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Husband wants to get wife into swinging.

Doesn't she taste marvelous?" asked Lady Victoria as michael did Her bidding.

"Yes, Mistress, she does," said michael.

"pet, it's your turn. Just remember that michael is not allowed to come. Short of that, see how quickly you can get him to the brink of release," said Mistress.

pet quickly took the opportunity to stroke his cheek with one hand while her other went to play with his hard cock. pet laughed and said, "Mistress, I don't think that would take too much more!" To michael's embarrassment, his Mistress laughed and agreed.

Lady Victoria took a book from the small lamp table and started reading, idly stroking either pet's or michael's head. The two started making a game of it. If She was stroking michael's head, pet would move closer and put her head under the Mistress' hand. michael would retaliate by pinching pet's nipple and when she jumped back, he moved into her place. This of course, led to pet grabbing michael's cock and when he closed his eyes and moaned, she moved her head back in position to receive Mistress' hand.

One thing led to another and before they knew it, they were giggling like children, tickling and pinching and laughing. Lady Victoria took it all in, happy that these two were quickly becoming friends. She saw out of the corner of Her eye michael pin pet to the floor. All motion stopped as he realized what he was doing.

"Go ahead, michael," said Mistress. "I know that you want to, and pete has earned a reward. Go ahead and fuck her. You have My permission. But you must use a dildo. Your cock is Mine. And don't forget that you are not to cum!"

pet grinned and flipped over so her ass was in the air. "I like it doggy style," she said, wiggling that cute little butt in his face. He looked at that butt, looked at their Mistress watching them, and wondered if he really should do it.

Lady Victoria seemed to understand his dilemma. "michael, I don't say things I don't mean. Do not make Me repeat Myself."

"Yes, Mistress," he said, then asked, "Um, is it okay to...um...well..."

She laughed and took pity on him. "If you are asking if it is permissible to fuck her ass, the answer is yes. She loves it."

pet reached into the small cabinet next to Mistress' chaise and grabbed a medium-sized dildo and a tube of lubricant. Holding both up like trophies, she asked, "Do you want to do it, or shall I?"

Her playful manner was the last straw for michael. He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows lecherously. He generously lubed the dildo and, for good measure, lubed her waiting asshole. His hand slid down to her wet pussy and played with her clitoris before sliding a finger inside. Another finger followed, then another. The dildo replaced his fingers and as he moved it in and out of her pussy, he slid his hand up to her asshole, inserting a finger there. This drove pet wild, as she bucked and tried to back up to get more of his finger in her asshole. Michael slid another finger in and fingerfucked her tight asshole, while the dildo fucked her pussy. michael added another finger, and pet's movements become more frenzied. pet looked over to Lady Victoria, a silent plea in her eyes, and michael's eyes followed. To his surprise, Lady Victoria was masturbating while watching them. This excited michael even more than what he was doing with pet.

She told pet, "Yes, you may."

pet barely had time to say, "Thank you, Mistress," before she screamed in abandonment as the orgasm took her. michael felt the flood of hot juice run from pet's pussy as she came, and that was almost his undoing. He wasn't sure how to extricate himself without climaxing, when he heard Mistress' loud moan. When he saw Her, so damned magnificent in Her sexuality, he came. He could no more hold it back than the man in the moon.

"Well, hell," he thought to himself. "I've gone and done it again!"

Lady Victoria, of course, knew what had happened. She shook her head and said in a disappointed voice, "Oh, michael."

Her disappointment cut through michael's self pity.

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