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He's not at all what you think.

Sometimes wanking each other was all that would occur, at other times a more adventurous coupling would arise, as it was then. One dropped to his knees in front of another to take a cock deep into his mouth, oblivious of the audience. The others, himself included watched, stroking quickly, trying to match their come with everyone else's. He knew enough not to be the last to ejaculate, if he was then he would be on his own the others having left, quickly. He felt a hand on his cock and looked towards his 'partner', as they watched the blow job they wanked each other slowly.

The standing man's hands moved to the back of the kneeling one's head as he drove his cock deeper into his mouth. He smiled at the others watching them, then swung his hips faster causing the other to gag slightly, not that either seemed to care. A grimace, a groan, then the obvious sign of ejaculation. The kneeling one turned to spit out the cum into the urinal, not everyone swallowed.

"What a waste," someone said, "what a fuckin' waste". Then the sated one left, leaving three. The kneeling one stood and moved along side them, his cock glistening with precum, an invitation that was not dismissed. Each wanking the other soon brought the expected result, three loads of cum splattering the urinal wall, dripping down to the base to pool there. Each left in turn, satisfied, but still careful. A few minutes between each in case anyone was watching.

3:10 came and went and still he waited, almost desperate now, aroused by his memory.

3:20: He stood ready to leave when he heard a cubicle door open and close. Looking down he saw a shadow pass a hole in the wall, one which someone had made months ago which had never been repaired. Thirty inches up from the floor, two inches across, perfect.

He loosened his belt and lowered his pants before again sitting on the bowl, his cock fully erect in anticipation. This was the awkward part. Had the person next door come in for the same as him or just to relieve himself? A mistake could be extremely painful as he once found out, the beating leaving a small scar over his left eye. As he waited he stroked his erect cock slowly.

He stared intently at the hole; the far side of the adjoining cubicle was still visible. Briefly the hole went dark as if someone had moved across it, he adjusted his position just enough to see more through the opening. The far side of the adjoining cubicle was replaced with the white and blue of an eye.

He sat back and began to stroke in earnest. Looking down the opening was blocked completely by the eye looking intently through it, then it disappeared . . . his turn.

He bent down and peered through. All he could see was a pair of legs clad in jeans that had been partially lowered to the ground and an erect cock being slowly stroked, as his was. He licked his lips in anticipation, and watched. The man stood and moved towards the hole, all that was visible now was the erect cock. James leant back slightly as the cock was slowly inserted through and to his side of the partition wall, the smooth end leaking precum from its single eye.

He reached out his hand and encircled it before bringing his mouth down to cover the bulbous head. He sighed contentedly as the cock filled his mouth, then he bobbed his head up and down it in time to his own stroking.

The man on the other side was pushing harder, trying desperately to get more of his cock through the thin wall. James felt the cock swelling as he sucked before it was withdrawn. His turn.

Bending his legs slightly he pushed his erection slowly through the hole. He felt first a hand on him then the warm breath of a mouth close to his glans. He waited, not everyone sucked some just wanked, but he was lucky this time. His cockhead was encircled by a warm mouth, drawing it deep inside. James' head dropped back, pleasure coursing through his body as the unknown man sucked powerfully on his cock.

These encounters were never prolonged, climaxing was th

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