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It would be much more comfortable than these chairs."

"Yeah. I think so. I just need to walk a little bit."

Danielle laced her fingers into Jodie's. "Okay. We'll walk. We'll talk. If you want, we can lay down. I mean, you can lay down."

As she followed Danielle, Jodie overwhelmed herself. Looking at the shape of Danielle's hips. Her ass. Her legs. Desire for another woman. A new feeling.

Danielle pushed open the key to the room.

"Okay, here's the grand tour. Bunk. Sitting chair. Window. Little washing sink. Pretty lame, but you'd be amazed how much these rooms cost for a four day trip. But It definitely gives more privacy," Danielle said, closing the door. Outside the window, Jodie noticed cacti as the train rumbled. Then she felt a hand on her hip. She placed her palm onto it.

"I've had such a bad week," Jodie said, leaning back to the waiting arms of Danielle.

"Is this going to make it worse?"

"Worse, no. Maybe a bit more strange."

"We don't have to..."

"No. It's okay. I came here. I'm ... curious." She turned and looked at Danielle, her ocean eyes ablaze. Danielle smiled, slowing her movements -- taking Jodie's right hand in her left, and running her hand to the small of the girl's back.

"May I have this dance?" Danielle quizzed, placing her chin to Jodie's.

"Oh my God. That is all the romance I wanted this week."


"My husband was supposed to take me out dancing for my 21st birthday two days ago -- instead he just treated me like shit. I just wanted a dance."

Danielle placed her lips on Jodie's neck and kissed. "Some men don't know how to treat us," she breathed -- her hand progressing up Jodie's spine. Jodie pulled her body harder against Danielle's 34C breasts, feeling their weight against her own, feeling her nipples harden, heart race and legs melt.

Silence enveloped the young women as they slowly spun in the compartment dancing without music. Dancing without worry. Jodie slowly touched Danielle's body, exploring as her fingers trekked up her spine to her bra strap and back down to her hips. Danielle smiled as her first-timer's hand hesitantly touched her body through her shirt. Danielle glazed into Jodie's blue eyes with her ocean green pierce eyes, and leaned in for a first, methodical kiss. Perfect lips encompassed Jodie's mouth, the feel and taste of their lip gloss mixing reminding Jodie she wasn't kissing an overheated, overwanting, overannoying boy. Like the song, she's kissed a girl.

So much different from the kisses she'd received from a dozen guys in the last five years. Caring. Tender. Walls inside Jodie's mind crashed down as Danielle's tongue wetly slipped along Jodie's mouth. Slowly the kissing increased in intensity and Danielle began taking over Jodie's body with her hands touching all over her almost in an order. Unlike the dozen guys who had touched her randomly. Guys went straight for her small breasts, butt or tried to quickly dig into her pussy. Not this girl. Sapphic loving was different. Danielle's arms wrapped around Jodie's and up her back, caressing her neck, collarbone and ribcage.

Jodie basked in the high as her hormones elevated inside. No wine satisfied her need for relaxation as much as this kiss from Danielle. Their mouths splashed with moisture and passions grew. Danielle's lips moved to Jodie's neck and collarbone, and slight moans deep from Jodie's escaped her throat.

Danielle's hand snaked up the back of Jodie's loose T-shirt, unhinging her lace white bra. Teeth carefully glided against her porcelain skin as Danielle's hands reached around to lovingly cup Jodie's breasts in her palms. Her mouth returned to Jodie's -- as they looked at each other tenderly. Danielle felt hesitation in Jodie's movement when Danielle first attempted to pull the T-shirt from the girl.

"Too far, too fast?"

"No. Yes. No. Just feeling ... shy," Jodie confessed.

"Would you like to see and touch me first?" Danielle suggested.

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