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This not only made me feel hotter for him, but also increased the tension. I nervously cleared my throat and quietly asked, "What would you like me to do with these files?" I was pointing at the files I had finished compiling for him. He turned his body slightly toward me, and motioning with his head, he said, "On that cabinet." I realized I would have to squeeze between my chair and his body to get to the cabinet. My heart began to race. It was a tight fit, and he was turned toward me.

This is the time to make a move without being overtly aggressive, I thought. As I stood up, I made sure to let my chest rise inconspicuously, and then reached over to pick up the files. I then turned, so my back was to him, and squeezed out of the narrow path, ensuring he had a good view of my round ass. I confidently walked over to the cabinet, feeling his gaze on me.

As I neared my chair, I noticed he had turned fully toward my chair. It would be impossible not to graze his knees trying to get back in, but it was his slight smirk that caught my attention. I stopped and rested my hand on the back of my chair, unsure of what to do or say. He leaned forward and asked, very quietly, "Was there another reason you wanted to stay late?" I gulped.

This was it.

I narrowed my eyes just a bit and responded, just as quietly, "What do you mean?" He sat back, smiled, and said, "I'm asking you." I hoped I was not misreading his body language, tone, and facial expressions. I hoped even more I was not about to make a terrible mistake. In a low, insinuating tone, I told him, "I wanted to help you with a few jobs." I chose my words carefully, making sure they could be taken literally.

His smirk returned, eyes narrowed, and in a sultry tone, he said, "Well, then....I'll make sure to keep you busy." There was no mistaking it: he wanted me too. I moved closer to him. I stopped just a couple inches away from his leg.

Leaning forward, I said, "Good." He turned his chair to face me completely, so that I was between his legs, and looked me up and down. Then, making eye contact, he smiled. I couldn't hold back anymore, especially knowing he had on his mind what had been on mine for so long. I stepped forward, grabbed the back of his head, and began to kiss him.

I felt his hands on my hips, pulling me closer to him. I placed my legs on the outside of his, one at a time, and then went down until I was straddling him. We did not stop kissing the whole time, his magnificent tongue ring grazing my tongue. I felt his cock hardening. I, of course, was already dripping wet.

One of his hands wrapped around my waist, as the other ran up my side and then began to lightly rub my breasts. His kissing moved down to my neck, then cleavage. He stopped, and moved me off of him. As he got up and began to walk away, I became very confused. Without turning back, he gestured for me to follow him with his hand. I soon realized where we were headed: the conference room. Fuck, he's reading my mind.

He shut the conference room door behind me, and then shoved me onto the desk. He opened my legs, moved himself between them, and began to kiss me passionately. He stopped briefly, only to pull my shirt off. He wasted no time in getting my bra off, and before I knew it, his head was buried in my chest. I can't believe this is happening, I thought with exhilaration. I breathed rapidly and moaned lightly as I felt his tongue and tongue ring toying with my nipples. One hand remained on my waist, as the other ran up my thigh. Just as he reached the innermost part of my thigh, he ran it across to my hip.

As his tongue-play on my chest intensified, I felt both of his hands undoing my jeans and pulling them off, along with my underwear. Once they were off, he pushed me back, so I was lying on the desk, legs spread. He kissed down from my breasts, to my torso, to my mound, until I finally felt his lips on my lower lips. He teased me first, only lightly kissing along my slit.

After a pleasurably torturous minute or so, I finally felt

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