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Second session early because of allergic reaction.

I was staring directly at my beautiful, sexy sister Britney. Of course, I was really staring at myself. I had never had an opportunity like this before.

Clearly, I had never been able to just stare at my sister for as long as I wanted as she stood in just a bra and panties. But even when she was fully clothed, I could never just stare. It would have creped her out. But today, I could stare as long as I wanted. And that's what I did.

I looked directly at my (Britney's) heaving chest. Her tits looked amazing. They were so big, they were almost overflowing from the pink bra. Man, I wish I could see those nipples. Wait. These are my nipples. Of course I can see them. By this point, I had figured out that appropriate behavior amongst girls is vastly different then it is amongst boys. Knowing wed be changing into our bikinis anyway, I reached behind and unhooked the pink bra I was wearing (after a bit of difficulty....I had never unhooked a bra while wearing it before.).

When it was unhooked, I slid the straps off the shoulders and removed the bra. I just stared. Britney's nipples were incredible. They were a dark brown color, and about the size of a silver dollar. I was incredibly horny, so my nipples were standing at full attention. They looked delicious. I wanted to rub them so badly. But standing naked in front of a girlfriend is one thing. Rubbing your own breasts in front of her is another. So I restrained myself.

At that point, I realized the pissing sound coming from Allison had stopped. But she was still on the toilet. Just then, I heard a tiny little fart sound come from Allison. She didn't even look up. Her eyes were glued to the phone.

Oh my god, was Allison about to take a morning shit? My question was answered soon enough. After a few more tiny farts and a soft grunt, I heard the sound of what must have been Allison's shit hitting the toilet water. The smell began to immediately invade my nostrils.

This was so incredibly hot to me. Again, something about such a beautiful girl doing such a filthy, disgusting act was such a turn on. An ugly woman or a guy shitting would be repulsive to me. But seeing Allison do it made my already soaked panties get even wetter. I just stood there, topless, breathing in the scent of Allison's ass. Then, after a moment, Allison started to grab some toilet paper and begin wiping herself clean. After each wipe, she would inspect the paper to see her progress. I could see the brown stains on the white paper and she wiped. Finally, she was finished.

However, instead of pulling up her panties, she stepped out of them and walked over to the shower where her bikini was hanging on the bar that holds up the shower curtain. She was completely naked from the waist down. Then, she grabbed her tiny blue t-shirt at the sides, and lifted it up over her head. I was standing at the sink, where I had gotten my (Britney's) toothbrush out and had started putting toothpaste on it.

Through the reflection in the mirror, I could see Allison's completely naked body. She was taller me, probably abut 5'7 inches. Her hair was very blonde, in contrast to my (Britney's) brown hair. As I mentioned before, her boobs were smaller than mine, but still a delightful C cup. Her thighs and ass were also slimmer than mine, but still curvaceous.

I had dreamed of seeing Allison naked from the moment I met her. And now my dream was coming true. Id be jerking my dick off so hard....if I was in my real body that is. My pussy was on fire, just begging to be touched. I saw Allison grab her bright yellow bikini top, pull it over her head, and start tying it in the back. She then adjusted the cups so her boobs were fully covered. Next, she grabbed her yellow bikini bottoms, and bent forward as she stepped into them. When she leaned forward, I had a perfect view of her delicious teenage ass.

Her cheeks parted a bit, and I could just barely make out Allison's cute, freshly wiped asshole.

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