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Asteroid miners seek precious Heavy Matter.

There were loud grunts and then the familiar groan from my wife when she climaxes, then silence. I waited for a minute then decided that I had to see who and what was going on inside our bedroom. I quickly stood up and without another thought, opened the door.

On the bed, was my wife on her knees, her ass up in the air and our son's friend, Steve, holding himself against her ass, as our son's cock was just now, sliding out of her cunt. I could see all the juices around her holes and the sheen it was leaving on their cocks. They hadn't heard me as they continued to hold onto each other, not moving as Steve finished emptying his balls into her ass.

I leaned against the door jam, slowly rubbing the bulge in my pants, watching them as they started to roll away from one another. It was then that Steve finally noticed me.

"Oh fuck, Mr. C." he yelled out, a look of panic on his face.

Our son and my wife looked over in my direction. Their looks were ones of horror, surprise and guilt as they stared at me, wide eyed, standing, rubbing my erection. There were a few awkward moments of silence before anyone said anything.

Steve started to scramble off the bed towards his clothes, piled in the corner. My wife and son didn't move but continued to stare at me, their faces getting redder and redder. I looked at Steve and he still had the panicked look on his face as he reached for his clothes.

"No, don't, Steve. Leave them there," I quickly said, stopping him in his tracks.

I looked back at my wife and son on the bed and slowly reached for my belt buckle. The look on their faces as they watched me slowly undo my pants was beyond description. My wife's eyes softened and my son's widened as I let my pants fall to the floor and quickly took my shirt off. I hooked my fingers in my shorts and slowly pulled them down, revealing my hard cock. I heard Steve gasp as I stepped towards the bed. No one was saying anything as my wife and son made room for me on the bed. Steve was moving back towards the bed also.

I crawled onto the bed and got between my wife and son. I pulled her mouth down to mine and stuck my tongue roughly into her as I reached over and grabbed our son's hardening cock. I heard him groan as I grabbed him and started to rub it, making it harder and harder. At the same time, I felt Steve getting back on the bed then a hot, mouth covered my cock. I groaned into my wife's mouth as she started to respond to my kisses and tongue exploring. Our son groaned again as I played with his head and split open the slit at the end of it, feeling the come still in it. I started rubbing up and down his whole length as he groaned even louder while Steve was now, licking my balls and sucking on them gently.

My wife moved so she was between my legs, her cunt right over my cock that Steve was now sucking. I heard her moan and I assumed that Steve was working on her too. Our son moved away from my hand and I felt him move down on the bed towards Steve. My wife moved her legs until she was straddling my hips and I felt Steve start to raise mine, his tongue trailing down my crack until it hit my ass hole. I jumped a little at the touch of his tongue but I relaxed and let him rim me while I continued shoving my tongue in and all around inside my wife's mouth.

I felt her hips being lifted and then she groaned into my mouth. She lurched forward a little as our son thrust himself deep inside her cunt. At the same time, I felt Steve's finger pushing against my hole then it was inside me. I groaned in pain and pleasure as Steve started to thrust his finger, slowly at first, in and out of my ass as our son fucked his mother's hot, wet cunt. Steve had lifted my legs up so my ass was in the air, wide open to his assault and he didn't waste any time finger fucking me. I grunted a few times then felt his finger leave my hole. I knew what was coming as his finger was replaced by the head of his hard cock. He pushed it against my hole until it slipped into me, stopping just as his head got inside me.

I wanted to scream from the pain that

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