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The guests get a course they didn't bargain for.

You may not like the story, and that is your privilege as reader, but you of course cannot subdue my freedom of expression at all, you like it or not... That request of you sounds pretty full of bigotry to me. I've got a feeling you'll drop by again, but no, goodbye, you are not welcome in my story :-)


I would like to say to you that Liutenant Morrow came and took all the crooks to jail, but sadly it wasn't so. He came, yes, but Ashley was locked in the hen's cage, and she had been ordered to not make any noise, just as every other night, and she obeyed. He and his assistant made questions, but no one reported anything suspicious, including Betty. She felt tempted to, but felt afraid of what they might do to her...

Nevertheless, he went to Lake Cheetachooga, and with the help of the local police, had the trailer located and taken out to the ground.

They found many packets containing crack... but not all of them... Some 300 packets were missing, if the trailer was full to capacity, Liutenant Morrow noticed.


Douglas have heavy shackles put on Ashley's wrist and ankle, and threw away the ones put there by Wally. It was easy to get rid of them, but these shackles, she would never be able to take apart without ripping her own bones.

Some nights he would tie all her body up in heavy chains, and would put a mask without holes for her eyes, and would just throw her to the hen's cage, with the ass plug in her hole.

He forced her to always eat in the dog's bowl, and often with it full of dozens of men's sperm. He would not allow her to take a shower for days, until she was stinking of semen and sweat...

He sometimes would tie her shackles to the wall of his own chambers. He then would use her body all night long, sometimes fucking her for as many as thirteen times, even though he wasn't so young anymore.

He stopped beating her, so after some weeks, she recovered her usual attractive appearance. She was not allowed though, to have sex with any man other than him, outside of the show, and after some months, only the three highest bidders would be allowed to have sex with her, and that, for a limited amount of time.

The show based its success then in his whipping her only, after she went through her dance number. So after a time she looked gorgeous and clean again... except for her back and buttocks, that had now many, many long red whipping marks.

It was always a heavy, almost unbearable ordeal for her, the whippings, but she was content that he wasn't beating her anymore, and he gave her plenty of sexual pleasure.

She was not allowed to walk on her feet anymore but on the stage, at show time, and she became even more submissive than she had been with Harry. Was it out of fear? Or was there a component of true passion for him in her?... Well, remember that Ashley was a natural submissive...


Many months before, somewhere in California...

The kids ran home nearby and called the men in the families that lived there, very near the lake. The men and the bigger kids ran and took their boat and went to the spot where the trailer had sunk. One of them had an oxygen tank and mask for emergencies in Cheetachooga County, he was a volunteer...

He had to swim many feets down, to the bottom. When he took Harry out, helped by a tire, there was lots of water inside his lungs. They tried to revive him with mouth to mouth breathing. They succeeded at making him breath again ( after he coughed out what seemed like gallons of water ), but he didn't recover his consciousness.

He was taken to the hospital's emergency room, and all the necessary aids were applied to him, but still he remained unconscious. He had spent too much time breathing water...

Meanwhile, the man looked in the trailer's cage, it was open by the impact. He found the packets of drug. He took some out, and proceeded to open them and look at their contents.

"Diablos, es polvo!"- he said. ("Hell, it's crack!")

He went down to the box some other times, and took as many packets as he could, and gave them to his pa

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