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Married submissive woman summoned to empty house.

Like a bumbling little schoolboy. It was almost funny.

He pinched my nipples, which excited me briefly, but not nearly enough to send me toward an orgasm.

"Lift your ass," he grunted in my ear, but again, before I had the chance to move, he grabbed my hips and raised them for me.

I braced myself on hands and knees and prepared myself for the feel of him. From behind, I could feel Mark easing his head against the moist lips of my pussy, but his gentle touch was gone in a flash. With one hand on my shoulder, Mark bucked forward and stuffed me full of every inch.

"Oh yeah...you're so fucking tight," he breathed on my back again, and administered a firm slap to my raised cheeks.

I opened my mouth to response, but it when Mark jerked again; I had to bite the pillow. It only took a moment for us to settle into our regular pace -- a brutal, frenzied rhythm of pushing and thrusting that left me raw and Mark wanting more. His balls, so tight and full, slapped me harshly, and made me long for the thick, hot load I knew he would soon release.

"Oh Mark," I started to look over my shoulder at him, but got my face forced back into the pillow. The further I was bent over, the more leverage he had to fuck me harder, and he loved to get deep inside me. And I loved it too. There was something about a man who could take control that aroused me.

"How do you like this big cock in your cunt, you little whore?" He finally pulled my face up again, but this time to grunt in my ear.

My breathing came in quick, desperate pants.

"It's so good!" I managed to cry, and reached behind me to find something to hold onto.

"And who's daddy's little girl?" Mark yanked my hair with considerable force.

"I am!" I squeaked, along with the bedsprings.

As Mark slammed into me, I pushed back against him with the same force. I could hear my ass slapping against his waist, and pictured him watching his thick cock squeeze in and out of me with each thrust. His grunts quickly turned animalistic, and he gripped me as if his life depended on it. Soon, I was throbbing, aching, pulsing, and dying for release.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck yes," Mark hissed out through his teeth, right below my ear. There was alcohol on his breath that I hadn't noticed before, and briefly, a dark thought startled me. But as soon as Mark pushed down on my small frame, it was shoved out of my mind. He crushed me with his weight, and I could feel all of him that way, every hot, hard inch. I couldn't move, and could barely breathe, but I was so close I didn't care.

I was simple that way. No matter how horrible he could be, the sex was fantastic. I remember thinking it was shameful to enjoy something so carnal, so brutal, but that was before I'd ever experienced sex with Mark.

At once, my body tensed and jerked with release. I squealed into the pillow and let it fill my mouth as Mark filled my pussy. Once I came, he couldn't resist. The entire weight of his body smothered me, and he continued to thrust until every drop of his arousal had been spent.

"That's it, baby..."

Even as he finished, Mark kept his hold on me tight. "Good girl."

Half an hour later, I remained face down on the hotel bed while Mark busied himself in the shower. The smell of sex and sweat still clung to the sheets, and so did I. Reality always hit hardest after we'd finished fucking.

I hadn't told Mark any of the things I'd wanted to, and I could practically feel Blaine laughing and taunting me already. 'I told you so,' she'd say. 'He's only using you for ass!'

But it wasn't true. After all, he'd chosen me. He'd made love with Blaine and he decided he wanted me, not her. There was obviously something there.
There had to be.

Although my body ached, I dragged myself out of bed and to the bathroom door.

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