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Ginny and Ivy (and Donald and Bruno).

"Wow baby that some package you've got for me there," said the alien vampire sperm slut.

Sam smiled, all he could see was a man, and said, "it's all yours, you big hunk, bring that body of yours over here so I want to taste your cock, I wanna lick your balls, and bite your cock all over."

The storm trooper moved closer to Sam, being careful with what happened, these mind control techniques could be tricky.

"Lie down there and do as your told, I want to suck your big fucking cock til you can't move, I want your cum to eat, you will comply with my directions or I will have to tie you to your bed," said the alien vampire sperm slut.

"Wow that sounds great, I love being tied up, what will you do to me you big hunk, when you get me tied up, will you sit on my face and rub your stinking putrid arse all over my face, or will you use your cock to whip me on my lips?" asked Sam.

"None of those," explained the alien vampire sperm slut, "you'd enjoy them all too much, and my goal is to suck you cock, so shut the fuck up, and enjoy what's coming to you, you should be grateful I don't whip your arse while I suck you dry."

This alien vampire sperm slut, who had almost no empathy, had over-powered Sam without any problems. Without much effort she had tied his legs to the end of his bed, and his arms to the top. Now that the alien vampire sperm slut had him completely immobilised him and he was at her mercy, she licked her lips and started to move towards his cock.

All Sam could see, with is mind that was being controlled, was a gorgeous man who about to give him a fantastic blow job. The alien vampire sperm slut reached out and grabbed his cock. She was very rough, just the way Sam loved it.

Her training came to the fore, she sucked the top of his cock, running her tongue around the underside of his crown. She used her tongue to lick him really hard, Sam was trying to free himself so he could get hold of this hunky guy's cock, and grab his cock hard too, treat it rough like his cock was being treated.

The alien vampire sperm slut was thinking she needed more control over this guy. To focus his mind on the pleasure he was receiving, he was too interested in participation rather than just lying there getting a masterful head job. She reached inside her pants pocket and pulled out the silver vibrating cylinder that he been developed for hard to control males.

Without any effort at all she lifted Sam's butt off the bed with one hand and with her other hand she slowly inserted the cylinder into his arse. Oh wow, thought Sam, what's just gone up my arse, he could feel the warmth spread across his waist and into his cock. Making his already hard cock swell and grow in a glowing painful way.

The cylinder began to throb and pulsate inside Sam's butt. Sam's insides were experiencing the same sensation normally he felt only in his cock. Maybe this hunky man, who was giving him the time of his life, had found his male G spot? Sam didn't understand or care, he just wanted more, it felt so good, he just wanted it to go on and on. To never stop.

Time was running tight for alien vampire sperm slut, she had her orders, she was feeling the pressure to make him cum quickly. With that in mind, the alien vampire sperm slut decided that with a cum cylinder up his butt, she could begin to use the new vibrating tongue technique, the new improved one she had only recently been taught.

She began by creating a vacuum in her mouth with Sam's cock in there, and then she started the vibrations through the whole of her tongue. The roof of her mouth was rubbing across the head of Sam's cock, as the vibrations speared along his cock, making him gasp and moan uncontrollably. Where had this guy learnt to suck another guy's cock like this, thought Sam to himself. Maybe he'd been off to some special sexual temple in Asia to learn this technique. Whereever he'd gone, Sam had every intention of making this guy a permanent fixture around his cock.

Nothing was further from the alien vampire sperm sluts thoughts, she just wan

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