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Joe was a man's man, but curious.

Rich got out with his guitar case and started walking toward downtown. Then he paused.

"You can walk with me you know, I won't bite," he said loudly toward the back of the parking lot.

Windy was shocked by his words. She didn't like it when people knew more about her than she wanted them to know, and a wave of anger washed over her. He walked away as she cooled down, but she didn't know quite how to handle the situation.

It was a busy weekend night. Rich didn't have a gig with his band due to a scheduling error, so he was looking forward to a good night to fill his wallet and keep gas in the van. The crowd was big and boisterous due to a big sports event that emptied onto the street, and it turned out to be the best night of busking Rich had ever had. Windy had gotten over her misplaced anger, and was enjoying herself buried deep in the back of the big group watching Rich perform when she was once again shocked by his words.

"I'd like to dedicate this next song to my biggest fan," Rich said in his loud busker voice. "She's here watching me most nights, and I just want to tell her how much I appreciate her and that I wish her all the best in life. Life's short, and we need to enjoy each others company. She's a pretty girl, so, this one's for her."

He looked right at Windy through a gap in the crowd and smiled as he started singing the old pop song from the sixties "I'm a girl watcher," and the boisterous crowd sang along. He had thought about singing the old chestnut "Windy," but thought she'd be uncomfortable being called-out so specifically. As Rich sang she smiled and bit her lip, and tears welled in her tired eyes. It was the highest moment of happy emotion she'd felt in years, and she snuck away when the song ended during the applause.


"Thank you... for the song," Windy said, startling Rich as he walked passed the dark empty factory back to his van at the end on the night. She was sitting on the ground, leaning back against a graffiti covered brick wall in the dark, barely lit by a crescent moon.

"Hey!" Rich said with a big smile. "How's it goin' tonight?"

Rich sat down with her, happy to finally get to know this mysterious woman. They talked like old friends - easy, flowing conversation that Windy didn't even realize she was capable of. She told him about the long, wild hair she used to have that gave her nickname, the struggles to keep warm in the winter, the pleasures of warm food, the homeless friends she had made, and the joy his music brought her. Rich took out his guitar and played for - he played "Windy" this time - and it was so wonderful she laughed. She laughed! It was the first time in...well... forever it seemed. She had chuckled at her friends jokes, but a real live laugh - that was new and special, and Rich could sense it.

"What do you say we go get some breakfast," Rich said as the night wore on. "I hit the jackpot tonight with that big crowd. I'm buying."

Windy was reluctant - she hadn't been anywhere to eat other than a soup kitchen for years, and she was sure she smelled bad and looked worse. But she couldn't say no to the charming Rich, and with some trepidation she climbed into his van and they went to an all night diner. Windy led them to a corner booth way in the back, and they feasted on big omelets stuffed with vegetables and cheese, home fries, fresh fruit, coffee, fruit juice, chocolate milk... the works. The sixty-year-old waitress was a gem, and she made Windy feel right at home. The eastern sky was brightening when they got in the van and it rumbled to life.

"You know," Rich said, "I only live about two miles from here. It's a shitty apartment, but it's got a good shower and a soft bed."

Windy was overcome with emotion she didn't know what to do with.

"You don't want me..." she said quietly, her voice trailing off.

"I wouldn't have offered if I didn't," Rich said.

"Maybe just a shower," Windy said after a long pause, looking deep into Rich's soft blue eyes.


Windy emerged from Rich's worn out old bathroom wearing a terryc

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