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You walk in on Rachael & her.

With each passing minute, your eyes reveal another item carefully removed, yet carelessly thrown to the floor. I invite you to come closer...to begin, but you hesitate as if trying to reciprocate the torture of the sensuous dances to the Spanish lullabies. To my disappointment, you slowly withdraw until you have completely left the room.

What seems like an eternity passes but you finally return. Your jacket and tie have been removed. The breeze catches your open shirt and blows it about softly. You carry a silver bowl that has hints of red brimming from the top. As you sit down, I see that the red is indeed strawberries. Excited, I sit up, but just as quickly, you place your hand on my chest and gently lay me back down. "Let me please you," you whisper and I concede to your wishes. Content with my reaction you reach into the bowl and fish out a strawberry. You bring it to my mouth and I quickly partake. You find another one and feed it to me, this time, however your finger lingers a little, long enough for me to kiss it. As you feed me another one, your other hand has begun to caress my calves. With each strawberry, your fingers remain for a little while longer. Soon enough I begin to devour them with as much intensity as the strawberries. In the same time, your other hand has been venturing farther and farther up my legs. As you feed me the last strawberry, your hand comes in contact with the wetness that has been building up between my legs. A smile comes upon your face realizing your discovery.

You gently press your hand against it, reveling in the heat. I close my eyes and a moan escapes my lips. You continue your gentle massage as you bring your lips towards mine. We kiss deeply and passionately for what seems like and endless amount of time. I put one hand on your chest and the other grabs your head, pulling it closer to mine. Our tongues glide as if moving to the music that still plays in the background. You pull away, but only to remove your shirt. Taking advantage of our momentary stop, I begin to lift the dress over my head. You assist me and your eyes delight in the resulting image. My excited state is visible through my transparent bra and the wetness you have already witnessed with your hand.

Our kisses continue as your hands slowly travel around my body. Past my breast, along my side, down my legs. Each touch seems to foster more and more heat inside my body. The sensations are so incredible I hardly realize that we have stopped kissing. Your lips are now buried in my neck as your hand retraces its steps. I feel your tongue as you slip lower and lower on my body. Your hand and mouth begin to work together as you pull my bra down to reveal my nipple. Your tongue dances around it, teasing it ever so slightly. After what seems like an unbearable amount of time, you begin to suck on them. Your assault continues as you quickly flick your tongue over it. I squeal with delight as you gently nibble on them. Unfortunately you stop, but only to take off my bra. Once this is taken care of, you give the same treatment to my other breast as your hand plays with the rest of my body.

Soon your attention leaves my chest and you slip further and further down my body. You bestow kisses as you journey down my body. Taking your time you lick and suck around my belly button and sides.

Your mouth finds its way to my thong and you kiss everything through the fabric. You even locate the wetness and kiss there too. You lick up and down my slit slowly through the fabric. I dig my nails into the bed as the pleasure courses through my body. To my frustration, you leave my spot and keep going down my body.

You take gentle care and lay sweet kisses along each of my legs.

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