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She gets all hot after she sees me in a fight.

She slid her cum covered hands across Gary's face. She pushed a finger into his mouth forcing him to taste his own cum. She lowered her hand to squeeze his balls and fondle his cock that had lost a lot of its stiffness.

Natalie told Gary to dress. Gary pulled up his underwear and trousers and he thought that would be that but Natalie had other ideas. When Gary had dressed he allowed Natalie to lead him into the storeroom. At the back of the class Natalie opened the storeroom door, almost pulling Gary inside. The room was small with metal shelving but there was also a chair.

"Let's see you," demanded Natalie.

Almost in a frenzy of lust she unbuttoned his shirt and actually tore at the garment, which sent buttons flying. She pulled off his shirt and ran her hands across his strong shoulders, his smooth toned stomach and chest. She quickly knelt down and pulled off his shoes and socks. She unfastened and pulled of his trousers and underwear in one swift motion. Natalie was impressed to see that Gary's cock was already stiff again and as erect as it had been just a few minutes before.

She gestured for him to sit in the chair, which he did. Natalie guided her hands all over his athletic body. Gary was moaning quite loudly as her hands explored him. She fondled his shaven balls and ran her fingers through his sparse pubic hair and giggled as if it amused her. She grabbed his erection and could see that the tip of his penis had become a darker shade of purple. Natalie could feel his cock throbbing in her hand. She briefly masturbated him before moving away from the chair slightly and standing in front of Gary.

She unfastened her skirt, which fell to the floor. She quickly slid down her black knickers and Gary stared opened mouthed as Natalie's dark pussy pubic mound was revealed. Gary had never seen a woman with such a hairy pussy, not even in magazines. Natalie kept her black spike-heeled shoes on as she positioned herself on Gary's lap.

Natalie grabbed hold of Gary's cock as she gyrated her hips on his strong legs. Gary could feel the wetness of her pussy juices dripping onto his legs. Natalie was moaning loudly and as she forced Gary's foreskin back she raised herself upward before guiding his rock hard cock into her sodden pussy. Natalie gasped her breath and almost shrieked with pleasure as she impaled herself onto Gary's throbbing cock. Natalie began to ride Gary harder and faster. Her partner was a once-a-night man as far as sex was concerned, but this young stud had become aroused again within a few minutes. Natalie found herself giving in to total sexual abandonment and pure lust.

Despite his bravado Gary was not very sexually experienced. Natalie was an attractive woman of that there was no doubt. His feeling of embarrassment had gone and he was now a willing student in her sexual game.

Natalie was urging Gary to fuck her as she continually thrust up and down on his erection. Gary was profusely sweating as he unbuttoned her cum stained blouse. He started to fondle her breasts through the material of her bra. Natalie pulled the bra above her breasts so Gary could fondle and caress naked flesh. Natalie's nipples were dark in colour and looked swollen but were long and firm as Gary felt them. Gary moved forward to tentatively lick and suck her nipples. Natalie pushed his head against her bosom to keep him in that position. Gary licked and sucked her nipples hoping that she was enjoying it. One thing for sure was that Natalie was enjoying pleasurable sensatuions and she continued to bounce on the teenager's erection. Natalie had reached a number of screaming orgasms as she became overwhelmed in complete euphoria.

Gary pulled his head up.

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