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When they first met...


"Jealous?" Bethany said with a small giggle. "Of what? Of these?" she said opening the robe a bit at the top to flash her teacher with her bra-clad breasts.

"Bethany!" Brenda said, blushing again and looking away. "You really shouldn't do such things, young lady. Or people will think of you as...well...one of those. Besides, I bet you have bigger ones than I do."

"You might be right," Bethany said, smiling at the older woman's nervousness. She was about to change the subject when she finally noticed what it was that had been bothering her since her teacher had opened the door. Her blouse was buttoned wrong, and she could catch a glimpse of the older woman's bra in the gap of the fabric. "But I would really like to have a bigger pair someday. And I think yours are nice. They look good on you."

"Oh, well...thank you," Brenda said, blushing deeper. "But, I really think we need to...um...get to your homework."

"You seem a little tense, Brenda," Bethany said, deciding to try something. "You really need to relax. It's too bad you don't have another one of these robes. It's really soft and warm. I bet you love wearing it when you get out of the bath. Letting it...caress...your freshly scrubbed skin." As she said this, her knee was brushing against her teachers. She had reached out with her hand, touching Brenda's arm as she spoke in a soft, sultry voice.

"B-Bethany, please..." Brenda said, her voice soft and trembling.

"Please what, Brenda?" Bethany said, rising from her chair and walking behind the older woman. She began to massage Brenda's neck and shoulders.

"W-We..." Brenda gulped, her face a deep crimson.

"Doesn't this feel good Brenda?" Bethany whispered in her left ear, her lips just a hairsbreadth away. She switched over to the right ear and whispered, "Do you really want me to stop?"

Brenda's body was trembling as Bethany kneaded her shoulders. She moved her hands down the older woman's arms, then back up again. She nuzzled her face against her teacher's neck, lightly kissing the smooth flesh.

"Please," Brenda whispered weakly, but didn't get a chance to say anything else. Bethany had tipped her head back, and standing over her, leaned down to kiss her teacher. It surprised Bethany a little that both of there lips were trembling as they met. She pushed her tongue forward, and found Brenda's waiting for her. Their tongues danced, twisting and entwining against each other as Bethany held her teachers hot face gently in place.

"I don't want to do my homework," Bethany whispered, after breaking the kiss, her lips still playing at Brenda's. Her hands had slipped down and were slowly unbuttoning the blouse. She saw a dark spot spreading on her teacher's jeans. Brenda's legs had parted a bit and one of her hands had moved between them. "And I don't think you do either, Brenda."

Brenda simply whimpered and shook her head no. Her entire body was trembling, and gooseflesh formed anywhere Bethany touched her. Bethany had the blouse open now, and was still leaning over her teacher, kissing her neck as her hands slipped inside the cups, her fingers circling the erect nipples.

"Take me to your bed, Brenda," she said softly, nibbling on her left earlobe. "Let me help you relax."

Brenda nodded, trying her best to stand, but her legs wouldn't support her. Bethany helped her up, leaning on the older woman as much as Brenda leaned on her, their arms wrapped tight around each other. Brenda led her upstairs, almost not making it, and down a thankfully short hall to the master bedroom. Bethany gently pushed her teacher onto the bed, her desire for the woman higher than it had ever been.

She stepped back and opened the robe, removing it and laying it gently over a chair, before joining the older woman on the bed. Brenda had already kicked her shoes off, and Bethany's were still in the down-stairs bathroom.

"P-Please, Bethany," Brenda began only to have Bethany's fingers touch her lips.

"Shhhhhhh," she said, leaning down and kissing her neck.

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