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She takes all his energy.

"Take your fucking clothes off."

He complied and before long he was standing in his bedroom in the nude in front of both women, who were observing his body from feet up. Rebecca stepped forward and roughly grabbed his dick. She looked up at him as a cruel smile stretched across her face. He could see Vicky in the back of the room, stripping down to the nude. The sight along with the memory caused his dick to stand at attention, causing Rebecca's face to change from sinister to shock.

"Damn," she breathed as she looked at what was in her hand. "Okay, you have my attention."

She stepped back from him and began pulling her clothes off until Lucky had two beautiful and naked women standing in front of him. The pale and curvy Vicky mixed with the dark and muscular Rebecca made his dick begin to throb out of control.

"This is a new one for you isn't it Lucky," Vicky purred as she glided over to his side and grabbed his cock in her hand. "Two women at once. I bet you don't even know what to do huh? I guess first thing you should do is to do what you want."

"Agreed," Rebecca stated as she crossed her arms, covering her perky breasts as she waited in anticipation. "Do what you want."

That was enough signal for Lucky. He reached out and grabbed Rebecca by the legs, lifted her into the air and dropped her onto his dick in one motion. She gasped in shock of the sudden change as he began throwing her up and down on his rock hard rod. She began moaning out in passion as the wet smacking sounds got louder and louder.

Vicky had laid back on his bed and began masterbating to the sight of her new pupil fucking her coworker. He didn't want to leave her out though. They came for a show and he intended to deliver. He lifted Rebecca off of his dick, spun her around and laid her down on top of Vicky. He dropped to the floor and pulled both women closer so that he could begin to make out with both of their pussies.

The combination of both of their moans and shouts of pleasure was driving him crazy as his tongue took turns on both slits. Rebecca shifted her ass too far and fast for his tongue to keep up which caused his tongue to slide up her asshole.

"Oh damn," he heard her shout in shock and pleasure as his tongue lightly plopped in her bud. "Don't stop that!"

He began fucking her ass with his tongue. That seemed to get the most pleasurable sounds from her. Stabbing her hole over and over again as his fingers still plunged into both of the women's cunts. He figured he wouldn't leave Vicky out either and slid his tongue down to her own ass, causing a gasp and moan from her as well. Both of the women seemed to really enjoy the feeling of his tongue in their asses so he thought maybe they'd enjoy something a little bigger instead, so he stood up and grabbed his cock.

He gently placed the tip of his dick against Rebecca's asshole, causing her to fall completely silent.

"Gentle now," she said in a whisper. "I've never tried this before."

Lucky pushed slowly against her bud as her body seemed to try to crawl away from him, which was confusing, because she was calling for him to push forward. Finally he felt the tip of his throbbing cock plop into her hole, drawing a whine from the woman. He could see that Vicky was holding her hands tightly.

"Gentle," she whispered through closed teeth. "Gentle."

He pushed a bit more and could see his dick very slowly disappear into her asshole as she grunted and moaned. Once all the way in, he pulled her hips back until her feet were on the floor and her face was planted between Vicky's legs. She must have begun eating Vicky out, because the redhead started moaning as her hands gripped the hair on the back of Rebecca's head.

He began pulling his dick back out as he pushed her ass away with his hands.

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