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John told me to pursue Chris next, as he was more renowned for his virility. So the next day I suggested to Chris that we listen to a presentation together and entering the room sat in the back row alone. I spread my legs seductively and holding his hand eventually placed it upon my inner thigh. He looked at me a tad surprised I suppose. I smiled and left the situation at that. He started to rub my leg, bare today, and I opened my legs wider to offer him a wider perspective. We proceeded together to a number of other talks, each time taking the rearmost row of seats. Each time presenting him with ample opportunity to explore with his hand the bare flesh of my legs and my panty covered crotch. After some time I took to also rubbing his cock through his pants, and placing his hand under my top. Without a bra on, my tits were his to explore without constraint. And he took advantage of this opportunity without hesitation! An older woman glared at us on one occasion, while an old perv enjoyed and stroked himself watching us on another. Regardless, I focused on Chris and making sure he enjoyed every moment we shared together.

After the conference I sat beside him at dinner, and rubbed his cock under the table throughout the meal. We also danced afterward, and I kissed him deeply, whispering in his ear that I wanted him to give me a good hard fucking. Eventually we ended up together back in his room and he gave me the best fuck of my trip to San Diego. He was a bit short and of average build. But that man could sure fuck! He pumped away at my cunt like a jack hammer over and over, all night long! Each time I thought he would cum he would roll me over and start again, fucking me from behind, on top, sideways, and everything in between. He made me have orgasms over and over, and fucked me until my twat was beet red and raw. Finally, deep into the night, his balls erupted into my cunt. I couldn't get over how wonderful my pussy felt and I sucked his softening dick, thanking him profusely for a great fuck. I visited John in the morning, sore between the legs and staggering. John gave me a quick fuck, noticing my convulsions from an overused cunt. Jokingly he said I better recover soon as I had to fuck another friend tonight, just before he came in my raw pussy yet again.

The next day was Rob. Rob was a nice man, soft spoken, almost to the point of being shy. I knew that he would require some effort on my part. Following dinner I suggested we go for a walk. Holding his hand along the way I tried to comfort him and make him feel relaxed. Returning to the hotel I followed him to his room, he not sure of why. I said that I had a strange and deep desire to know him better and we both entered the room. Pouring us more drinks I turned the TV to a music station and danced before him. I could tell that he enjoyed the show but he didn't know how to show his pleasure, so I thought that I might help him along. Kneeling over him to hand him his next drink I whispered in his ear "I want to suck your cock." Returning to my dancing I watched his eyes and as his boner grew. Turning my back to him I removed my blouse, exposing by bare back. Swaying from side to side I let him have glances at my bouncing boobs. Finally turning to face him I approached him closely and jiggled my tits before his face. "Do you like my tits Rob?" I teased. "Would you like your cock between these tits?"

Dropping to my knees I pulled off his pants, pushed his legs apart and grabbed onto his cock.

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