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Movie fun turns into fun at the park.

T has written some of the hottest lesbian stories on this sight and she loves pussy and tits as well as cock. Whoops, did I forget to mention that earlier. She's a nurse who works at night and since we are both often horny and not with each other, we both play a lot with the assistance of the computer.

Hearing her pound her pussy or asshole on a tape she's made for me while looking at pictures or movies or reading Literotica certainly makes my cock hard. She loves to call me during the day and describe to me in great detail what she's doing.

I do the same thing for her sometimes on the nights she works. As I wrote in one of our early stories, I suck the dried juice from her panties almost every day. When I call her at night, I describe what I'm doing or want to do to her and then shoot my cum all over the crotch of her freshly sucked panties.

I mention all this because adding to my collection of pictures of her sweet ass or other assets was one reason we bought the digital camera to begin with. That Sunday night she was working and I had down loaded the pictures from the Jimmy Buffett concert onto the PC and they were so fucking hot that I had cum all over her panties before I was able to call her.

I love telling and showing her how hot she makes me so I always put her sucked clean and then cummed on panties where she'll find them the next morning. Bottom line, every ounce of cum my body produces leaves my cock searching for her. I never have fantasies about other women because I don't need to.

With our work schedules that week, Wednesday afternoon was going to be the best time for our little portrait/fuck session. I do some of my work from home but that afternoon she met me at the garage door and any remaining work was quickly forgotten.

I always rush when I'm taking pictures of her and was determined to take my time and get close-ups of her ass from behind and some side profiles with her ass waiting to be fucked while her beautiful tits hung down in their glory...the picture on our profile if Literotica will fix it.

I obviously love seeing her in panties and positioned her on our living room carpet on her knees. She was "barely" wearing the short denim mini-skirt and I was getting wonderful pictures of her gorgeous white panty covered ass proudly positioned for an ass fucking.

Then I pulled her panty down and took several pictures of her tight little ass from behind. My cock was throbbing and finally I couldn't stand it and started licking her pussy and asshole from behind.

I finally stopped licking her pussy and asshole to move to the couch. My clothes had been ripped off at some point and she soon had her mouth sucking on my balls as she slowly jacked my cock with long slow strokes squeezing out pre-cum that she licked off.
She was still wearing the mini-skirt pulled up around her waist and the halter top. As she sucked and licked my cock and balls, I leaned back and started taking more pictures. She paused to knell in front of me and shed the halter top as she took my cock and started rubbing my pre-cum on one of her tits.

I swear the head of my cock was purple and it was standing up throbbing with each pulse of blood. She was putting on a show for the camera as she cocked her head and started sucking the pre-cum off her tit.

I was mesmerized as I watched her bite her own nipples as she alternated between her tits. Then she wrapped her tits around my cock and started to fuck my cock with her tits. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right then and there and I warned her that if she wanted my cum in her pussy or asshole, she'd better stop.

She lay back on the carpet and spread her legs and started to finger her pussy. I leaned over her with the camera getting close-ups as she slowly pulled her labia apart for more pictures. The camera clicked away as she started fucking herself with three fingers.

Once again the camera was forgotte

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