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Kelsey is forced to choose...

I could hear the faint sucking noise over the din of the room, but nobody else would notice it.

I then steered the conversation towards her boyfriend and apologized for talking about work. The rest of the office picked up my cue, and began asking him about his life. This part I really don't remember, as my head was elsewhere. Namely, in Jenna's mouth. The combination of the alcohol and of others asking him questions meant that he wouldn't be paying attention to her.

After I was satisfied that my cock was sufficiently wet, I pulled Jenna up to her feet and over to my lap. I slowly started pushing her down until I felt my cock touch her ass. She grabbed my shaft to re-position my head between her lips, and slowly started sinking down.

Fuck, it felt incredible. I was finally fucking Jenna. I was finally fucking Jenna next to her boyfriend, the whole office, and an entire room full of people. And nobody knew.

Her tight 24 year old pussy stretched around my thick seven inch dick. I pushed the button a couple of times as I went further and further into her velvety depths. After finally taking me in all the way, she paused for a few seconds to get used to me. I took this time to reach for her clit, and rubbed it just the way she liked it. At this point you're probably asking how I knew what she liked, given that prior to this I hadn't fingered her at all, and she'd only blown me. The answer is -- every girl likes it when I push the button. As you would guess, she came around my cock. It felt fucking incredible.

She slowly started riding me as I kept my hands around her waist. I had to keep her from fucking me too hard and too fast to keep us from being discovered. I really wanted to just throw her on the table and give her the hardest fuck of her life, but I knew it had to wait until later. Good thing I'm a patient man.

I was pretty liberal with the use of the button and I lost track of how many times Jenna came. I'm honestly a little surprised that nobody noticed anything at all, but Jenna was a true champ in keeping quiet. I just barely managed to not make a single noise as I finally reached my climax and pumped shot after shot of cum into her greedy pussy. It felt almost like when I was younger, still living with my parents at home, staying quiet while I fucked my girlfriend.

Satisfied, Jenna stood up, sliding off of my cock. Her legs were shaky and I had to support her, but she was able to move to the side and sink to her knees. Her tongue lovingly bathed my cock and my balls, removing all traces of my cum and hers. She returned to her chair. Her boyfriend was still prattling on about this bylaw or that bylaw or something else of inconsequence. I sure as hell wasn't listening. I doubt Jenna was either.

We finished our meal and left the restaurant. I could have sworn that I could see my cum trailing down Jenna's legs as she walked away. I wondered if she was going to let him eat her out that night, but soon enough I had problems of my own.

My wife, Sara, was waiting for me when I got home. I've mentioned her before, but I guess now is a good time to give you more details. Sara is 32. We met at a house party during college. I had just finished fucking one of her friends, when I noticed her friend pointing towards me, giggling with Sara, and using her hands to estimate the length of my dick. Nothing came of that particular moment, but I ran into Sara at another house party the following weekend.

Remember how I told Jenna that she'd given me one of the best blowjobs of my life? There's a reason I didn't say it was the best. Not only did Sara swallow my cock without hesitation, but she was also the first woman in my life to play with my asshole. That shit is fucking amazing. She used a combination of her tongue and fingers, and that was it. I was in love. A few years later I asked her to marry me. But that's boring. You don't care about that. This isn't a story about love.

This is a story of how I used my protein powder to fuck Jenna, Sara, Sara's mother, and

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