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Threesome surprises Jim in many ways.

A shadow was cast over his body as the plant-like creature hovered over him intimidatingly. This was definitely no plant but more of a mollusk like creature that took the resemblance of a plant Oren soon realized.

Oren's eyes widened noticing Anthony was being held down in front of him by several tentacles that were spouting out from the bulb area of the specimen. Anthony was forced down into a prone position as his arms and legs were pulled outwards by the tentacles. He was already wide awake and in a completely panicked state. His arms flailed and he was crying and whimpering hysterically in an attempt to be released.

"Oh god! O-Oren you're awake! What is happening, what is this thing doing to us?" His voice pleaded like a frightened and confused child.

"I-I don't know what is going on Tony. Just give me a moment to assess the situation."

"Give you a moment!? This thing is going to fucking kill us, or worse! No, please no this can't be happening right now; please just let me go I want to go home."

"J-just call down we'll... we can figure this out. First just settle down, we don't know what its intentions are yet or how we should react to it.

Despite Oren's warning Anthony continued to struggle against the tentacles which resulted in them only coiling around his limbs more and fastening him harder to the floor.

"AH! They are covering me and ensnaring me tighter! No! No not like this! Get these things off of me please! Anthony continued to blabber on.

"Tony you need to calm yourself right now!" Oren stammered.

A few more tentacles emerged from the bud which now aimed in Anthony's direction. He shook in fear as they began inspecting his body and slowly covering his exposed skin in a layer of lubricant as they slide over him. Shimmering, he glowed against the dim lighting of the room.

"W-what is it doing to me Oren; what are these tentacles doing?" His speech stuttered in horror.

"This slime, it feels so weird, it's warm and viscous. I can feel it dripping over every inch of my body. I'm starting to freak out what is this thing planning to do to me?" Anthony was becoming increasingly anxious wondering helplessly of what would happen next.

"Oren, please get me out here! I can feel them over every inch of me! I don't want to be... Mmph!" One of the tentacles suddenly logged itself forcibly into his mouth without a moment's notice.

A muffled screamed then shot through the room like a bullet. Anthony flailed to escape but each struggled jerk only made his situation worse. Tears of panic streaked down his face as he glanced at Oren desperately as if waiting for an answer to help him somehow escape. Nothing could be done as Oren watched in terror as his acquaintance was being raped and violated by these tentacles.

"Just... oh god... just stop struggling Tony please! You're only provoking it! Fuck, please... stop moving!"

Unknown to either of the two, a second tentacle began to gradually slither its way behind Anthony. A second large gasp echoed through the room as Anthony jerked forward as the tentacle delved into his ass. The distinctive sounds of the tentacles squirming against Anthony's insides became evident to Oren. The tentacle fluctuated to force itself inside deeper. Each rhythmic pulse of the invader jerked his body and was meet with more tears and whimpers. Any attempt to crawl or squirm away was met with a tighter hold onto his limbs.

Two smaller tentacles wrapped around Anthony's abdomen and neck forcing him to arch in an upwards angle.

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