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He's looking for a rare owl, but finds some hooters instead.

I reached behind me and pulled the ties holding my dress together letting the front come apart. Gary turned around and gasped when he saw me, pulling me to him, kissing me passionately. We sat on the couch as we made out, with him touching me everywhere, ending up at my pussy, pulling my panties off with his teeth.

I needed a drink and asked Gary to order one for us while I used his bathroom. I freshened my pussy up and took my bra off, putting my dress back on but not tying it.

We were back on the couch with Gary kissing and sucking my tits as he finger fucked my hot pussy. The doorbell rang. Room service was here. As Gary got up to answer the door I began pulling my dress around me to cover up as the delivery person would be looking right at me. Gary said "why don't you leave it open and let him see you, it would really turn me on." I had never even thought about doing that before, but in the moment, I opened my dress back up exposing my tits and pussy for him to see, as the couch was only about 10 feet from the door. Gary used the peep hole and told me it was a young guy. I sat there, very nervous, against the arm rest, trying to look comfortable as Gary opened the door wide. I realized anybody walking by could look in and easily see me, which added to my excitement. When the young guy looked in and saw me, I thought he was going to drop the tray of drinks. He immediately looked away, but Gary told him not to worry, put the tray on the table and look all you want, as he closed the door to sign the tab. I was blown away when Gary asked him, without asking me, "Bobby, would you mind giving her a full body oil massage while you are here?"

The young man stammered, "sure, I'd love to, this is my last delivery."

I didn't know how Gary knew his name, then I saw his name tag.

Gary told me to take my dress off and lay down on the bed while he got the oil and warmed it up.

I don't know why, to this day, but I did what he said. I took off my dress and stood nude, in front of a complete stranger, who would soon be running his hands all over my naked body.

I laid down on my stomach as instructed, but kept my legs close together. Gary returned, handing the oil to my masseuse. Gary sat in a chair facing the bed to watch.

I felt a drizzle of warm oil landing on my back, and surprisingly, I felt more relaxed. His hands felt very soft, as he skillfully massaged my back and neck. I felt another drizzle of oil land on my ass, running down between my cheeks, onto my pussy. He expertly massaged my ass cheeks, parting them just enough. I now knew this wasn't his first massage. He then proceeded to my legs and feet, starting at my feet, working his way up each leg, stopping just short of my pussy. He then oiled my arms, massaging my hands and fingers then up my arms. He took my hand and helped me roll over onto my back.

Gary said to him "Bobby, why don't you take your clothes off now."

Without hesitation, he stripped naked and I could see he had a nice erection, as his cock sprang out from his boxers. It brought a smile to my face!

He drizzled the oil down my chest, between my tits, then on his own hands. He started on my stomach going down to just above my mound. He worked his way up my sides to my shoulders, then down to my chest, massaging all the way around my tits. He put more oil on his hands and took one tit at a time, massaging them and paying special attention to my very erect nipples. I looked over at Gary watching, and could see him rubbing his cock, enjoying watching my tits get massaged. He then started drizzling oil down my legs, starting at my mound, only this time I spread my legs apart. He knew, and drizzled a lot on my pussy, then down my legs to my feet. The warm oil felt so good on my pussy.

He stood at the bottom of the bed, working each toe with precision, then my feet, starring at my glistening pussy, spread for him to see.

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