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An online D/s relationship becomes reality.

When Emily stepped into the living room she was wearing a low cut gray tank top. From the perfect shape of her large and slightly sagging breasts it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. She was a good little pet that knew that's the type of thing that I enjoyed. Her thick legs and thicker ass was squeezed into a pair of black yoga pants that looked like they were going to explode with every step that she took. Again, Emily knew that there was nothing I found sexier than a woman in a pair of leggings or yoga pants, especially with a large, juicy ass like hers.

"Is that nice, fat cock for me?" she asked as she walked slowly to where I was sitting. This was a game that we often played. Emily loved looking at my cock, she loved to be told that it was erect just for her.

I smiled and gave my member a few nice, slow strokes. "What do you think?" I asked with a sideways smile on my face. My member was already glistening and sticky with precum. As Emily looked upon it, I couldn't help but notice the way she licked her lips. She was hungry for cock.

Without another word, Emily dropped to her knees and slide her slender, thin lips around my stiff cock. With every moan of pleasure that I let out she went further and further down unto my member. It wasn't long before she had swallowed my entire length. Her hot breath on my balls sent shivers up my spine.

"Emily, fuck, your mouth is heavenly." I commented as I grasped the back of her head and began to mouth fuck her. I was the type of person that enjoyed being a little rough with my sexual partners, Emily was the type of woman that enjoyed being treated like nothing more than her partner's cumrag. It was an arrangement made in heaven.

Emily tried to mumble something as my cock thrust in and out of her mouth. The vibrations as she tried to speak sent shivers of pleasure up my body which only drove me to fuck her mouth that much harder. It wasn't long before she was struggling to breathe and gagging on my cock. I could see her eyes rolling into the back of her head from the pleasure and pain of what I was doing to her mouth. I gave one final thrust into her mouth and held her at the base of my cock enjoying the sensation of her struggling against me and struggling to breath.

Most men would hold her there and force their seed down her throat, but I wasn't most men. I let her go and laughed as she pulled away a long string of her spit and my precum pouring out of her mouth. Her eyes were bulging and red from the experience but there was a smile on her face. "You're an asshole." she said laughing.

"Just wait until you find out where I want to drop my load." I said, my still stiff cock in my hand.

"I am sure it's going to be somewhere very public." she smiled leaning back to open her legs for me. "You do so love to show off." she added, rubbing her pussy which was obviously soaking through the fabric of her pants.

"Well that all depends on you." I commented as I took a seat on the table. "Are you wearing any underwear tonight?" I asked with a huge smile on my face.

"I thought you might ask me that, and no I'm not wearing any right now, but I do have this cute little pair that I brought from home." she pulled a lacy pink pair from the small clutch purse which she was carrying with her. "I thought you might need something to help mob up the mess." she added wrapped the panties around my cock and starting to stroke me.

"There still a little warm." I commented as she stroked my cock. "Were you wearing this?" I asked. The smile on her face spread as I asked her that question.

"Maybe, maybe I stole them from someone else." she winked and licked her lips. "You'll have to come over one night and find out." she laughed.

By now, her hand was going up and down my cock and a breakneck pace, I threw my head back and let out a powerful moan of release as my cock erupted in a torrent of hot cum all over hand and panties.

"Damn, Nic, there's more than usual.

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