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Peace, Unity, and some Godly Destruction

They think that everyone my age is fucking. I want you so badly, principal voyeur. Make me into a woman. Make love to me!"

I pull her bra off and start sucking on her gorgeous DD tits, and she moans at the sensation. I expertly lick and bite her nipples before briefly sucking them into my mouth. I can tell she is enjoying it from all the noise she is making. I continue this for a few minutes, until she pulls my dick out through my suit and starts sucking it with vigor. She continues this for a few minutes and then pulls her skirt up to her stomach and moves her underwear to the side so that I can access her Vagina. She backs up and sits right on my principal's desk. She slowly spreads her legs and gives me this "fuck me" look. I lie her down on the desk and continue to place my pulsating member at her inner labia. I make sure to rub my penis on her clit for a little while rutting my shaft between her lips. I want her to be so hot that she's begging for it! As I rut between her lips, I use both hands on her lovely breasts and do some more work on them to increase her arousal. I can feel her wetness grow with my rutting and I know she is almost ready. Suddenly, she leans up and grabs me by the shirt. Looking me in the eye, she says "please don't tease me anymore. Put your lovely cock in me!" I put my penis at her entrance, and slowly push forward. She is unbelievably tight! Thank god she is sopping wet. After slowly going in a few inches, I reach an obstacle. Amy is a virgin! I look her in the eyes, as if asking for permission.

"You don't need to stop, I've wanted you for years and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have as my first. Just be gentle." She smiles a smile that tells me how smitten she is, and wraps her legs around my waist. I put my hands on her waist and slowly push forward. I feel the head of my penis stretch around her barrier, and then slowly give way. Amy grimaces but doesn't make any sounds of pain. I keep going until I can feel my balls on her ass. Once I reach full penetration, I realize how close I am to her cervix. We seem to be a great fit in that department. Once I obtain full penetration, I give Amy a minute to adjust to the new sensation.

After a brief period of time, I withdraw and go back to thrusting. After the first few thrusts, she stops grimacing and enjoys. A wide grin crosses her face as she surpasses the pain she felt from having her hymen break and revels in the exquisite pleasure radiating out from her pussy. She bites her lip to keep from screaming since she knows that the principal's secretary is right outside. "How does your thick cock feel in my tight pussy? I'm so glad you are my first.

After I do all the work for the second position, I give Amy a chance to ride me and prove herself. She tells me that all that time doing exercises for cheerleading has given her strong hip muscles. She faces me and slowly lowers herself on to my cock, and then gets a steady rhythm going. I can see her pussy muscles gripping my cock every time she moves up; her vagina is gripping my shaft so tightly.

As I bounce up and down on his cock, the sensations are exquisite.

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