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A submissive being bound and suspended by her master.

He must have read her mind because Cindy felt his hand suddenly pull free of the knee beneath her skirt and reach for her hand, pulling her slowly upwards with him as he stood. "Let's get out of here," he said in a low but strong voice. It wasn't a question but more of a statement of what they both knew was only a matter of time before it became a reality.

Cindy's fingers curled around his as her other hand set down the half-empty cup of coffee, the last thing on her mind one of their specialty blends. Instead her head was now full of all the places on his body she wanted to explore with her hands and tongue. And then they were walking out the door, hand in hand, heart to heart. She had never felt this drawn to anyone before in my life. Dan just simply ... touched her.

She'd recall every moment that it took for them to get from the coffee shop to his hotel if Cindy could remember it. But she couldn't. It was as if they just melted into each other's arms and wound up standing together, limbs entwined and mouths locked onto the other as if it was a life force that they couldn't live without. All she knew was that even though she wanted to press to go faster so that she could lie in his arms like she had dreamed of doing so many times before, it was all in slow motion and Cindy was enjoying every heart-stopping moment of it.

They fell onto the bed together, their limbs entangled and his hard body pressing hers down into the bed. But it was the kiss that sealed Cindy's fate. As his kiss deepened and his arms wrapped around her, she shifted beneath him to accept his weight, wrapping one arm around him as her lips parted beneath his. Her other hand had a definite mind of its own as it slid up to the back of his neck, the slender fingers plunging into his hair.

Dan moaned softly against her lips as his tongue slid into her welcoming mouth and she could feel his hips press firmly against hers in blatant desire. Soft, uncontrollable whimpers escaped into the recesses of his mouth as her hips shifted to rub up against his. Cindy's fingers were rubbing the nape of his neck just below the hairline as her tongue delved past his into his mouth to taste every inch therein. She was starved for him.

Cindy could feel him shiver as her fingers teased his neck even as their kiss deepened. His fingers slid up into the thick, soft tresses of her golden-kissed auburn mane as his other hand slid beneath the skirt to her left hip and yanked her hard up against him. Cindy could feel the throbbing hardness between his legs causing a soft purr to rumble through her throat to vibrate into his mouth as her tongue tangled with his.

She was inhaling his breath as if she was dependent upon it for her very life as her fingers stroked the nape of his neck in a wanton, arousing caress. Shifting one leg to wrap around his, it caused the skirt that she wore to ride upwards on her thighs, exposing her scantily clad cunt that hungered to grind up against the growing bulge trapped in his jeans.

Dan growled softly against her lips, his kiss deepening and growing more passionate with the lust that had burned between them for so long, kept in check by the computer screens that had kept them separated. But there was nothing now to keep his shuddering form from grinding into her, beginning a rhythm that she quickly matched.

Cindy moaned, unable to stop her trembling beneath him as his growl echoed in her ear. Shifting her hips so that when he thrust up he would be entering her if not for the barrier of their clothes, she couldn't help but wonder if he could feel just how wet she was through the thick material of his jeans. Sucking his tongue deeper into her mouth, she could hear his deep groan as he pushed up against her more than willing body.

Dan's hands began to tug at the annoying clothes that covered her, his frustration apparent that they were still dressed as his kiss became more demanding, more sporadic.

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