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I am kajira, waiting and presenting myself for my Master.

Her nipples were tingling and as her breasts jiggled they were touched sometimes by the cool air and sometimes by the warm sun. With each change sharp sparks of pleasure flew through her body to meet with the throbbing warmth that was radiating from between her legs. Kim was in a state of almost transcendental arousal and there was nothing and no one in the world except her and Martin.

When Kim finished applying sunscreen to Martin's back he stood and took her hands and drew her to her feet.

"Let's go for a walk along the water's edge," he said.

"Okay," Kim said as she bent and picked up her bikini top.

"Leave it off."

"Really?" asked Kim.

Martin didn't reply. He just took her by the hand and began walking towards the water. As Kim was drawn along by him she let her bikini top fall to the sand. As common as it is for women to sunbathe topless on the beach in Australia it is very unusual to walk along the beach or swim topless. Despite this, Kim still didn't feel self-conscious even though she was surrounded by people and drawing ardent looks from the men and more than a few glares from the women. Kim was so aroused that she felt like she was completely alone with Martin in their own private bubble of shared eroticism.

Martin on the other hand was completely aware of all of the people around them. He was aware of every single man's head which turned as Kim walked past. With each step they took more and more people saw his girlfriend's bare breasts and almost naked body. That wasn't what was making his heart race though. The thing that excited him most was that every person who saw Kim would not only see her natural beauty, her flat stomach, firm breasts and the perfect curves of her barely covered buttocks, but they would also see her willingness to put herself on display and even more provocatively they would be unable to miss her extreme state of arousal caused by the very display they were witnessing.

Martin hated to think the word in reference to his girlfriend, especially since it didn't accurately describe her, but he felt Kim was acting like a slut, and it made him delirious with pride and lust. Every single person who saw Kim would have a sexual reaction to her because at this moment in time everything about her was sexual. Everything from the glazed look in her eyes which really weren't seeing any of the people around them to the pronounced sway of her hips as she walked on the soft sand to the sensual touch of her hand on the inside of his wrist.

This state couldn't last indefinitely, for one thing it was simply too uncomfortable for Martin. The thought topmost in his mind was to find somewhere private where they could both relieve their pent up energies. Martin was desperate to have Kim and it was pretty clear just looking at her that she was just as desperate to have him. He toyed with the thought that in her current mood she might be desperate for anyone who could satisfy her at the moment and the idea of her having wanton sex with another man, or perish the thought, men, simultaneously aroused and repelled him. As he imagined her in various poses with different men, and sometimes several men at the same time the repugnance faded and he was left with just the arousal such images caused. He felt a little ashamed to imagine Kim in such ways and to be so excited by them, but it wasn't really the actions that turned him on, but more the idea that she could be such a purely sexual being and totally abandon herself to her sexuality.

The daydream was sharply interrupted by a voice yelling, "Martin. HEY, MARTIN!"

Martin looked around for the source of the yells and was shocked to see his friends Tim and Chris sitting on the sand only a few feet away.

"Earth calling Martin," laughed Chris.

"I was just about to throw this at you," said Tim, holding up a shoe, and then throwing it anyway.

"Hey guys, what's up," said Martin as he dodged the shoe.
It was one thing for Martin to parade Kim around the beach in front of strangers, they we

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