. "Oh, Jeff," she sighed. "Come for me, please. Shoot on my belly." She pressed his dick against her belly with the palm of her hand.

"Yes, come on her belly, Jeff," whispered Erica

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