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Hector gets some help.

complete the following task:

  1. There is a thrift store three blocks from you on Prospect St. Go there at noon and buy some clothes to supplement your wardrobe. You are to buy only the following:

  1. Skirts no longer than four inches above the knee.

  2. Dresses no longer than four inches above the knee and buttons up the front.

  3. Blouses long and short sleeve. Button up, sheer as possible.

  4. Shoes, heels, four inches and higher.

  5. Evening dresses, 6 inches above the knee, sleeveless, and halter tops, and v-neck that extends to your navel.

  1. Visit a local pet store and pick out a nice dog collar and leash. Wear it out of the store and always outside of school. Keep it with you at all times.

  2. Purchase two dog dishes and have them monogrammed with "Slave Kimmy"

You have until 4:00 to finish these tasks. You must purchase at least 10 skirts, and blouses, 10 work dresses, 5 evening dresses, and 4 pairs of shoes. If you need to go to more than one store that is allowed. At 4:00 you must be naked and kneeling in the middle of the living room with your new clothes beside you. Do not disappoint me slut.

Your Owner.

Kim read and re-read the message. Her money was already tight, she would have to cut back somewhere to cover buying everything. She started to cry as everything was hitting her hard. She was losing the battle for control. Kim staggered to the kitchen and grabbed her phone and tried her friends once again.

"Please, please, please answer" she begged, but no one did.

Kim sat at her desk hoping her friends would call her back. She never felt so alone or out of control. She was in a daze when the computer dinged again. She jumped up, hoping it was one of her friends, but when she opened her mail, again it was from her Owner. She slowly clicked on the message and read:


What don't you understand about always naked at home? You need to learn that we know exactly what you are doing and can see everything. Open the attach picture, it has been downloaded to your school website. It will stay there till you comply with the rules. Your rules have also been modified. You have 5 minutes to get naked and wearing your slut heels. You also have to open all blinds, curtains, drapes or anything that covers any window. They will remain open until further notice. If you don't finish this task in the required time the picture remains on the website for one hour for each second you're late. Better hurry slut!


Kim clicked on the picture, it was her naked with her face covered in cum. She screamed, jerked off her robe and ran up to her closet. She tore into the more than thirty shoe boxes looking for her highest heels. As she rarely wore high heels, they were buried deep in her closet and she was panicking as she knew every second mattered. When she found them, she slipped them on and ran to the window. Now a race, she dashed from room to room opening blinds and curtains. By the time she got downstairs, she had less than a minute to finish the final six windows. No longer just opening the blinds but just grabbing them and ripping them off the windows. She couldn't afford to be late. When the last blind came down, Kim dropped to her knees in front of the computer. "Please take down the picture. I completed the task." She begged. It was strange to be talking to no one, hoping that whoever was watching would remove the picture.

Tom and Wendy watched and laughed as they watched Kimmy run naked around the house opening her blinds. Wendy was on her phone talking to Melody who was watching from her house as the naked teacher was clearly visible in her windows. She slid her hand to her core and stroked her clit.

"It won't be long till you are doing t

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