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Will their friendship survive her wish?

Throwing it to the floor, immediately becoming dusted with the pine needles and brown remnants of summer's foliage, the t-shirt was just a brush off away from being used again. That was the t-shirt that would be worn when Brandon was working, a psychological friend when working in the woods. Susanna suddenly took more interest. She could now see the sun-kissed torso of her man and as he turned to get more wood, the hair to the chest seemed to appear golden as the sun caught it. Casting a shadow across his firm stomach, the chest definition was clear to see.

Brandon was soon back chopping wood and Susanna was back drinking in the view. Kissing her exposed legs, the morning sun felt warm against her bare skin. Her negligee came to mid thigh though as she sat, it had risen higher. Susanna enjoyed this early morning light, often considering it to be the forgotten sunset, sunrise missed by so many as they lay sleeping. That increased its appeal all the more as few would share in it. Susanna stood approximately 5'3, a difference in height between her and her man that she had grown to appreciate, his presence seeming the more powerful when he stood close, pulling he into his arms, at times so tightly she thought that she would not breathe. Without needing to say anything though, Brandon would release his grip, his arms falling to her waist and gently holding her. She would often just melt into his chest.

As she watched him she realised that it was not only the coffee that was waking her up. The sight of her man working hard, building up a sweet would pull at her, her eyes feeding on the buffet that her man's torso provided. Her hands aching just to glance his buttocks, Susanna became aware that though the coffee cup was now dry, her cup was becoming wet. She then noticed that her nipples were hardening against the soft cotton that was the only cover she had against the morning air.

With her coffee cup now just in her left hand and loosely held at that, Susanna had started to unconsciously stroke her outer right thigh. How tender her touch she noticed, relaxing further into the cushion of the chair. She placed the mug on the arm of the chair and with her left hand, placed it across her breasts. As Brandon continued to work, Susanna became more and more aroused, starting to fantasize about him using his fingers in place of hers. He inner thigh was now the focus of attention and as her imagination started to shut out the sound of the morning chorus she touched herself with more focus.

Oblivious to Susanna's increasing desire, Brandon continued to work. He had now almost completed his intended task and happened to turn to glance at Susanna. A second look confirmed that she had at that moment her eyes shut and was clearly becoming aroused, starting to move her weight gently from cheek to cheek as her fingers courted her clit. Brandon immediately felt an urge in his being and turned to watch more intently. Susanna was now clearly in a different place to him and he knew that he wanted to join her. Slowly he lowered the axe to the floor, careful not to make a sound. He stepped with purpose across the woodland floor and approached the steps to the porch. Susanna was now clearly exposing her breasts to the hand and her index finger inserted to its first knuckle inside her luscious lips.

Susanna took her personal grooming seriously and by coincidence, her grooming shared the same name as the state in which they now lived.

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