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If only you could imagine this...

I pulled his cock into my mouth again, keeping only the head within my lips. Pulling him in with my tongue and cheeks, I vacuumed any semen left over, and swallowed it down. Not a drop left my lips.

"Now that's fuck'n awesome." He said, with his hands still around the back of my head.

"I loved it baby!" I replied with a big smile.

Trevor let go of my hair, and I released my grip from his hips. He took one step back, and dropped onto the sofa. I got off of my knees and went over to the camera to stop it, but instead decided to take a close up shot of T's cock. I stepped over to the couch with the camera, and zoomed onto his big penis.

"Now that's what I call a big dick!" I blurted out.

"Just take a look at that monster!" I said, reaching my hand out and grabbing a hold of his balls.

"And all that yummy cream is in my tummy now!" I said laughing.

"Bye, see you next time!" I announced as I pressed stop on the camera.

Trevor remained on the sofa, arms back with his head resting in his hands. His legs were apart, and his cock draped down onto one leg. I walked back to where the camera was before, and set it down beside the TV on the counter.

"I want to watch the video!" I announced.

"You have the connection for this, right?"

"Yup. I have it. It's is the middle drawer." He answered.

"Amy, you really wanna watch it, huh girl?"

"I know you like work'n my dick."

"You know I do! C'mon, let's watch it." I replied.

So he got up and plugged in the camera, and connected it to the TV. I sat back down on the sofa, and T sat next to me. The camera was focused perfectly waist- high, and anyone who ever saw this would know it was me blowing some black guy, so I really hoped no one would. Trevor said he would hand it over to me, so only I would have the tape. That's probably the main reason I actually allowed it.

I looked pretty good on video, even though it wasn't glamorous, to say the least. My hair was pretty, and at least in the beginning, my makeup was perfect. It wasn't until T began grabbing my head, pulling my hair, and fucking my mouth roughly, that my tears made my mascara run down my face. We watched the video from the sofa, and just before Trevor started cumming in the video, I got horny and proceeded to stroke his cock again. I wanted him to fuck the daylight out of me. While the tape played, I got back onto the carpet between his legs, and sucked his cock again. It was a real turn-on hearing him and me in the background, while his penis probed my mouth. I bobbed up and down furiously, getting him rock hard and ready to pound my pussy. It wasn't but a few minutes until he pulled my head away from his cock, and pushed me aside to get up. Trevor pulled me up from the floor and we French kissed while we embraced one another. Instinctively, I grabbed his cock and stroked it. T held my top, and with my help, pulled it up and off of me, exposing my perky bra-less breasts. Trevor quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. As I stepped out of them, he was already pulling my panties down as well. The moment I lifted my leg to step out of my panties, Trevor got down on his knees, and held my leg up, while shoving his face in between my legs. He stuck his long tongue right between my lips and into my pussy, and my wetness coated his face.

"Oh my god baby, just like that!" I hollered. "God, please don't stop!"

Trevor darted his tongue about, exactly how I loved it. He knew just how far to take me, and brought me to the point of orgasm. He was a real man, no doubt about it, but he had his devilish side and showed it often.

"That's it baby, like that, like that, oh yes!" I moaned out loud.

Just at the moment before I was going to cum, he stopped.

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