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A mysterious legendary character.

Her elbow brushed against my cock and she instantly jerked her arm back.

"Your acting like you have never seen one." I looked down at her and chuckled a bit as she turned red. She spent a few seconds washing the skin below my waist before she let out a small breath as she looked back at me.

"Ok... " Her hands grabbed at my cock as she began to lather it up. I felt myself grow harder as she worked her hands up and down. I closed my eyes as I felt her hands work down each side. I heard a small giggle as her hands began to move faster and then slow down some. I let out a small breath and felt her hands move faster and then slower.

"Does that feel good .. Sir?" I didn't say anything as her hands moved faster. I heard another giggle as I felt her hands slide up and down slower and then stop. I felt her begin to rinse off my cock. That's when I opened my eyes and saw it. Her head lean forward and kiss the tip of my cock.

"See good as new." I began to laugh as she looked at my cock and then realize what she had done.

"Ok you started it.. now finish it. " I reached down and grabbed her pony tail and wrapped my hand up in it. Her eyes took on a look of terror as I pushed my cock towards her lips.

"I didn't mean to it was just a mistake. I didn't mean it. I don't want to do it. I didn't start anything you were already hard. I didn't start anything. I promise I .." I smiled as she continued to beg in front of me. Her mouth only inches away from my cock. The sound of the shower's continual stream of water echoed in the stall. I looked down at her as she begged at me with her eyes. I saw her nipples standing hard as the water dripped over them.

"So your just cold then?" She looked down and blushed. Her arms quickly wrapped around her chest as she looked down at the tiles of the shower floor. I looked as her pink tongue slipped out and stroked her bottom lip and then licked her lips. Her breathing began to increase as she looked at my cock. A shaky hand again reached out for my cock.

"Do you want me to use the soap like last time Sir?"

"Yes now get started." Her hand returned to my cock and began to quickly jerk it up and down. Her other hand joined it as she rubbed the underside of my cock. I felt her rinse off my cock as she rubbed my cock quicker. The first few tentative strokes grew into a quicker and more confident series of movements. Her other hand slipped off of my cock and began to move up my torso.

"Stand up." I watched a look of momentary confusion as she began to stand up. I rubbed her nipples as she stood in front of me. I let my hand dance down and over her stomach as her hand reached up to my shoulder and then down along my collarbone. I began to bite her neck; increasing my pressure as I rubbed the skin along her ribs. I flipped off the shower and grabbed the towel and tossed it to her.

"Dry me off." I smiled as she began to dry off my shoulders and back. Her hands drifted up my stomach as I turned around and snatched the towel away from her and began to dry her chest and stomach. She smiled as her nipples hardened more.

"I really am cold now. Can I have the towel to cover up with? Please?" I smacked her now wet ass.

"Well we can't have you sniffling all the time I'm going to be spanking you now can we?" I pushed her against a nearby wall and began to rub her nipples with my hands. The first few seconds she put up a fierce resistance ,but it gradually dropped off as she felt the warmth of the towel ripple over her body. She stood there holding her hands over her breasts as she shifted from foot to foot.

"Come on if you want to keep warm.

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