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He even got a Fudgesicle! She began to whimper in anticipation, asking him to come back. But he just "whistled while he worked," and went about getting things ready. He came back and stared at her - and he could see her pussy juices flowing like a river down to her ass. Without warning, he took an ice cube, placed it in his mouth, and attacked her pussy. She screamed in surprise. He quickly took a sip of water so hot it nearly scalded his mouth - and immediately placed this new warmth on her clit. She arched her hips off the bed, let out a guttural groan, and had her first orgasm of the day. He teased her by dripping ice-cold chocolate sauce onto her nipples, a drop at a time. And then he did the same into her belly button. He made her open her mouth wide in anticipation, and then shot off a huge blast of whip cream, causing her mouth to overflow with creamy white stuff. He fucked her pussy with the frozen treat until it had literally melted from her heat - and then he warmed her up again. He continued to torment her with his tongue and mouth for the next hour, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. She was a mess - dripping with chocolate sauce, whip cream, marshmallow cream - you name it. But she was also dripping with her own juices. She tried to keep track of her own orgasms, but she lost count at twenty-two.

She begged him to untie her, and to fuck her hard. But he refused. He told her that she had some more pleasures yet to come. Since she never used a vibrator before, he decided to introduce it to her very slowly. He just placed the tip on her outer lips, or thighs or her clit. She jumped with its first touch. But then asked for more. She was again soon begging for his cock to fuck her - but he wouldn't until she had an orgasm from this wonderful toy. So she asked for him to leave the tip resting on her clit. He watched as she slowly brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. But she made the fatal mistake of not asking permission, so he pulled the vibrator away, causing her to shriek in near-agony. She begged him to put it back, to let her experience her first orgasm from such a simple toy. Yielding to her requests, he did - and she immediately came - so hard in fact, she nearly passed out. Her face contorted as if she was in agony, and her mouth opened so wide, she could have taken his entire fist. She said nothing for a few minutes, merely taking time to calm down and catch her breath. Then, all she said was "Wow!"

He asked her if she was ready to get fucked. Of course she replied that she was. But first, he asked her where he should shoot his seed when he had reached his climax. She said she liked it in the condom again, but he would not allow it. She then asked for it in her mouth, but after thinking, he said that he wanted to cum on her face, and then scoop his cum into her waiting mouth, knowing that she couldn't help while she was still bound. She liked the sound of that, and quickly agreed to do it - as if she really had a choice.

He took his time rubbing his hard cock all over her pussy, her clit, and even her ass.

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