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The night my girlfriend and I tried Molly together.

They would have to get by on eating what was leftover from yesterday's roast beef.

"Too tired?" laughed June. "Then we'd better not hear any noises coming from your room! Last time you guys were this tired, you kept us up half the night!"

"Oh dear!" blushed Sarah as I closed our bedroom door. "Maybe we'd better wait until the girls are asleep. We don't want them to think we're doing it."

"They already know we're "doing it" as you put it, Sarah," I pointed out as I freed her breasts from her low top and began to nibble on them. They think we're in love."

"Well, as long as we don't mislead them," sighed Sarah as she worked on my shirt buttons. "Just don't make me moan so loud this time!"

The next evening I casually asked Sarah how her day went as she was making dinner. She knew that I was really asking about Jason and if anything happened between them.

"It went well, Greg. Jason is even more dynamic and forceful than he was in high school. I guess being an officer and going to war has sharpened his natural leadership skills," replied Sarah.

"Sarah, let's get something straight right now," I quickly responded. "When I told you that I expected you to be open and honest about Jason, I sure as hell didn't mean for you to tell me what an incredible guy he is! I want honest opinions about what a pompous ass he is and how glad you are that you married me. That's the kind of honesty I'm looking for here."

"Greg, the guy may be an army ranger and a war hero, all tanned and lean and tougher than an old hunk of rawhide, but he can't compare to you!"

"That's more like it. Tell me more," I prompted.

"Sure, Jason had to take a call from the President of the United States this afternoon, congratulating him and thanking him for his meritorious service, but you served as vice president of the Elks Club two years ago. Jason isn't even a member!" stated Sarah with a straight face.

"It figures," I nodded. "The damn guy probably thinks he's too good for the Elks. He'll certainly never attain the status of treasurer of the soccer club, either. What a freakin' loser!"

"Exactly what I was thinking, Dear," agreed Sarah. "He'll probably botch up his interview on Fox News after the parade tomorrow, too. The book he's working on will be dull as hell. There's a real good chance he won't make general before he's fifty."

"That's what I'm talking about!" I almost shouted. "The damn pussy probably hasn't ever changed a diaper in his entire life, either. That's the real acid test. Medals should be awarded for that! Anybody can take a bullet in the ass."

"I have to admit it, Greg. It does help when we speak the truth and discuss everything like adults," laughed Sarah. "No guy can compare to the guy I have!"

"Don't you forget it either," I warned. "If you want to be there when my troops surge, you'd better play your cards right. My plans for their deployment can be changed right up to the last second."

"Those troops had better not surge prematurely or they'll be bivouacked out in the cold, Buster, and so will their reinforcements," retorted Sarah. "You'll know when it's safe to deploy the whole brigade. I'll decide where and when that surge will occur."

"You always get to decide," I whined. "Why can't I be the one to determine where my troops get stationed?"

"Oh, you can, Dear," countered Sarah. "You decide if you want them in a tissue, or someplace of my choosing, but more to the little guys' liking. You've demonstrated over the years that I can't trust you to make that decision. If I turn my back on you for a second you're trying to deploy them where no man has gone before."

"It's just that the troops want to explore that final frontier, Sarah. They're courageous little soldiers and they're willing to travel anywhere in the universe, including black holes," I suggested with a smile.

"Believe me when I tell you that anything that enters that black hole will never survive, Greg.

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