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Loving and living unaware Snake is coming their way.

Dinner was uneventful, the meal was great, and after dad retreated into the living room, I stayed back to help with the dishes.

Whispering to me, mom said, "we need to talk in the morning after your father leaves to play golf." Nodding, I continued to dry the silverware, putting everything in it's place, and retired to my room for the night.

Dad always plays golf on Saturdays, so today he was up early and gone when I awoke. I was greeted in the kitchen by mom, seeming very cheerful. She asked if I'd like some breakfast, but I opted for a glass of juice, so she poured a juice for me and coffee for her and sat down across from me.

Turning more serious, she said "I wanted to talk to you about yesterday morning. I was wrong taking advantage of you the way I did. As I told you then, your father and I have not been very intimate for a while, and seeing you lying naked in bed, it brought out the feelings that I haven't felt in awhile. Then, after learning that you were a virgin, I felt compelled to teach you how to make a woman feel the excitement of foreplay, and give her the ultimate pleasure that comes from knowing how to use her body for yours and her enjoyment. I'm happy to say that you learned very well. I haven't felt that way in a long time, and for that I have no regrets, and I'll always be grateful. It was wrong, just the same, and it will never happen again. I only hope that I didn't ruin your respect for me."

I held her hand and told her, "I will always love and respect you, mom." We wiped the tears from our eyes and proceeded to enjoy our beverages.

Things seemed to be back to normal over the remainder of the weekend, and by Monday, I was anxious to get back to work. The grass, again, needed mowing. Having a lawn service fertilize and an automatic sprinkler system has a definite effect on the growth.

Finishing by mid-day, I stored the mower in the barn and was coming out when I noticed Mrs. Greyson motioning for me to come to the house. She had on that familiar three pieces of fabric, and my imagination kicked into gear. Arriving at the gate to the pool, she asked if I'd like some lemonade, and I said that it sounded great.

She told me to take off my shirt and relax on the lounger and she'd be right back. I sat down and watched as she walked to the house. She was nearly naked from the back, only a couple strips of cloth, one across her back, and one between those wonderful cheeks of her ass. I closed my eyes for a few moments, and then felt the ice-cold glass against my cheek. I opened them to her smiling down at me, and offered me the drink.

We talked for a while about the yard, and a few things she had planned for it, all the while I couldn't take my eyes off her body.

After finishing our drinks, she suggested a swim, telling me that wearing my shorts would be fine. We dove into the pool, the water feeling great after a few hours on the mower. Diving under the water, I swam towards her, seeing that those small patches had all but disappeared after becoming wet. I could see the outline of her pussy lips, and her nipples had grown, either from the coolness of the water or the excitement building between us. Coming up next to her I stood, my rock hard cock brushing her leg.

She let out a small gasp, then dove below the surface. She was under water for a long time, and when she finally emerged, she was totally naked, having removed her suit while under water!

Walking to the shallow end, she motioned me to her, and reaching down, proceeded to remove my shorts.

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