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I just prayed he wasn't out loading the shotgun.

Lisa and I sat on the sofa drinking and giggling about a dumb joke I told when Lisa turned to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me long and passionately, our tongues doing battle with each other, our hungry hands exploring each other's hidden treasures. I was secretly surprised by her forwardness but loved the no bullshit honesty of her actions. Her hand was busy massaging my constrained and growing bulge as I busied myself with her near-naked breasts. The kisses became more passionate and urgent as she spread her legs to allow me to access to her steamy crotch, the thin silk-like material giving little cover for her warm, moist and full lips.

"Would you like to take this to the bedroom?" she asked hoarsely, her breath coming in gasps.

"Lead the way honey. I'll go wherever you lead, but what about Kevin?" "Oh, he'll be alright. He's expecting this," she said in a nonchalant voice.

Men have a way of turning off the fear factor when they are engaged in sex play and I was no different. I just tried to assume the best of the situation and reached for her hand.

She giggled again and led me down the hall to the bedroom. The room was quite large with a King-size bed complete with mirrored headboard, mirrors on two walls and the ceiling. The walls were a dark blue with plush fabric window coverings. Incense filled the air and soft music played creating a warmth that was both sensual and comforting. The lighting was indirect but afforded great views of the bed from all angles as we sat down on its edge. The mirrors created the illusion of people all around us, watching.

Lisa quickly helped me out of my polo shirt. Kicking off my shoes, I stood to remove my Levis only to have her reach my button fly first. Her adept fingers popping the fly open with practiced agility. She pushed me back onto the bed and pulled my pants off by the legs. She was a tiger and I liked it! My boxer shorts were tenting as I scooted onto the bed and drew her to me kissing her passionately. I enjoyed our kisses for a few moments then traced her neck with my lips, stopping only to nip at the smooth curves she offered. I lightly bit at her neck and then the top of her shoulder a little harder, she shuddered with delight.

"Mmmm, I love that." she purred.

I smiled to myself knowing I had hit upon an erogenous zone that begged attention on so many women yet sadly was ignored by most men. Continuing down I slipped the cover-up from her shoulders and pulled the thin strap of her negligee down her arm until her breast was laid bare before me. It was beautiful, full and firm with nice light brown areola tightening around an erect nipple. My lips found her nipple as I traced its circumference with the tip of my tongue, feeling the wrinkling skin beneath. I drew her into my mouth and softly pulled with my lips. Lisa moaned with pleasure, pressing her breast to my sucking mouth. I pulled the cover-up away and slipped the other strap down to give attention to her other breast. Lingering on each.

"I just knew you would be a good lover, that you would take your time with me. Not like so many men. I could feel it in your voice." She spoke in that sexy hushed tone that further excited me.

I began to move down her body when she pushed my head away and said, "It's my turn, lay back and let me do my magic." I couldn't argue with her and fell back on the thick comforter as she slipped my shorts down to release my stiff cock only to have it slap noisily against my stomach.

"Ooh! How nice.

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