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November 1963

Her legs were brought forward underneath her and first formed into a sitting shape, as if she was about to sat down, with her knees bent and her feet flat to the ground. But then the hands kept moving her legs until they were stretched out in parallel to the ground and at a very acute angle to her upper body. The strain on her hips was beginning to be felt. Only Salmanta's many years of squatting and walking-while-squatting stopped her hip joints from dislocating. Even so, the strain was noticeable to her and she was uncomfortable.

Then it got worse. Her straightened legs were opened far apart and forced up past the line of her body so that her torso and head were positioned between her legs. This was truly uncomfortable and she whimpered again. Pankaz's voice was soft and reassuring, "Only a few moments more, my little one." Her normally-loose trousers were beginning to strain under her bottom and in the creases of her hips; so that she felt sure they would tear at any moment.

Unknown to Salmanta, her husband had undergone a rigorous and painful initiation over the previous 10 weeks. He had his penis pierced just behind the glans and a piece of shaped and smoothed bone inserted in such a way that he could never take it out. It was as thick as his middle finger and about 6 centimetres in length; say 2__ inches, protruding about half an inch either side of his erect penis. It was inserted vertically from top edge to bottom of his glans, just at its widest point. Such a modification is now known to the whole world by its Dayak word of ampallang. For the rest of his life, Pankaz would need to sit to pee since his ampallang bisected his urethra. It would produce a spray from that location and the front opening rather than a single stream from the latter.

In addition, Pankaz had another larger and longer piece of smooth bone inserted in the top edge of his penis, at the point where it joined his own groin. This second bone was the width of his own erect penis and about 15 centimetres long; say 6 inches, and it had a bulbous end inside him. This bone was not quite parallel to his erect penis. It had been stitched into position originally, but now his flesh and skin had grown over it and it was part of his own body. He could move it around but not detach it from his groin. To all appearances, he was a man with two penises.

In the darkness, Pankaz lay in a reclined position on a special chair, designed secretly by the shaman and the village carpenter. He was excited by the events of the evening and also at the prospect that he was about to initiate his new wife into a tradition that had been lost for many years, maybe centuries; forbidden by the various missionaries that had come and gone through the region. His erection was massive and straining within its skin.

Salmanta was brought and positioned over Pankaz, about 20 centimetres above his engorged and glistening erection, with her back towards his chest. Pankaz reached out to his new wife, took hold of the trousers behind her waist, and in one swift movement tore them from her body. The trousers simply disintegrated in his hands and she was left naked from the waist down. She shock of it forced a great sob from her throat, as if she were about to dissolve into floods of tears. But events overtook any feeling she had of surprise, and stifled her cries. Instead her eyes opened widely and her mouth, as she became aware of what was happening between her legs. One of the hands spread over her entire fundament a thick, smooth and cool cream; and she could detect the scents of cinnamon and vanilla.

Pankaz positioned his second penis so that it presented to her anus.

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