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I glanced over at her big, brown eyes and became immediately aroused. This fact did not go unnoticed by her.

A couple of minutes later I could feel Linda's other hand reach over and undo my pants. Her long, dark hair was dangling down brushing my thighs. By this time I was as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar. Linda began to stroke my engorged member as she looked up at me and giggled. I let out a sigh loud enough to get noticed by my friends in the front seat. Chris turned around quickly and gave me a quick glance. He sensed what was going on and immediately turned back around.

Linda then put her lips on my engorged member. I closed my eyes and leaned back in the seat. My knees pressed hard into the front seat of the car. It was obviously felt by James.

"Oh yeah, baby! Go for it." He practically shouted. Chris didn't say a word.

As I leaned back in the seat, I could feel Linda's tongue masterfully teasing the head of my cock as the tension built up throughout my body all the way down to my toes. Linda's sucking was creating sounds which were clearly heard by my friends in the front seat.

"Oh yeah!" James exclaimed.

A couple of minutes later, I felt myself ready to explode. I let out a bit of a grunt as I shot my load into Linda's mouth. I sat there relieved as Linda cleaned off any remaining drops with her tongue as the rain fell with a metallic drone on the roof of the car.

"Hey, am I next?" James asked.

"Shut up." I blurted out.

"Just asking." James said with a laugh.

I sat back and zipped up my pants. After a few moments, I once again took Linda's hand and held it. We both sat quietly for some time as the old Ford barreled down Route 50.

I glanced over at Linda from time to time. We really didn't talk much. She did tell me she was out of high school. I had figured as much. I had guessed she was about eighteen. I started to think about how pretty she was, and what was a beautiful young girl doing stranded at a gas station in Nevada with no way out. She occupied my thoughts, but I didn't dare ask too many questions. It just didn't seem right. I just couldn't get her out of my mind, though.

When we got to California, the scene was quite spectacular. There were people everywhere on the streets. As we drove through the Haight-Ashbury area, we had never seen so many long-haired hippies. Heck, we had never seen any in small town Pennsylvania. We were really quite transfixed as we stared out the windows of the car.

When we stopped in town, Linda told us she was supposed to meet some friends here in the area. She assured me she would be alright as we parted ways. I truly hoped so, but for some reason had my doubts. Maybe I was bit small town, old-fashioned, but somehow a girl on her own in a bit city just didn't seem right. I wished her well as I watched her walk away.

After Linda left, my friends and I made some attempt to find a spot for the car and perhaps for ourselves. Chris was enthusiastic about the goings on and was anxious to start filming. There were people in tie-dye and people selling trinkets of all sorts and people playing guitars. Let's just say there were people. Lots of them.

James and I did help Chris with some of the equipment cases and he did do some filming in the afternoon. For the most part, people were curious about what he was up to and were friendly. I was just not used to the crowds and sometimes felt a bit uncomfortable about it. We later realized that there were way too many people in the area. We were not the only small town kids who came to see the hippies. There was a severe shortage of rooms available and people were sleeping in nearby Golden Gate Park. There was a certain tension in the air that was not all peace and love. People stayed too long and soon were begging for food. After a few days, we were starting to refer to it as Hate-Ashbury. We were not the only ones.

The severe room shortage led us to "crash" with various people we met during our stay.

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