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Susan is taught to appreciate diversity in the photo studio.

My breasts felt so full and heavy and warm and tingling and my nipples were aching to be pinched. I realised with a big jolt, that I wanted Jesse to caress them

"Yes, I am afraid I do."

"Why afraid?"

"Well my sex life has gone a bit tits up lately and I feel guilty."

"Guilty? About what?"

I didn't reply for a moment as she lifted my hand close to her mouth. She looked closely at it as if inspecting it or deciding what to do with it. After what seemed an age, but was probably no more than a few seconds, she looked into my eyes and then back to my hand. She brought it to her mouth very slowly, licked the palm and then softly kissed it.

"Oh about feeling so frustrated, wanting sex so much and simply thinking about it most of the time."

We fell silent again. I continued holding her hand and stroking each finger in turn, she ran her fingertips across my chest going ever nearer to breasts.

"And what do you do about it Chris?" She asked softly.

"And that makes me feel guiltier."

"What does?"

"How much I masturbate."

"Well that's ok I do too. The only problem is how lonely it is," she said making us both giggle.

"We're a right pair aren't we," I murmured?

"Yes I suppose we are, a real odd couple."

"So who is Jack Lemmon and who is Tony Curtis?"

"Blimey you have a good memory, I would never have remembered they were in it."

"I'm a bit of a movie buff."

"You could have been in them."

"What films?"

"Yes, you have the looks for it."

"Do I?"

"Yes darling and..." Jesse said very seriously and pausing as she held my gaze eye before going on. "And the body."

We held each other's gaze as slowly Jesse's fingers slid down my chest so that they rested on the lacy neckline of my tennis top.

"But then so do you," I responded running my hand up her track suit covered arm and slipping my hand round her neck.

"Oh God."

"Yes baby."

"I am so nervous."

"I am too."

"Hold me, please cuddle me."

Jesse lay flatter on the bed on her side. I turned onto my side so we faced each other. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

"We need to relax."

"I can't, I am too excited, aren't you?"

"Yes darling I am," I whimpered as my friend wrapped her arms round my body and pulled me against hers. She cuddled me and I enjoyed the sensation of being squashed against her fuller, more rounded form. Neither of us spoke as we 'tested the waters' of the intimacy of holding another woman and having her body against our own.

Our faces were so close that I could see the eyeliner on Jesse's eyelids and the tiny hairs on her face. I could smell her perfume and hairspray, could feel her hands on my shoulders and feel her body with my hand. We didn't move for a few moments; it was as if we were both frozen, but then almost simultaneously we moved our hands down the other's back. As we did, so we moved forward a tad and the fronts of our bodies touched; our legs, our tummies and most illustratively our breasts pressed together. We didn't crush them together as a man would probably have insisted.

At first, it was more of a brushing of them against the other, but that was enough to make us more aware of the sheer intimacy of the present position and the potential sexual connotations that could result from it. As well as the sensations of our nipples and boobs touching so we both revelled in feeling the other's hands exploring our backs. Both pairs of hands slowly slid downwards coincidentally, but meaningfully lingering on the other's bra strap before coming to rest just above the other's waist with our fingers gently pressing and rubbing the swell of flesh at the top of the other's buttocks. We glanced at each other and relished the look of pleasure and excitement in the other's eyes.

"Was this what you meant," Jesse asked softly adding. "When you said about being held and cuddled?"

I smiled. "Yes it is and it is lovely isn't it?"

"Mmmm" was all she said, closing her eyes and running her other hand up my bare arm and slipping it inside the short sleeve of the tennis top.

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