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With Ron and a bunch of other fools.

I felt I needed to apologize.

I slowly push the door open and to my shock I see my mother, sitting at the edge of the tub, rubbing baby oil over her breasts and staring me dead in the eye. I had no control of my erection again as this look she gave was piercing.

"So you like to fuck mommy do you?"

"I have heard you talk in your sleep for 3 years now."

My stomach had made its way into my throat, as this information was making my head spin. Had she known this whole time?

My mother then got up and made her way to me and pulled my cock out of my underwear. It sprang out and nearly slapped her in the face. I'll never forget the words that came from her mouth.

"This is wrong, and never to be ever spoken of."

"If you can do this, I will make your dreams come true Scott, but only to empty your system."

My mother than pushed my penis aside and continued to walk past me into her room.

We both went to sleep in our separate beds.

I could not sleep though. Had she meant what she said? And if so, why? If she meant what she said, did that mean I had free reign to purge my urges?

The clock had struck 4:00 A.M. and I was restless. I got up, still in shock, this surreal feeling that I was in a long vivid dream overwhelmed me. I had to put my mother to the test. After all, if this was a dream, this may be all forgiven right? Something came over me, and I became like an animal, only wishing to plunge my juices into this forbidden shell. My mother's bedroom door was cracked and I could feel heat coming from her room. This was all too real and it was all happening so fast. I dropped my boxer briefs at her door and went in. She was lying down, naked and with a subtle red glow had lit just the oily curves of her sleeping body dimly. I was so nervous yet depraved. I was determined to not let this go to waste. My mother's vagina could clearly be seen as her leg was draped over the other, in a very sexy position. I gently grabbed her ass and loved so much how it fit perfectly in my hand. By perfect I mean, I had her cheek nestled in my hand and she still had so much ass that jiggled and could not be contained by just one hand. As I moved her butt I could hear her pussy make that sought after sound. The sound of stirring Mac and cheese. I thrust my cock into her and she gasped. It was as if my penis had woken her very abruptly. By the time I pulled back for my second thrust she looked over at me with a level of disgust, yet eagerness. She knew how to make this as naughty as possible.

"You fucker!" She quietly shouted at me.

"I'm going to piss on your cock if you don't stop." She groaned.

I had now built up a full head of steam and was making her ass clap loudly with my hips. The sound of the oil subtly aiding to the skin on skin contact sound. My mother started to scream loudly, as if she was trying to get our neighbors to hear. As her screams hit a peak I could feel her squirting on my penis. She was not just squirting, but relieving herself on my balls. I leaned over to cover her mouth and she gagged herself with my fingers. I loved the feeling of her piss on my genitals. In the heat of my primal experience, I also began to relieve myself. It felt so odd at first but once it had gotten to its full stream, it was unlike any feeling I could express. My short deep stroked had her shaking and I could not control what happened next. I began to cum, and as I began to pull out, I stopped myself just at the entrance. I pulled the tip of my cock out and shot my load into her from less than an inch away. Thrusting back into her in between breaths.

As I stand at the edge of her bed, still erect, my mother moves over to position her mouth on me again. I could not bear the pleasure as she forced me into her throat once again. I was shaking at the knees. As she finished up she told me to go to bed.

"I will see you very soon In the morning son."

She spoke as if nothing happened. As if she had repressed all her aggression in an instant.

Life moved on a

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