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College guy has sex with an angel.

As to material? No, not really, I'm possibly not so keen on too much lace as I do have a preference for soft and smooth. The feel of a silky dress and maybe a slip as it slides over the contours of a firm round bottom encased in panties is comparable to the first sip of fine wine. A tactile voyage of discovery second to none.

"I am interested, Serena. You said earlier that you hated your white cotton panties, and yet this evening, where, surely your choice of underwear is entirely up to you, you have chosen to wear white cotton?"

"Ah yes, but that was then! This is now! I love cotton panties now, especially white cotton, and they are so innocent don't you think? Serena smiled with a cheeky tilt of her head.

"Cotton panties are very cute, I agree Serena, and I have to say that you all looked adorable in your panties this evening," I said quietly hoping I would not be overheard.

"May I ask exactly how you know what I am wearing Paul?" Emilia asked with some humour in her voice.

"Your door was open as I was returning from answering the door and I couldn't help but notice you standing in your underwear."

"Hmm, I'm not sure that was very gentlemanly of you, was it Paul? Peeking at a lady in her undies," a tsking sound coming from Emilia. "What do you think girls? Hardly the act of a gentleman was it?"

"Definitely not Emilia, a gentleman would have averted his gaze," Cassandra replied, her eyes alive with mischief. "I think maybe Paul deserves a lesson to remind him about the importance of good etiquette?"

"Hmm. I believe you are right, Cassandra, yes definitely, I think we are finished down here, so I will sign the bill and then we can retire to the suite, is that all right with you Paul?"

So here was a dilemma! Of course, I wanted to go back to the suite; I had assumed we probably would. But, I had no intention of accepting a spanking, no matter how gorgeous they were, I did not want to be spanked period! But could I resist the possible opportunity to sink my cock deep inside one or all of their pussies again?

"If you have any thoughts about handing out a spanking to me? Then I will not have my authority undermined in that way, and I will have to decline your offer respectfully," I had lowered my voice to ensure I was not overheard and was also trying to sound as if I was still in charge! I was blustering if the truth be known, and I could see the ladies loved my discomfort.

"Oh, I don't believe anyone mentioned spanking did they girls? I'm sure I didn't," Emilia said getting up from her seat and approaching the waiter to sign the Bill.

I stood at the same time and looked a little nervously at Cassandra and Serena, wondering what they could have in mind for me? They were both bouncing with the fun of it, their eyebrows raised as if to ask, 'what's your problem, Paul? You have nothing to worry about from us!' I felt like a lamb going to slaughter, I had to regain control somehow, or heavens only knew what would happen to me. We all walked out of the bar and on down the promenade which was now full of people taking a light snack, drinking, socialising or merely waiting for friends or partners. Not a word was spoken as we approached the lift, Emilia silently indicating to the attendant to call the lift. Once inside and our floor selected Emilia turned to me and quietly smiled. I thought that while the interview and previous goings-on had been choreographed to some degree, surely nothing this far into the evening could have been? I mean, could it?

Still, not a word had been spoken as we entered the suite and, I was becoming increasingly nervous. Once through the vestibule area, Emilia moved in and stood by the sofas and turned to face us.

"So Paul, what are we going to with you? You do understand that what you did earlier was not acceptable."

I needed to regain control here, or I was in trouble, so thinking on my feet, I responded.

"Whether it was unacceptable or not is really a mute point, don't you think? Maybe we should investigate the facts here, shall we? It is nigh on imposs

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