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The legendary Slender Man ensnares the Iron Crowbar.

It just seems to happen that way. I most certainly did not try to start an argument with Fiona. It wasn't my fault she wanted to continue the discussion (argument) we'd had at breakfast.

We debated. Casually on my part, getting heated where Fiona was concerned. She was squatting next to me, bouncing up and down in her eagerness to make her points, and very enticing I found it. Not enticing enough for me to allow her to win the argument. Letting her win an argument when she was so egregiously wrong would set a bad example.

The argument finished in an odd manner. Not having an answer to something I said she laughed and took a swat at me. I tried to duck but slipped and finished up falling flat on my back. Missing with her swipe put Fiona off balance and she pitched forward, falling on top of me.

She lay on top of me giggling, while I automatically put an arm around her to hold her lightly in position. All warm and soft and huggable, was my opinion. Then she started wriggling to get up and off me and what a mistake that was.

As soon as all that soft female flesh started wriggling about on top of me I snapped to attention. An old fella who'd been lying there taking it easy suddenly squirmed around and stood erect. Fiona couldn't help but notice and she froze, bright red of face.

I didn't say anything. I just looked at her, smiling. The hand that I'd place lightly on her back slipped down and my hands were at the waist band of my shorts, pushing downwards.

It was amazing how neatly they moved down, freeing me where I'd been feeling somewhat constricted. Fiona also noticed the difference.

"What are you doing?" she gasped, staring hard at me, not really expecting an answer. "You can't do that. Stop it."

My answer, seeing I'd already done that, was to slip my fingers under the waist of her bikini and repeating the pushing process. (Do you call it the waist of the bikini when it's more like a thin strap that doesn't reach anywhere near her waist?)

"What are you doing?" she asked again, in a much higher voice, sounding quite shocked. "You really can't do that."

Once again, too late, as I had already done that. She was now effectively lying on top of me with our naked groins pressed against each other. Her face was red and shocked and she became even more horrified at my next little effort.

My hands cupped her bottom and I pulled her slightly higher along my body. I could feel my erection rubbing against her and when I tugged her legs slightly apart so that she straddled me, my cock was pressing very lightly against her slit, and she looked enormously aware of it.

Her hands were pressing against my chest, whereas mine were just resting lightly on her bottom. I think she was going to roll off me, to one side or the other, and that would have been really disappointing.

"Sit up," I said softly, bringing my hands up to press lightly against her breasts, lifting gently.


"Sit up," I repeated.

I could see her considering the position she was in, slowly working out what would happen if she sat up.

"But, but if I sit up your, ah, I mean, you'll, um, . . ."

Quite right. The way I was lightly pressed against her, if she sat up she'd be pushing herself down onto my cock.

"Mmm. Sit up."

I held her eyes. She swallowed and nervously began to straighten up. She froze for a second as, true to expectations, she found herself pushing around and down onto my cock. Her freeze only lasted a second. Just enough time to swallow nervously a second time, then she continued to straighten.

She wasn't a virgin. That was immediately noticeable as I slid easily home or, I should say, she settled easily onto me, taking me deep within her. Then she was sitting up straddling me, my cock all the way inside her, looking slightly shocked but pleased.

"Your top," I said, and she resumed blushing as she reached around and undid it.

With her top gone, what there was of it, my hands started caressing her breasts in earnest, massaging

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