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A young college student pleases his middle aged boss.

A shudder wracked her petite frame, arched backwards against the kitchen counter whilst her gaze met the ceiling. He tortured her skin with his sinful lips, covering the slender column with multiple kisses, teasing little flicks of his tongue and the primal bite of his teeth into her tender flesh. Not enough to leave any marks on her yet.

"I mean..." Damian lifted his head, tilting his hips forwards abruptly so that the bulge concealed in his pants settled between her legs, eliciting another involuntary moan from her throat, "that I want to try something with you, my love. Do you trust me?" His voice softened now, releasing his grip on her hair to tug the female upright once more.

This was something darker, she knew it. But it thrilled her to no end. She was already so damp between her legs, the very evidence of her arousal seeping through the flimsy material of her panties at his rough actions. The brunette knew she had never - and will never be - the dominant one in bed, but this was something more... Rough. Carnal. Hot. Dangerous. It was the rapid beating of her heart, her flushed cheeks, the building arousal and the flaming desire that coursed through her veins that screamed she wanted it. But there was doubt. Doubt she could keep up with him. She still didn't know what he wanted.

"Damian, look, I don't kno-" Her words were cut off with a sharp inhale as he brought his knee up, parting her legs forcefully until his fingers dove for the very place that craved his attention. He slipped beneath the waistband of her shorts, fingers moving against her cleft through the wet material of her panties. Madelyn's head fell back, her lips parting to release a moan she wasn't able to hold back. His sights we upon her, on the beautiful arch of her lithe body, her breasts straining against the material of her blouse and her features- contorted into something that conveyed her ecstasy.

He continued to rub, sliding two fingers back and forth against herself until she yearned for more, bucking her hips wantonly against his hand to create more of the satisfying friction.

"Let me pleasure you like this, Madelyn," he growled, bending over her body to once again help himself to her neck. His fingers left her for a moment, only to feel her shorts and panties being pulled from her body. The garments hit the floor, and she kicked them carelessly to the side, spreading her legs wider for his better access. Damian's fingers slid over her slick folds, her arousal so intoxicating, sweet, and arousing. He pushed a digit into her, watching her reaction carefully as her warm, wet folds enveloped him. God, he wanted to fuck her.

A loud noise of pleasure left her throat then, hands flying to his arms to grip his biceps tightly, her nails digging into him for a moment. She trembled the slightest bit, before she began to undulate her hips against his hand, bringing herself onto the finger lodged deep within her eager womanhood.

He slammed another finger into her. A cry left her mouth, almost coming undone right there and then. She heard the soft rumble of his approval, before she was left empty and wanting. Wanting lots.

"No," she groaned out in protest, her eyes opening to watch him as her hips bucked against him. "Why did you stop?"

"Give yourself to me, Madelyn. All of you," he said into his ear, voice husky and laden with desire to have her all to himself. For his use. For him to taste, to pleasure. All his. Damian could hardly wait for her reply, the beast within him demanding to be let out so that it could ravish the beautiful woman pressed against him, dripping wet and waiting.

She nodded.

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