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Jim takes on a job at the local stables.

The lips felt soft and warm on her wind-whipped skin as if a warm, spoonful of honey landed on it. In her hands a small letter was pressed.

"Ride safely, young messenger. I am hoping for a happy end to this situation. Those that surrender to me, will be very well cared for." She winked at her. "My clan does value the life of human men and women who contribute to our way of life."

Miriam rode back furiously, her eyes misty, teary and her cheeks burning red. She hated these monsters! Hated them! Lewd whores, exhibitionists and harlots! And that strange woman who led the besieging force. She courted her openly and most deviantly!

Why was she feeling so hot despite the wind and the icy evening air? And the chivalrous kiss of the strange Dark Elf woman (they were both women, how is this possible?) on her hand felt continously warm. It only felt warmer when she touched her own chest with that hand, her heart began beating faster, her mind slipping to a dreamy state where the tall Dark Elf before her stood, smiling, clothed her and kept her safe in her arms, away from all this war, hate and division. A dreamy state where she melted rapt in her arms, as her head was stroked, safe from all predators and sorrows.

Those feelings were sinful against other women, yet Miriam sinfully enjoyed the warmth they gave her. Maybe this mamono could be reasoned with.


The Dark Elf tent guards were drinking wine and laughing uproariously at the back of the command tent. When sobbing Miriam dashed out and rode away, they all giggled and told lewd jokes to each other.

"Seen her cry?" The dry evening air made them drink plenty of water and wine, each dark elf leaning on the other, regularly wetting their long, pointy ears with water and balm.

"I want me a redhead maid, just like her to flare up spontanously just so I can smack her plump ginger ass or tickle her into fits!" The left one giggled and laughed.

"You naughty bitch!" Her compatriot laughed harder. "I pity the maid you claim from this city. Or Husband."

"I didn't say I'm going to mistreat them." She nudged her friend. "I want them happy: and fucking me, screaming in pleasure or laughing all the time. Whichever comes first."


The drawbridge fell with a rattle. Feet and hooves struck its thick wooden structure in a disorderly rumble as a small cadre of squealing mamono females entered the city jubilantly, and re-started their bawdy songs.

The bedraggled townspeople glared at the arriving party with hate. Men and women, if their gaze were a weapon, would have vaporized the carriage of the General Vierna, the dark elf girl who led the expedition to take Temirburg for Mamono Kingdom. Black horses snorted as they stopped, with the journey at an end, she jumped off her carriage and started walking to the keep gate as if it was her home.

In a way, it was.

When she kept walking through the main street, a young pair of siblings were staring at her with awe, watching the strange invaders with a mix of excitement and fear.

She blew them a kiss and winked, prompting her mother to grab the kid and scurry home with a hateful glare. Vierna laughed behind her. "Prudish washboard."

The dark elf female was a paragon of physical appearance. Six feet tall (a rare occurrence), she carried a set of twin swords, complete with a black steel plate mail and mithral cloak. Her bodyguards, a werewolf girl and an Anubis, wondered in awe at the opulence of the castle.

Before them, stood tall, defiant and chin upward, Duchess Ilsa, with her guards.

"Let us talk terms." She addressed the trio. Vierna was already imagining much darker things as the dark elf and human duchess sat before a table with wax, paper, scrolls and ink. Vierna's eyes gleamed as both bodyguards took posts at the door.

The married Dukesguard couple, a male and female, private guards of the Duchess, glared murder at the mamono invaders, who just smirked and smiled in return, blowing kisses.

"I don't think there's much to discuss, human.

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