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Her roommate, and a "pet", convince her to try lesbianism.

Your breasts tumble out, full and round with small brown nipples as hard as pebbles. My eyes are hooded as I reach out and caress them, around the sides underneath, tracing my fingers around, but never touching, the nipples. I begin to alter my caresses with licks around the full flesh of your breasts. Your back arches as your try to guide me, but still I resist. I hear weak cries of "please" escaping your lips, but still I play, my tongue runs across the base of your breasts, where they meet your lower chest, you gasp. Finally I move above you, hovering over your nipples. My fingers begin slow play, circling and then rubbing. Your eyes closed, I imagine your pleasure. My lips dryly caress your jutting tips, teasing and playing. Finally, my mouth opens and I begin to suck on the round nub. Taking it into my mouth I feed, my tongue lashing, your cries becoming audible. My mouth gets more aggressive, I begin to suck more of your breast into my mouth and the pressure of my lips begins to intensify. My left hand is playing with your right nipple, your legs are fully splayed beneath me, I can feel your heat against my naked abdomen. My fingers work the flesh of your breast while my tongue and lips work the nipple. Loud sucking sounds occasionally escape my lips, loud groaning sounds often escape yours.

My fingers work on your skirt. Pushing and pulling, I get it up around your waist. Beneath it I find silken black panties and thigh high stockings, my mouth, reluctantly, leaves your breast and begins to travel down your abdomen, slowly working its way with long, broad strokes painting your stomach. I pause at your belly button to dip my tongue into you, a shallow tease of the pleasure to come. Your hands are spread wide, above your head, you breathe in short gasps, looking up your body, I see your breasts heaving, marked by my mouth, little red spots dot your expansive tit-flesh.

As my weight shifts and I gaze across your stomach, I can smell your sex. It is rich and pungent, it calls to me in urgent scents, I see the wet spot in your panties and know you will taste sweet. My fingers play with the edges of your panties, running across your belly, down the inside of your thighs. Wisps of pubic hair escape the top edge, my lips press firmly onto your pubic mound and I blow hot breath through the silk and onto your flesh. Back and forth I swing my lips across you, occasionally lashing out with my tongue, the saliva from my tongue mixing with the wetness of your panties. My fingers work the edges of your panties, running themselves across your smooth skin, occasionally tugging gently at your pubic hair, always circling closer to your core, but never quite touching you.

You are impatient, you breathe a "please" that is both insistent and forced.

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