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An offer of paradise.

The waitress came and we all ordered a slice of carrot cake for dessert. When she came back the size of the slice surprised me. It was easily three inches thick, with cream cheese icing and the sides were rubbed with crushed pecans. The cake was the highlight of the meal by a long shot. I got the check and gave Jane the keys. I went to pay the check and met them at the truck.

We left the diner and headed to Wally's for a few supplies. Kim needed a long sleeve shirt, and both of the girls wanted bandanas and dust masks. I also suggested that we get them some shooting earmuffs not only for the hearing protection but to keep the dirt out of their ears. I had my NASCAR scanner, RACEceiever and headphones so I could listen to race control. Jane and Kim head off to the women's department and I went to sporting goods. I swung through the baby department to pick up some hand wipes to wipe out faces with at the end of the night.

We met over in the grocery section. I had picked up six packs of SunDrop and Cheerwine and a variety box of bagged snack chips. I grabbed a couple cans of Vienna sausages. Next, we went to the garden department to find them each a straw hat. I thought that a wide brim straw hat could serve double duty as shade and dust protection. They tried on several finally choosing ones with a black crown band with sunflowers on it.

We went to check out and the girls got some gum as we waited in line. When we checked out, I told the cashier to add a small bag of ice to the bill. I paid the lady and grabbed the ice as we passed the cooler on the way out.

We got to the truck and I put the ice and drinks in our cooler. Jane loaded the food and earmuffs into a tote bag. Kim clipped the tags off their stuff and we were set to go.

I was about a 15-20 miles west of the track's location. We enjoyed the leisurely drive and soon were nearing the track. About a mile before we got to the track we stopped at Mickey's and picked up a half dozen cheeseburgers and a couple chicken sandwiches.

We arrived at the track and made our way to the pit gate to check in. We signed in and got our wristbands. I asked where I might find the chief pit steward. I was directed to go the tech shed and ask for Rusty.

I found the tech building; it had an ominous sign above the first of three roll-up doors that read, "The House of PAIN!" I parked and went to find Rusty. No one was in the office so I stepped into the first bay. I looked into the pit and there sit a fellow with copper color hair, "You must be Rusty."

"Yep that's me. Whatcha need?" he asked.

"Rusty, my name is Jack and I am a free lance photographer working on a photo essay on dirt track racing. I regularly shoot for the major sport magazines and here are my press credentials, I said holding up a lanyard with a plastic holder full of press passes. "My question is, would it be possible to park my truck in the infield, perhaps in the center so my team and I would have easy access to it during the races. Once it goes across the track it would stay there until the competition is done."

"Team? You have a team?" Rusty asked.

"Yes, it is me and two other shooters. I would like to park in the infield so we would have access during the races to backup equipment if a body or flash goes down.

"Normally, we do not allow anything other than emergency equipment, but I think I can get the boss to let you park on the center of the figure eight X," said Rusty. "Give me about ten minutes to get you squared away, what are you driving?"

"Thanks Rusty, I am in the blue Mega Cab parked at the end of the building. If I am not in it one of my team will be. I need to go confer with the tour director real quick. The truck is on the far end of this building in the shade."

I returned to the truck and told the girls, "I think I have secured us an infield parking spot.

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