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Teasing turns into humiliating foreplay and more...

"Here he comes."

"Would it be cool with you if mom crashes here a couple of nights, on the couch?"

"You aren't putting your mother on that lumpy sofa," Leon interjects. "She can stay in the guest room at our place."

Glenna looks startled, then nods. She's never heard of this woman before the past few days. What little she's heard makes it clear her husband has little use for her and he can find a kind word to say about Hitler. She trusts him, trusts his instincts. She nods again.

"Uh, hey, mom, Glenna and Leon says you can crash at their place. That okay?" There's silence. "Mom? You there?"

"Yeah, baby boy. I'm here. Ask Leon if he's..."

The others can't hear what she's saying. They hear the murmur of a voice but not the words.

"Tell your mother, I'm sure. She's welcome to stay with us," Leon interrupts as he stands. "Liam, take that beer away from Matt. He's supposed to be training. You two meet me at the dock in fifteen. You," he glances at Matt, "have a swim team to qualify for. Drink yourselves a couple glasses of milk, yogurt if you got it and tomorrow eat breakfast. Tell your, mother to drive safe. Can you give her directions?"

They hear a voice on the phone. Liam shakes his head.

"She already has you on Google maps. She almost to Pittsburgh."

Glenna gapes. Leon shakes his head and half smiles.

"Fine. We can have lunch together, after you two get it through your heads you both have more to do than just make goo-goo eyes at each other. Meet me at the dock in ten."

"Leon?" Liam's voice is tentative. The older man looks at him, trying to look impatient and irritated. "Thank you."

"Your welcome, son," Leon replies, then scowls. "Now, hurry up. I don't have all day. The two of you seem to have forgotten you work for me now." The scowl fades into his half-smile and he heads toward the front door.

"Uh, bye mom. See you in a couple hours," Liam stammers.

"Yeah, baby. Don't let him spook ya. There's not a mean bone in his body," his mom replies and ends the call.

Liam's not so sure about that. He's seen the anger in Leon, maybe he can see it because he has his own anger so tightly bottled up. Matt has certainly seen it.


Liam collapses onto the dock. Matt joins him, a few milliseconds later. Fucking Leon stands over them, shaking his head, not even breathing hard.

"Not too bad. Far from great, but not too bad," he offers. "Get up. You'll get stiff. Shower, quick, then come on down to the lodge." They lie there, breathing hard. "Snap to it. Mary Beth'll be here soon. Up." He kicks the bottom of Liam's foot.

Leon had swum their asses off, Matt especially, but Liam, too. He'd almost forgotten his mom was on her way. Hell, the way she drove she might already be here. He rolls to his feet, offers Matt a hand and pulls him up.

"Do I have time to give Matt a rub down? At least his back," Liam asks.

"Sure," Leon says, ignoring Matt's objections. "Rub his back down. His back. Save the rest of him for later."

That manages to make Liam smile.

They shower fast, mostly keeping their hands off each other. It takes Liam a minute to get the table set up, which threatens to piss him off but he takes a breath and relaxes. He mostly massages Matt's back. His gluts are part of his back, aren't they? He realizes he's stalling. He's nervous.

Matt rolls off the table. His stomach growls. He pulls Liam close and kiss him.

"Come on, bro. It'll be fine," he whispers in his ear before biting the lobe.

"Dammit," Liam hollers, moving away. "You know that gives me fucking goose bumps." He's smiling as he says it and steps right back into Matt's arms. He sighs. "Okay, let's do this."

It's the middle of the afternoon, sliding on into supper time. The lodge is deserted. There's not even anyone in the pool. It's nap time, apparently.

His mom sits on one side of a table for six. Glenna and Leon are hovering around the snack bar. Glenna looks nervous. Leon? Unperturbed as usual.

Mary Beth rises and crosses the room to her son.

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