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On a lonely highway, fate stops the traffic of life.

She pouts out her lips so when she talks they brush yours, "but if you don't want too, I'll just go play with my friends." She slips off the stool, her tits brush against you in the process and she walks away. You sigh and try to slow down your heartbeat.

You look down at the stools she was sitting on. It is shiny. You reach down and run your finger across it. It is wet from her. You lift your hand up and lick your fingers. God she tastes like candy!


You have sat and watched Sarah and her friends for 2 hours now and the beer is finally hitting you. God, what were you thinking! Above you is a sign that reads, "what goes on in the bar, stays in this bar" She is right! How could Olivia ever find out about this? It is a little bar, miles away from home. No one would ever know!

But you already told her no! How do you fix that? While trying to think of a way to get yourself out of this mess you have made for yourself, you realize that you really have to piss. But you don't want the girls to leave! You call Chris over.

"When do the girls go home?" after listening to them for 2 hours you have figured out that this is what they do every Wednesday, a ritual, so maybe they have a time that they go home.

"When they get bored and buddy they don't get bored easily!" He turns and walks back to fix their next round of drinks.

Good, you can go to the bathroom without worrying about them leaving. You go to the bathroom and do your thing. You go to wash your hands and you hear the door open. Your back is to the door, but it must be Chris since he was the only other guy in the bar.

"Hey Chris, how is it hangin'?" You laugh at your own joke.

"I'm not Chris." Sarah's voice fills the air. "I know you told me no, but I have noticed you are watching me, well I hope it is me." You spin around to treat your eyes to another look at her. She continues," and you look like the type of guy who means what they say, but I am not the type of girl that gives up with a simple no. Let me try to convince you otherwise. I am real good at pleading my case. All I ask is 5 minutes to try to change your mind. Cant you just give me that much?" She tilts her head and looks up at you with those big blue eyes. You wipe your hands on your jeans and nod your head. You didn't want to tell her you had already changed your mind. This should be interesting. How do you argue with someone that they should cheat on their girlfriend with you?


Sarah smiles and licks her lips like she is about to have a snack. You just stand there waiting to hear her argument.

Before you realize exactly what is happening, she is on her knees in front of you and she has your pants down and your dick in her mouth. You still have a semi from when she touched you before. Before you can stop yourself, you let out a deep long moan. She peers up at you from her view down there and smiles. When she smiles, her lips tighten around your cock. You reach behind you to grab onto the sink.

At first she can only take three maybe four inches of you. You didn't notice before, but even though she is tall, she is quite petite. You feel as though she is tightening her mouth around you, but when you look down to watch her take you in, her mouth is as far open as it will go. You smile. She closes her eyes and you feel her tongue lube up your cock. You watch as her eyes widen as she takes more and more of you into her. Your hips match the movement of her head. Deeper and deeper you slide in and out of her mouth. She starts to gag, but never pulls away. The harder you push, the more she gags, but she doesn't stop. She grabs your ass and forces you deeper inside of her. For the first time since she started you fully withdraw your dick from her mouth. Noticing the pre-cum dribbling from its tip, you wiped your penis on her cheek by the star as she heaved. She looks up at you,

"Did I make a good argument?" She asks as tears are making her make-up run down her face.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I always cry when I tak

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