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Chinese woman meets Haitian man at Canadian school.

She was only 5'5", but she was in great physical shape and she had the best b-cup perky breasts ever.

Our hands began to run over her body, and at first she let us wander, but eventually pulled away and said that it was our turn first. She instructed us to get on the bed and begin making out, taking clothes off and kissing, licking and sucking any new skin that comes into the open.

Hunter and I lay down on the bed, on our sides facing each other and began kissing. The feel of kissing a man always turns me into the subservient individual. I pushed him back on his back and got on top of him, straddling him, our hard cocks separated only by our pants. We began kissing more, his hands behind my head, kissing on my neck as I would in turn do to him.

I sat up and removed my shirt, throwing it to the side. His hands went to my chest, feeling the muscles that I worked on at least four days a week. As his hands roamed on my body, I undid my belt and pants and then I stood up, above him removed my pants and boxers.

Now completely naked, I sat back down and straddled him again. His hands roamed over my body, grabbing and slapping my ass. I continued to dry hump him as he molested me with his hands. Again I sat up and started unbuttoning his shirt. His shirt fell open and my mouth was on his smooth hairless chest. He was, what appeared to me, to be a beginning body builder. He was big and full of muscles, but he didn't look pro size by any means.

My mouth traced every ripple in his muscles, my teeth and tongue teased his nipples and my hot breath on his lower stomach had him squirming. My hands were now rubbing over his impressive bulge as I looked up towards my man for the night. I began nibbling and being aggressive through his slacks while my hands slowly undid his belt and then the zipper on his pants.

By this time, Kayla had moved the camera in close and was getting good footage of me naked, caressing my new found toy and looking into the eyes of this hunk.

I removed his pants, leaving only a male g-string. His cock was so big that the head was sticking out the top of this underwear. I was a good 7, maybe 7 and a half inches, but this guy was probably 9 inches easy. I pulled his underwear down, exposing his hairless, veiny and extremely large cock and balls.

I moved back up to begin my worship and he grabbed me by the hair on my head and then held his cock up against my face. He slowly and softly started hitting me in the face with it. "If you want this cock, you have to beg me for it. Show your girl how much you really need this cock," he said.

I begged him. I told him how I needed it. How I was tired of the fake cocks. That the little girl inside of me needs to be filled with a real man's cock. I told him that I was his to use however he wanted as long as he put that cock in my mouth right now.

With that, still holding my hair and his cock, he brought my mouth to his cock and then, with out any style, began to use my mouth like I was a pocket-pussy. There was no grace. This was pure lust. He was in complete control and all I could do was try my best to make sure that my teeth did not scratch his cock and that I continued to breath through my nose. "This is what a real man's cock looks like," he said as he continued his assault on my mouth.

I looked over and saw that Kayla had put the camera back on the tripod and was heading towards the bed. She had on her big black strap-on. It was our 10" monster that I had worked up too. She straddled Hunter's face, her fake cock hanging down on the top of his head and told him to eat her pussy. He began to feast away on my girlfriend, causing him to take his hands away from my head and move them to my girlfriends ass and tits as she fed him her tasty pussy.

This allowed me to be more creative with my cock sucking.

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