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Jordan's interests grows for his best friend's sister.

Jane fell on to her bed and cried uncontrollable into her bed pillows, Jane cried herself to sleep.

Jane woke up still sore between her legs when she heard a loud knock at the trailer door, Jane knew who it was as he knocked loudly every time he came to collect the rent, as Jane open the door she was not surprised to see Mr. Davis in a foul mood as the rent was over two weeks late.

"Well Miss, your rent is over two weeks late, how are you going to pay it." Mr. Davis stood there with his hand and arms folded at the door way.

"How much is it Mr. Davis?" Jane answered.

"Its 300 Dollars, so am I getting it now or later." Mr. Davis said, Jane wondered why he had said "how are you going to pay it," Jane knew she had some money in her emergency fund but it was nowhere near that amount.

"I can pay some of it but you're going to have to wait for my mom out of county lockup." Jane was shamed to tell anyone about that her own mother was in county lockup, even if they knew where she was. Jane disappeared into her room and dug out her emergency fund which she hide in her underwear draw as she knew Tim would never go near her panties and bras.

"I got 150 Dollars for the rent Mr. Davis would that do for now, as moms back in less than a week." Jane said as she handed over a large chunk of her own money just to pay the rent, Mr. Davis stood at the door way and counted it aloud, this made Jane feel really small as it have took het the best part of a year to save it and now she had just handed it over in part payment of the rent.

Mr. Davis left and Jane got back to breakfast that now was ruined by him, Tim ate the pancakes put in front of him, Jane sat down to her cereal as she did every day, she did the dishes as dad did not do anything but drink in the morning.

After the dishes Jane packed her soccer kit and the books she needed and her and Tim's lunch and then headed out for school. Classes were made unbearable by the constant teasing by the Lucy and her friends who felt very superior to her as her and her brother's fees were paid by a trust fund of her grandpa's.

Jane felt the only place she felt better or equal was when she was playing sports because she excelled at them, Jane sneaked into the locker rooms without the coach seeing her, got changed and ran out to the soccer pitch and started to warm up.

Coach came out of his office and saw Jane running laps of the soccer pitch and remembered how tight her cunt actually was around his cock yesterday and how he had took her virginity from her, this all gave him a warm feeling inside and made him hard just thinking about it. Coach wanted Jane again because he had gone through most of the team in his office but he had never taken anyone's virginity before.

Jane was now all warmed up as she noticed coach heading towards the pitch, he blow his whistle which meant that practice had started. They did tackling and passing drills over and over again until coach was happy.

"Time for a quick game, I want you to form up into two teams of 6 a side." Coach said as he blew his whistle again, Jane had forgotten about what had happened to her the day before, blocking it out like it had not happened at all; the only reminder was a dull ache between her legs.

The game went well as Jane scored twice against her friends on the team, coach blew his whistle this time is sounded the end of the game and the final score was 2-0 for Jane's side, coach watched Jane as she left the pitch and headed for the showers, all sweaty and out of breath.

"Jane can I see you in my office after your shower.

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