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A nakedness which Rene and now Sir Stephen was free to use in any way. This emphasized once again the inner prostration she had felt ever since that fateful car ride...

O went about her daily tasks with a heightened awareness. She was not only ready for Rene's pleasure, a pleasure she shared, but was soon to be whipped by the man he had given her to. It was not going to happen in some strange chateau with people wearing bizarre costumes. No, she would be summoned from her ordinary life and brought to Sir Stephen's home. It was a house in a crowded part of the city. In the houses close by the neighbors would be: sitting having dinner, relaxing with a glass of wine, or other mundane affairs, unaware of what was taking place a few doors down from them. She would be naked, her legs spread, while Sir Stephen marked her with a riding crop. O's body responded to these thoughts. She was fully aware now what Rene had been trying to achieve with his orders too her. He wanted her at all times to be cognitive of those parts of her body which were now for the pleasure of others. She could feel herself responding physically when she opened her mouth and legs. The constant discipline of doing so aroused her as if she was being caressed at all times.

One night, after a light dinner, Rene delivered her to Sir Stephen. She had not been asked or even informed that she was going this evening. Rene walked her to the door and after saying hello to Sir Stephen, he left again. O was ordered to remove her clothes and kneel outside the study door. Sir Stephen watched her obey his command and ordered her hands behind her back. He then went into the study and left her waiting outside the door. O knew that the mind anticipates pain more severerly than it actually is, but she still could not help herself. Here she was totally naked waiting outside a door to be whipped. There were no chains or leather collars restraining her and her clothes were in a neat pile just a few feet away. As far as she knew no one was even watching her. All this changed nothing; she was as rooted to the spot as if she had been nailed there.

"Stand up!" Sir Stephen said.

O was shocked to hear his voice behind her. She had not heard him come into the room. Her legs were sore from kneeling but she soon straightened up and turned to face him. He took both of her hands in one of his and pulled her towards the centre of the room. The chandelier had been removed and a chain with leather bracelets now hung in its place. After checking that her hands were secured, Sir Stephen turned on a switch which made the chain go taut. O found herself suspended. Her toes could barely touch the floor. She braced herself as she saw Sir Stephen pick up the riding crop, but he did not immediately strike her. He began to lightly stroke her with it, over her breasts, backside and finally in between her legs. O was horrified to feel herself becoming aroused by the feel of the whip lazily caressing her sex. Sir Stephen watched her face and saw her panting and growing red. He knew it was not entirely from the effort of being suspended.

"I'm going to give you twenty stokes with the whip O,' he said. " You will count each one out loud" "If you fail to do so it will be repeated."

The whip which a moment before had tantalized her with pleasure now came down hard across the front of her thighs. She gasped and managed to say one. Sir Stephen moved around her methodically covering her rear, back, the front of her thighs and even her breasts. A couple of times O forgot to count in her pain and so she actually had more than twenty strokes. Sir Stephen opened a dressing mirror so O could contemplate the effects on her body of the whipping. O stared at a reflection, hanging suspended covered in whip marks, she barely recognized as herself. Sir Stephen let her down and released her after an eternity. He gently led her over to the couch and had her lay across his lap.

"The last time you were here O I gave you an order which you disobeyed.

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