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She asks what cars are featured this month, and I say I haven't really started reading it yet. She says she'll check it out. Just like that the magazine is in her hands and mine are over the paper towels that cover my cum-covered dick. I stand up, say excuse me and rush out the back door. Outside, I pull the towels off my dick and try to wipe up. I am about done when the door opens and there I am with my limp dick in my hand. The girl has the magazine in her hand and her eyes on my cock. She continues to stare, and then laughs and pulls her tank top off. God, what beautiful breasts. Perfect size. Not to big, but plenty to put in my hand. Gorgeous nipples, hard already, too. She says its hot and if I can air out my dick, then she can get a breeze on her breasts.

I tell her no complaints. We laugh and talk a few, and I admit that she is right, I was whacking off when she came in. We talk some more, and I am now getting hard again. Her name is Sammi, and she tells me she loves sex. She loves cock, and wants to suck mine. Oh yeah right... I believe this. I gotta be dreaming. Sammi is squatting I front of me now and when her mouth hits my rod, I start believing. She is good. Not as good as my mom, but plenty good enough... She pays attention to my balls and is getting me pretty worked up. One hand is playing with her breasts. She is pinching those beautiful nipples over and over. I thought they were hard before, but now they are bullets. I mean they are really long. They stick out an inch I bet. I tell her I want to cum on them, but she says it will be too messy. She continues to blow me and as I start to cum I warn her. She just reaches for my balls and clamps her lips down tight as I start to shoot. Good girl, she swallows it all. She continues to give me head as she swallows my load and finally she lets go of my limp but satisfied dick. As she stands up, she pauses to lick my nipples. She licks and then begins to nip at them. As they get hard, she actually bites one. I jump pretty hard. She just laughs and licks the other one.

Then biting that one, too. I push her away a bit, but she just laughs and keeps trying to bite them. I notice she is pinching her nipples pretty hard now. I start to tickle her hoping she will quit trying to bite me. It works. She asks if I will do something for her. Of, course I will. She asks me to suck her nipples. No problem here, I lean down and take the first one in my mouth, I lick them and revel at how big they are in my mouth. I begin to nip at it, and she is moaning big time. I move to the other one and give it the same treatment. I nip this one a bit harder and she just moans loudly. She asks me to bite them. I bite the one in my mouth and put my fingers on the other and pinch it hard. She is obviously liking this. I bite it harder and she just goes nuts. Harder she asks, so I really bite down on this and keep the pressure on. She takes her fingers and presses down on my fingers clamped on her long nipple. I pinch harder and continue to keep the one in my mouth under pressure. All of a sudden she cries out and begins to shake. Wow, I am impressed. She came just from that.

She finally puts on her top and helps me load my dick back in my pants and zips me up.

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