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A sticky Saturday morning.

Embarrassed and humiliated she could not bring her eyes back up to meet his. She then started to beg Jeff to destroy the pictures and forget he ever saw them. She explained to him that it was a mistake. That she had let Mark, her boyfriend take the pictures, but that he had also said that they would be destroyed the next day.

Jeff started feeling a little more confident now, seeing Mary so weak and frail from her awkward situation and that she had now confirmed his first thoughts....her husband has no idea of these photos. Jeff then responded that he could never forget what he has seen, and that he would not destroy the photos. He then said, 'In fact Mary, I would like to take some more pictures of you.'

She immediately looked up and said, 'Please Jeff, just destroy these pictures and forget this ever happened.'

Jeff could see her humiliation. Her face was flush and her hands started shaking. Gaining more confidence he then said, 'Mary, here is the deal. Your husband, kids, family, friends and neighbors will never have to find out about or see these pictures of you, but in order for that to happen, you must do exactly as I tell you.'

Mary bowed her head because she knew she was in a bad situation. She pleaded once again, but Jeff stood and said, 'Well I guess I need to make some more copies.'

Mary reached out and grabbed his arm and said, 'Wait! Ok, what do you want?'

At this point Jeff knew he had her right where he wanted her. As he sat back down he said, 'Well first off, you can stand up and let me take a good look at you.' Mary stood slowly feeling his eyes running up and down her body. She could feel the humiliation, which actually started making her nipples erect. She started thinking of other things, far off things, as if she weren't there.

She was quickly startled back to reality when Jeff said, 'Unbutton your shirt slut. And when you have it unbuttoned, I want you to hold it open and tell me you're a slut.' Jeff surprised himself, but he had always wanted to dominate a woman, and now the woman of his dreams was submitting to him. He knew she would not risk being exposed to her friends and family.

Mary reached down with trembling hands and started unbuttoning her shirt. When she finished, she pulled it open and said, 'I am a slut.' Jeff smiled and admired her thin, white bra, her pink nipples slightly erect and visible as they poked out.

Jeff said, 'You're enjoying this aren't you?' Not knowing what to say she put her head down and said in a whisper, 'no.'

'Well then, why are your nipples hard? Do you enjoy stripping and being stared at?' She just stood there, no words to respond with. 'Take off your shirt and put your hands behind your head so I can get a good look at your bra covered titties!'

Dropping her shirt to the floor, she put her hands behind her head as she was told. She could feel her nipples rubbing against her bra, making them even more erect. The confidence rising with his now stiffening cock, Jeff told Mary to drop her shorts. Her hands dropped to her shorts, unbuttoned then unzipped them. As she dropped her shorts, she could see the rising bulge in Jeff's shorts. Jeff then told her to turn around so he could get a full view of her in her panties and bra.

'Bend over slut and stick out your ass.' Jeff knew Mary was now way in over her head and that she would do exactly as she was told. Admiring her ass, Jeff reached down and rubbed his cock through his shorts.

'Now turn around and take off your bra.' Mary turned around, her face red and flushed from her humiliating situation. She had never stripped for anyone like this before. She unclasped her bra from the back and let her bra fall off her shoulders, her tits falling free. 'Wow! Your tits look even better in the flesh.' Jeff said staring at her now bare tits.

Mary thought she would pass out right there from the sheer humiliation.

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