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Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined Indian 18-year-old.

"Well it sure looks like she wanted some of that." Elyssa pointed to Robert's milky white honey now laying in puddles on his groin. "But it's all mine," she teased as she cleaned off his now spent cock with her mouth and tongue.

Somewhat out of the mood after this whole experience, the couple decided to graciously drink the warm milk, after which they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Later that night, Robert had a strange dream. He didn't know if he was asleep or awake, but he felt an eerie compulsion to walk downstairs and out into the flower garden. In this somnambulist state he met a wrinkled old woman who seemed familiar, but he couldn't quite remember who she was. She looked deeply into his eyes as she backed him up against the garden wall. Robert tried to resist, but he felt powerless, unable to steel himself against her sexual advances. Her withered hands embraced his face to meet her own. She ran her tongue across his lips, then slowly lowered herself to her knees. She pulled down Robert's pants to his ankles.

The aged woman kissed and fondled Robert's cock, causing his manhood to grow and stiffen. He wanted to scream out, to call for Elyssa to help him; but he could not produce a sound. This old hag had him completely in her spell. His cock was totally hard now, with precum forming on the tip. He knew what she wanted and gave into her wicked ministrations. She had only one purpose in mind, to suck and milk all the life-giving seed from his shaft.

She pumped him with a feverish tempo, while bobbing her head up and down the full length of his erection. Robert felt his whole body float on a current of electricity, his head fell back against the hard stones of the garden wall, his knees buckled. His release did not come in spurts, but rather felt as if it was being sucked out of him all at once. It was the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. The old woman swallowed the powerful shot of semen as soon as it pummeled the back of her throat, immediately sending her into strong orgasmic convulsions.

Robert regained composure only to see the lovely Lucia's smiling face just inches from his eyes. Then in a wisp of smoke, she was gone.

The next morning, Elyssa nudged Robert, but he was more difficult than usual to wake up. He just rolled over and went back to sleep. Elyssa got dressed, and attempted to engage Robert in a conversation.

"Come on sleepy head. We're going to go see my sister today, remember?"

"I'm sorry baby, but I'm not feeling very well. Maybe it was the wine from dinner. I don't know, I'm just feeling really tired and drained. I have no energy. Maybe you ought to go ahead without me. I'll catch up later."

Elyssa didn't like going out without her husband, but she knew it was futile to try to drag him along with her. She looked for Lucia downstairs to ask for directions to Ruth's address, but could find her nowhere. Instead, she bumped into William who was more than happy to send her off in the right direction.

Elyssa had a wonderful reunion with her sister, Ruth. They sipped tea as they spoke of old times, while catching up on current events as well. Elyssa asked Ruth's forgiveness for her husband's absence and explained he was not feeling well.

Ruth offered her condolences, "Oh, of course I understand. I'm so sorry he's under the weather. By the way, where are you staying?"

"At the inn on the other side of the river. It's on Rue Union."

Ruth looked troubled. "The village folk tend to stay away from that place. They say it's evil. There are strange stories of men who have stayed there, never to be seen again. Please Elyssa, be careful."

Ruth had her sister very worried. "We will only be there for one more night, then we're scheduled to catch the train back home. So far, we have had a pleasant stay." For the sake of propriety she omitted the details of the milk and cookies incident.

"Yet", she pondered only half audibly, "my husband is not acting quite like himself."

Upon Elyssa's return to the inn, she learned from Wil

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