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It's a Party.

I felt the mattress indent on the left side of my head, then the right. Warm skin pressed against and around my biceps, but not hands. Someone was kneeling above my face, but what were they doing?

A sharp slap against my pussy forced a yelp from my throat, I sputtered, not expecting that much saliva to fill my air way. I used my tongue to help close my throat so I wouldn't start gagging again as hands moved behind my head to unfasten the ring strap. Relief flooded through me with the knowledge that I would be able to close my aching jaw. Another sharp slap, another yelp and struggle with my saliva. I tried to groan, wanting to beg the person above me to remove the ring. Please, anything you want. Just get this out of my mouth. My pussy lips were stinging, but the ache in my jaw and the fear of choking on my saliva were much bigger worries for me.


The pain was so great this time that I couldn't keep my tongue in place and started choking a bit. Hands gripped my head and turned it to the side, allowing saliva to run out onto the bed. I gasped in air around whimpers of pain. My head was turned back and I felt fingers on the ring in my mouth. I groaned as it was worked free of my upper teeth and pulled from my mouth. I wanted to close my mouth, but it ached so badly I wasn't sure I could. I groaned again, trying to force my jaws closed; but before I could, another cock was pushed into my mouth.

I wanted to cry, beg, scream, or promise to suck him off for hours; whatever it took to get him to let me work my jaw loose, to stop the aching. Instead, his cock started working between my lips, over my tongue, forcing my mouth to open wider again. Thankfully, it wasn't as wide as before; a little of the ache started to ease.

Slap! My jaw tensed, wanting to clench against the pain on my tender pussy lips. I caught myself just in time not to bite on the cock still in my mouth. It would serve him right if i did. I knew such thoughts were unbecoming of a girl such as myself, even as I felt another sharp slap and the cock push further into my mouth. I fought past the pain in my jaw and started sucking and licking the cock, hoping to distract the person above me from going for my throat again. I wasn't sure I could handle much more gagging.

He pulled out of my mouth and slapped my cheek with his hard cock. I took the opportunity to work my jaw, trying to ease the ache. Before I could do much good, he thrust back between my lips. I'm not sure if he noticed what I was doing, or just wanted in again.


My hips rose off the bed from the pain of whatever was spanking my pussy. I squealed around the cock, once again trying not to clench my jaws and bite. Another thrust of the cock, another slap on my tender pussy, over and over. I couldn't stop my body from writhing, trying to get away from the lashes. I wasn't allowed to exercise my jaw to relieve its ache. I couldn't keep the tears from leaking out the sides of the blindfold.

I concentrated on not tearing off the cock in my mouth as my mind began to drift through the pain. I soon felt like the cock was the pain; every time it thrust into my mouth I felt more stinging needles against my hot, swollen pussy. I moaned and sucked, licked and gasped, silently cheering them on.


I blinked behind the blindfold, suddenly realizing that things had changed. My pussy felt like it was twice its normal size, burning and throbbing. My jaw still ached, but it was empty so I could open and close it to relieve the muscles. My feet were free and someone was running their palms up and down the tops of my legs while another worked to release my hands.

I sighed with relief as I worked my jaw muscles, very glad to finally be free of the ring and cock. My arms were released and I was pulled to a sitting position. All relief fled from my mind as the "O" ring rolled off my chest, yanking on the chains to dangle around my stomach. I yelped, futilely trying to cringe away.

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