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Kira is abducted in Paramaribo.

I moved back up to suck gently on her clit and swirl my tongue over her wrinkled butterfly lips for awhile.

"Ah, just like that," she moaned. "You really know how to suck pussy, don't you, slut."

Her question was rhetorical but I answered anyway. "Yes! I'm your suck slut; I love to suck your pussy."

"Well, come up here and let me suck your pussy at the same time, little suck slut," she giggled, pulling me into a sixty-nine.

I straddled her head and allowed her to remove my bikini bottoms. Her fingers and tongue besieged my throbbing, wet pussy skillfully. I did to her likewise, enjoying my tongue in her pussy every bit as much as I enjoyed her mouth on my throbbing cunt. Minutes after our suck bout began, it ended with my orgasm first, then hers seconds later.

When I rolled off of Cindy I looked up and saw Kelsey standing at my side. She was naked with a bottle of sunscreen in her hand.

"Ashley, maybe you'd better let me put some sunscreen un your front so you don't burn that fair skin of yours," she suggested.

She started but wasn't spreading sunscreen, she was making love to my breasts and getting the oil spread all around while she did that. Her soft touch on my skin and caressing hands on my breasts felt wonderful. Down she went then to my tummy, thighs, shins, feet; spreading oil but caressing every inch of my body. I looked at Kelsey and realized how much I loved her as a dear, dear friend. She was the first girl I ever touched sexually, and she showed me the delights of girl on girl love. I owe her so much, she'll always have a top shelf spot in my heart.

"Want me to put some on you?" I asked.

"No, I have enough on," she said, shaking her head. "Woops, I missed a spot." She put a few drops of oil oh her hand and applied it directly to my pussy. "We can't have this getting sunburned and too sore to touch, can we."

Her hand went down directly to my pussy still wet from being pleasured by Cindy, and began to massage it in a big circle. The movement of her hand soon became centralized on my pussy lips, then began a trek inward. I spread my legs wide open for her to let her know how welcome her hand was. When her head came down to place her lips against mine, I met her mouth eagerly with my hungry lips. We kissed deeply, passionately, a kiss of love. Kissing a girl had gone from something strange and very weird to something sensual and very desirable. I kissed Kelsey with the same passion I had for Rob or anyone else.

"Kneel over my face, I want to kiss you," I moaned. "I want to put my tongue in you and lick your beautiful clit."

Kelsey knelt down and straddled my face with her fingers still playing in my pussy. I kissed the lips of her pussy like a lover's mouth, extending my tongue to swirl it around. But instead of meeting another tongue to dance with mine, there was sweet, warm, wetness in the soft, dark folds within her nether mouth. She became wetter inside as her sensual feelings intensified. She seemed to ride my face like a child rides a skateboard, moving from side to side as the feeling directed.

Her fingers were deeply embedded in my fuck hole, sawing in and out to fuck me to my great pleasure. I was moaning with delight though no one could hear me with her cunt placed solidly on my mouth. Our interplay soon caused us to steadily climb to the top of Mount Orgasm where our loud moans signaled our cumming. I could hear Kelsey's loud moans and I knew she could feel my moans on her swollen clit shortly after her orgasm began. As we calmed down, Kelsey slid down my body and replaced her fingers in my pussy with her tongue.

"Ah, Kelsey, your mouth is so soft and silky in my pussy," I moaned.

Her soft tongue worked around and over my clit while, once again, her fingers found my love tunnel and entered me.

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