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Savannah gets wicked, or does she?

The imagery was too much to handle; I groaned, closing my eyes, laying my head against the back of the seat. Having my eyes closed allowed my hearing to come into full play. I became acutely aware of the slurping noises from my lap, and also the love making in the back seat. My mind strove to guess what was happening behind me, what just got sucked or licked, who did what that made Jim or Beth groan. It was extremely stimulating being surrounded by sexual activity.

My best friend was stiffening quickly; Lynn was doing marvelous things for me. Her right hand began to gently heft my scrotum, to delicately roll my testicles with her fingers. I looked at her cute butt, then reached over to pull her skirt onto her back, exposing her sweet cheeks. I couldn't resist running my hands all over her. My fingers delighted in squeezing and kneading her tight buns.

Moving my hand to the top of her butt, I spread my fingers wide so only my middle finger was touching the top of her crease. Slowly my middle finger followed her crease like a train on its tracks; each fingertip sent me glowing reports about how wonderful the countryside it traveled across was. I continued my journey over the crest, dropping out of sight until I ran out of track, and into Lynn's slippery, inviting vagina. As my finger wiggled into Lynn she inhaled, then worked my shaft into her throat. Her warmth and tightness caused me to sharply inhale, just the way she had.

Almost there, it wasn't going to be much longer. While I had released some semen on the drive to the movie, I hadn't really come yet, but now I was very, very ready to.

Lynn twisted her head around which stimulated the hell out of my glans. As her throat relaxed, she was able to bob up and down so far that I was feeling her lips on my groin each downstroke. Suddenly I knew what I wanted, so I asked her to stop, and to roll onto her back.

After Lynn raised her knees, I pushed her feet as far towards the passenger door as was comfortable for her. Removing my shoes and pants, I got into 69 position so I could thrust myself into her mouth. Telling Lynn what I wanted to do, she groaned lustily, then guided me into her mouth. Very gradually we worked together until I was actually sliding in and out of her throat as if it was her pussy.

I'd taken care to keep her dress covering her crotch, even though her knees were raised and spread. In my heart I knew once I saw her shaved lips that I'd start coming. So I waited. Kissing her warm thighs, I inhaled her ready-for-sex scent. Most of all I drank in every sensation from my penis. It felt so very much like being inside her pussy, but it was different too, very different, very wonderful.

AS much as I wanted to enjoy all I was feeling for a long, long time, I couldn't any longer. It was too wonderful, too good for me to last. I had to come; the tingling, tightening sensations were steadily marching to a climax too intense to postpone any longer.

Pulling her skirt back, I stared at Lynn's shaved pussy, even in the dim flickering light reflecting form the screen her wet puffy lips stared invitingly back at me. My hips sped up as my sperm shot out. Gently I began to plunge deep down her throat, holding for the next strong pulse before repeating my cycle of withdraw, plunge, hold.

The sound of Lynn gasping air around my shaft inspired me, extending my orgasm. My eyes remained fixed upon her gorgeous pussy. It reminded me of seeing Carly's little girl pussy be accident years ago. Lynn looked so, so, so... so many things; I had to eat her, soon. But not until my body was completely satisfied from screwing her mouth, so I continued humping her face.

Finally, my hips stopped. My flaccid cock hung into Lynn's mouth, she softly nursed on me like a calf on its mother's teat. Giving in to my desires, I buried my head between Lynn's legs. She tasted so damned good!

We were both pretty mellow; not surprisingly our 69 became relaxed lovemaking.

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