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A couple of adventurers visit a farm.

"Ah ... no ... ah, well, ah once a girlfriend let me rub between her legs but she had panties on ... and pantyhose, too. I really couldn't feel much ... but you're ... you're so awesome ... I don't know how to describe it ..." He stammered.

"Hmmm ... that's alright, you don't have to, just enjoy touching me." I said. "Ooooo yes, right there. Feel that little lump? That's my clit ... it's the most sensitive part of my body and I just love to have it rubbed, but be gentle ... don't rub too hard."

As Jason followed my instructions, I felt a wave of burning pleasure spread from my pussy and course throughout my entire body. It felt so good and my enjoyment was enhanced by knowing that it was the young man's first time giving a woman such pleasure.

"Oh gawd Jason, that feels sooooo good ... don't stop ... faster Jason rub me faster ... no, no, not so hard, just really ... aaaaaah yes, fast ..." I was getting close. Jason kept up his vigorous attention and I couldn't hold back.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ... uh uh uh uh ... gaaaaaaawd!" I shrieked.

"Geeeez, Maggie, are you OK ... did I hurt you?" He said, sounding very concerned for me.

"Oh ... no ... Jason, I'm ... OK. I just had ... a really nice orgasm. That's all. Thank you Jason, that was so good, thank you." I stammered as I recovered from my little trip to feminine wonderland.

"You're so wet ... ah, down there." Jason observed.

"That's so your cock can slid inside me without hurting, honey. In fact, that's what I need ... and fast." I told him.

I pushed Jason on his back and threw my leg up over his hips. His magnificent cock pointed skyward and I grasped the base of his pink shaft and guided him to my waiting and burning pussy lips. I rubbed the tip of him back and forth along my very slippery wet crease, and then eased myself down on his stiff rod until he was completely buried in my warm silky tunnel.

"How does that feel Jason? Do you like fucking me Jason?" I asked.

"Oh Maggie, I can't believe this is happening. You feel so awesome ... its so warm and soft inside ... gawd I never would have guessed how fucking bitchin' sex is ... oh, pardon my language." He said.

"Honey, you're just buried there inside me ... you haven't felt anything yet, baby." I said and I started lifting and dropping my hips on his sweet cock.

Over and over and faster and faster I went as he grunted and moaned. He's long cock felt glorious inside me, hitting places inside me that had been neglected far too long -- not every man has what it takes to give me what I need, but that boy's long rigid shaft was more than up to the task.

"Uh uh uh ... oooooo geeeeeez ... I ... I'm gonna ... ooooooo" He shouted.

I could feel him beginning to throb and spasm again and I knew he was about to shot his seed again. That's the nice thing about very young men, they can be good for three, four, sometimes a half dozen or more, ejaculations. I really was hoping he was at the upper end of the scale as he came inside me.

"Fuuuuuuuuck! Oh sweet geeeeeez ... ah ... ah ... oh that felt so awesome."

"I'm glad you liked it sweetie." I said, with a big smile.

I leaned forward and brought my face very close to his while keeping his cock inside me. I touched my lips very lightly to his lips. We kissed very tenderly.

"Yes." I whispered. "Keep pumping your cock inside me honey ... it feels so wonderful having your big cock inside my pussy."

We kissed again but with much more ardor and passion as my tongue invaded his mouth. For an inexperienced young man he had a natural talent for passionate kissing. I savored his sweet taste as our tongues danced and twirled around one another. Then I heard something.

"What's that?" I said. "Hmmm ... barking ... your dog, Lucy." I sat up on Jason and looked around and saw people far down the beach heading our way, and indeed, Lucy was jumping and running around and barking as they approached.

"Shit! What'll we do?" Jason blurted out.

"Does Lucy bite or anything?" I asked.

"No, she just wants to pla

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