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Could someone love a wolf?

Her pelvic muscles twitched uncontrollably and she could feel her own fluids sliding out of her drooling vagina as her eyes went lower still, to gaze upon his incredibly large balls. I... don't know if I can...

She could tell he was grinning even though his features were indistinct. All that she could see of his face were his red, glowing eyes, which were fixed on her. On her naked body. On her secret parts. Hazel felt another rush of fluid from deep within dribble out of her and blushed again. She knew that she would find out soon enough, if she could.

"Tell me, my dear, why did you agree to put me back together? What is your purpose in wanting to see me?"

I... I don't know...

"Oh but you certainly do. You agreed to put the doll back together, just like you agreed to let me into your body back there on the beach."

I thought... I should help...

"A stranger? And one you couldn't see? That's hardly believable, Hazel. Since you are hearing me in your thoughts, surely you know that I am aware of just what you want."

What I... want? What do you..?

"The man, Kevin. You wanted him to stop but he didn't. So I stopped him, with whatever limited powers I had. Ditto your friend Trudy and your husband Ted. They were all trying to abuse you, and you wanted them stopped, so I did as you wished."

But I didn't wish...

"Hey, I'm inside your head, Hazel. Don't you think I'd know what you really want?"

But I didn't wish for them to be harmed!

"No, you didn't. And they weren't harmed. Just hurt a little. Just enough so they won't try to bother you again."

So you... those dreams I'd been having... were they real?

The djinn's laughter boomed in her sweltering room. Or maybe she was just feeling hot. She was so hot, especially down there, that she had to... spread her legs apart... even though the very act of doing so seemed to fan the flames further.

"They were images I put in your mind to help you accept what was going on down inside you. You got up so quickly and left before I could really get inside you, so I had to do that while you were asleep."

But I thought you... got in at the beach?

"No, not at all. I accepted your invitation, but like I'd said earlier, I have no physical form, although I am bound to an item with physical form. So I had to move that item into you, in order to get away from that damned tree."

What's the significance of the tree?

"That old thing? That's where the old man caught me, while I was napping. So that's where he trapped me in the doll and buried me in the sand. He goes back regularly, you know, to re-energise his power."

But what about the other night?

"Oh, you mean when you woke up under the tree? I brought you there. I'd drawn enough power from your feelings to be able to transport you there unseen. I wanted you to see what the old man had done. I didn't have enough energy to bring you back in, though I knew you had it in you to find your way back here without being seen."

That... was nasty. I could have been seen!

"But you weren't. And you enjoyed it anyway, didn't you? Especially when the old man reached out and grabbed you?"

I... yes. I guess so.

"Well, guess who woke him up?"

You... you! How could you..!

The djinn's laughter drew more fluids from deep within. Her throbbing vagina was burning so hot that she had to lean back and spread her legs as far apart as she could. Never mind that he could look right up into here -- he had already been in there anyway -- she just didn't trust her own body anymore. Not in the presence of the djinn. She shivered and moaned slightly. Her vulva, no, the entire area between her legs had become so sensitive she almost screamed when a light breeze blew across her body.

"Your words suggest anger, but you body says otherwise. I believe you will need some help with satisfying a current need."

Hazel did scream when he moved forward, but it was not out of fear... she screamed because his cock had grazed the top of her pulsating slit and caused a sudden burst of electricity to run across and deep into her pubis.

Oh g

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