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Time for stepmom & stepson to come clean.

I couldn't help but giggle when he kept tickling my nips, not out of enjoyment, but because I'm very ticklish, but Mark misread this and cheekily moved his hand over the front of my bikini bottoms. They were embarrassingly wet from my earlier stroking which he didn't fail to pick up on.

"No Mark, please....! " I was cut off mid sentence as he pushed the silky material of my bikini briefs into the opening of my pussy with his fat thumb making me gasp in disbelief.

"I've made you all wet Esther, this pussy needs a good service, I'll see if I can help... "

"No way Mark, you can't...!" I shouted trying to get up out of the deckchair, but he pushed me back down.

"You know you want me to sink my cock in your beaver, if you don't I'll tell Rich you posed for the pics and came on to me... "

I could see from his nasty expression he meant it. Shit what a situation. What the fuck I thought let's get it over and done with, from the way he'd clamped on to my boobs it didn't look like he was going to give me a choice anyway.

Accepting that by me not struggling I had accepted his terms, he proceeded to unzip his jeans and produced one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen. It was massive both in length and girth, lashed with thick wiry veins and topped by a bulbous shiny helmet. A huge bush of black pubes burst out of his flies at the base of his thick bumpy shaft and I could feel my pussy twitch at the thought of being impaled by it, lubed or not.

Roughly he yanked down my bikini briefs exposing my hairy muff, threw them aside and pushed my knees wide apart, positioning himself cock in hand between my thighs, still on his knees.

I've got to say that my pussy would have been irresistible to just about any man at that moment, it looked awesome, a plume of silky black hair atop to swollen lips and a slightly parted pink opening glistening with oily lovejuices, just waiting to be fucked.

Shuffling forward he placed the tip of his massive meat at the little pink opening of my pussy lips and began stroking it up and down my slit, parting my pink pussylips with his bellend, looking for an opening. Mark stayed there for a moment, his bulbous helmet pushed up against my fanny, once more groping my tits and gave a little smirk as I looked down gulping at the huge pole waiting to fuck me.

"You know you want it Est-it's much better than DIY" he slurred, his fat veiny meat being forced urgently into my tightly stretched cunthole. I felt the tip of his huge bell end prising apart my moistened pink pussylips and suddenly he manage to mount my pussy, slipping his whole bulbous head inside my hole, my furry pussylips closing tightly around it. Pulling my legs towards him with a yank, my pussywalls stretched as a good six inches of his veiny girth slid inside me. This was about my partners size and I could still see 4 inches of Mark's hard throbbing meat between his balls and my pussy waiting to be forced inside me.

"No Mark! Stop! It's too big! " I cried in vain, but he was determined to pound his entire muscular pole inside my straining little pussy shaft.

Once more he withdrew, grabbed my ankles spreading my legs wide and plunged forward pulling me towards him sharply, sinking his entire muscular cock into my squelching fuckhole until his balls were grinding against my furry muff impaled by his massive throbbing meat.

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