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Rookie co-worker has David Thompson in a serious bind.

I took the drinks back with my phone in my hand.

I then told them "I have to call my girlfriend and tell her I won't be going out."

Rob then said, "Bullshit, she can come over too."

"No, it is all me, she doesn't like black men, but I do." I chuckled and called Christy.

"Christy I am not going out tonight, blah, blah, blah, goodbye." I hung up the phone.

I dropped to my knees, "Let me see that big, black cock again, Rob."

Rob stood up and Jack did also more slowly though. Rob's pants fell to the ground. Jack was a little slower but his did too. I moaned, "Looks like this is going to be a fun night."

Jack was huge, a little longer but much thicker than Rob's. I pulled Rob close, I learned always work your way up the food chain early in life. I took in his semi-hard on. My lips stretched as he grabbed the back of my head.

"Yeah suck my cock, bitch." He moaned.

I did, I felt it start to go down my throat a little more with each thrust.

After about a minute of him fucking my mouth. Jack said, "Let me have some of that bitch."

I pulled away from Rob. I crawled the short distance to Jack. I wrapped my hand around his cock. My god, I couldn't even get my fingers three quarters all the way around. I started to kiss the top of his cock head. He put both hands around my head and pushed his cock past my lips. My mouth had never been so full. I could only get about 3 inches in and I could hear them laughing.

Jack fucked my mouth hard and fast. I put both hands on his cock so he wouldn't cut off my air with his massive meat. He stopped.

They both backed away. Rob said, "Take off your clothes. I am definitely fucking you tonight."

"Me too." Said Jack.

I stood up. Smiled and started to unbutton my blouse. Rob and Jack both sat down and starting sipped their drinks not taking their eyes off my chest. My blouse fell to the floor. I unsnapped my bra from the front and my black lace bra fell off. I raised my skirt and pulled my thong off.

Jack said "turn around, lets see that ass."

I turned around and I felt his hands rub my ass cheeks. "Does your husband know what a slut your are."

"No, and he wont right?" I asked.

Rob said "you just keep fucking me and my friends when he is gone and it will be cool."

What the hell, I am a bad girl right. "Fine. Now should we go to the bedroom?"

We hurried down the short hall. They both waited at the door as I crawled onto the bed. "Who is first and how?" I asked smiling.

Jack said "Rob you hit that pussy first I might ruin her."

Rob chuckled "Get on your knees and suck his cock while I fuck your fine ass."

I got in the doggie style position while facing Jack who was still in the doorway. Rob got up behind me and started to push his big hard cock up my pussy. I moaned, "Yeah, fuck me." I had not been fucked in three weeks.

Jack walked up close to my head. "Say please, bitch."

"Please." While pouting my lips at his massive meat.

He then shoved his cock in my face. Rob was already getting ready to make me cum. I shuddered and he slapped my ass. Jack was once again punishing my mouth. I could almost get 4 inches in my now. The more Rob fucked me the more of Jack's big cock I could swallow.

I came hard on Rob.

Rob said "your turn, Jack."

Jack looked down at me and said "are you ready for this bitch."

I nodded up at him while his cock still in my hungry mouth.

The guys switched places. Rob's cock smelled like a well-fucked pussy. I started to lick it clean. Then I felt it. Jack's cock started to enter my pussy and he wasn't being very gentle about it. His cock was like steel and as big as the end of a baseball bat. I instantly started to cum before he could get half of it in. Jack wasn't far from filling my mouth with his cum. After about three deep throats his cum blasted the back on my throat. Some came out the sides of my mouth since he held his cock in place. I sucked air past his cock; he shuddered then pulled his cock out.

Jack began fucking me to a slow rhythm.

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