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Cleo sees her favourite client.

Steve would you like to fuck my tits and cum on me?"

"Damn, I've dreamed of those beautiful tits, it would an honor to have my cock between those luscious breasts." Lauren licked his cock one more time before pushing her tits around his cock. Lauren rocked her tits up and down Steve's dick while he bucked his hips to her movement.

Steve was already worked up so it didn't take long before he uncorked a stream of goo all over Lauren's tits.

"Fuck that was great, can I get you a wash cloth to clean that up?" Steve asked.

"You go to sleep, I will clean up. Remember you have to get up early, I don't." Lauren went to the bathroom to shower off Steve's big load of cum. When she returned, Steve was sound asleep.


Steve tried to be quiet getting up and dressing but he woke Lauren up. She kissed him, telling him she planned to spend the day at the pool but would be ready for him when he got done for dinner.

While at the pool, Lauren received a call from Jenni and Brian. "Hey, you guys are leaving early. Big plans for you guys when you get to the resort?"

Brian and Jenni laughed off her suggestion but they all knew what she was asking. In return Brian and Jenni quizzed Lauren on her and Steve's activities. Lauren wouldn't bite and stayed vague on their first night sleeping together.

Lauren packed up her stuff at the pool heading back to the suite. She showered and shaved her legs. She also gave her pubic area a once over with the razor to make sure she was nice and smooth. There was a formal banquet that night. She had packed a long blue dress that while formal showed plenty of cleavage. She smiled when she saw herself in the mirror. It was the sexy look she was going for.

"Wow, you look amazing," Steve said walking in the door. "Sorry, but this is going to be a long boring dinner but there will be plenty of wine."

"Steve, are you going to get me drunk to take advantage of me?"

"That sounds like a great idea. With you in that sexy dress I will have to hide a hard-on all night," Steve said kissing her.

They walked hand in hand to the large ballroom. The banquet was as Steve predicted long and boring but plenty of wine. Lauren, not being a big drinker, had plenty showing her inebriation.

By 11:00pm the speeches were finally finished and so was Lauren. She leaned on Steve to make it back to their suite. Steve laid her on the bed helping her out of the dress. She curled into a ball with just her panties on. Steve covered her then went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

He slid into bed spooning the sleeping Lauren. A little disappointed, Steve drifted off to sleep with Lauren in his arms.


Steve woke up early, dressed and made his way to his meetings. The meetings were to be over before lunch, with lunch being provided at the zoo for the participants and their guests. Lauren was to meet him at the shuttle pick for an afternoon of lunch and sightseeing at the zoo. Given her state the night before Steve thought it was questionable if Lauren was going to be up by then.

About 11:00am his phone buzzed with a text. "Sorry about last night, I will make it up to you today. See you at the shuttle."

Right on time, Lauren was waiting at the shuttle loading area. She was dressed in short jean shorts and a low-cut top with her blonde hair in a cute pony tail.

They went off by themselves for lunch then to walk around the zoo. Steve and Lauren were walking hand in hand when they heard a disturbance by the monkey area.

"Oh my, don't the kids see this." overheard a mother telling another mother.

Moving up to the window they could see what was cause the commotion. "Are they doing what I think there doing?" Lauren asked.

"Oh yes, they are having a little monkey love. That is hot, give you any ideas?"

Lauren leaned in close whispering in Steve's ear, "It is kinda hot. Oh shit, did he just cum in her?"

"Yeah, I think he did. We should give them some private time." They walked on going to the next exhibit.

The got to the elephant exhibit and found a sight to behold.

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