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Teasing turns into humiliating foreplay and more...

" Nick's voice came through both their ear pieces.

"Tell me is one of those small things our souls?" Vince leaned in asking the man and clearly startling him.

"Why ever would you ask that?" The little weasel recovered quickly, trying to play it off.

"Because your little operation ends here asshole. We're Dark Division. Now, let's just let these nice people go and maybe we won't end you permanently." Vince was even in his tone and from the look on Dani's face she was on precisely the same page.

"I'm on my way in. You have two heading for the lobby and the one with you. Not sure on the rest, but keep your eyes open."

"They go nowhere. This is a sweet gig and two piss ants from the CIA are not going to ruin it." The man practically hissed the words and suddenly the fire alarm sounded. Nick had pulled it on his way in to help get the crowd thinned.

Dani smiled and with a swift motion that Vince could hardly keep up with had produced two small knives from inside her dress. In another flash, she had one to the monster's throat as Vince scanned the room. He heard screams from just beyond the ballroom and looked over in time to see Nick rushing in with two guns in his hands.

"Catch." A gun came hurtling his way, and Vince caught it just in time to fire at an oncoming demon. It was enough to back the guy up while he watched Nick slash the throat of the guy across the room. Dani pinned Mr. Gold down to the floor, sitting astride him as both her blades drew down on his throat.

He snarled suddenly and pushed her up and off of him. Dani was quick to turn and slice across his throat with both blades. The demon laughed as blood shot from the wound splashing across Dani's front. Nick ran across slashing the demon engaging Vince and then walked over to where Dani and Mr. Gold were facing off.

"You bitch. I'm gonna have to find another host now, and I was so enjoying being Mr. Gold." He was almost feral in appearance as Dani dove in, slamming both knives into his eye sockets as he tried to lunge into her. Nick passed her the machete, with markings down the blade, and with a single slash Mr. Gold fell to the floor. Dani was left breathing heavy and standing over him. Vince had to admit she was definitely ready for field work. The woman was a force to be reckoned with, especially with a blade.

Nick was on the phone in the next moment calling Oz for a clean-up and containment. It appeared their job was done and now it was time to make sure the rest of the guests were okay and hopefully would assume nothing weird happened. The three agents waited patiently, all of them too high on adrenaline to really notice how fast time was going by.


It was only half an hour before things had been cleaned up enough for them to leave. The sun was barely starting to set as they walked down the stairs to the parking lot, heading for the car.

"What the fuck was that? I was just helping you down the stairs." Vince was irritated now; Dani had been acting strange since the fighting ended. It was like she was angry with him. And now, she had elbowed him in the gut as he tried to hold her arm.

"I just don't need your help is all. We don't have to pretend to be lovebirds anymore, so there's no reason for you to touch me like that." Dani's voice rose as she turned to look at him. The blood streaked across her cheek and down the front of her blue dress made her so sexy. Her face wasn't as angry as she sounded.

"Hey guys, what's going on? We got them, let's just go get changed and we can go out and have a beer." Nick was puzzled by it all, trying to understand what had happened to make her so on edge.

"It's nothing, I just don't need him groping me anymore." Dani retorted to Nick.

"I was only doing it for the case, trust me sweetheart if I was really groping you you'd know it." Vince was stung by her words. He thought she liked what he was doing, swore he had seen a glimmer of excitement in her eyes and a flush through her chest. Of course, he also remembered the look of death.


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