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He rolled over on top of me, pinning my arms at my sides with his rock hard thighs. He kissed me hard, bruising my lip, tasting blood. He tried forcing my mouth open with his tongue, and when he realized I wasn't going to do it, he squeezed my neck harder and said into my mouth, "Open your mouth bitch, or I'll break your neck." I immediately opened my mouth to feel his hot tongue exploring mine. "Mmmm, you taste good." He said into my open mouth.

Just then, I felt my skirt being pulled up. The air on my bare legs felt heavenly, but I was too scared to care. Then, I felt a callused hand moving up my thigh. I wasn't sure if it was Mark or Phil until I heard Mark chuckle. "She doesn't have any panties on guys. Mmmm, you were waiting for this, weren't you?" My body tensed as I realized Mark was staring at my naked pussy. I never wore anything under my costume, because there was just too much damn material.

Matt's hands moved down to my chest, squeezing my breasts painfully. I arched my back, pleads becoming garbled nonsense into his mouth. With one swift motion, he ripped the bodice of my costume, baring me down to my belly. Releasing my mouth, Matt rose up to look down at my full, round breasts. I could feel his erection pressing down on my lower belly.

I lurched as Mark pushed to fingers into my pussy. It hurt like hell and I screamed. I stopped when I felt a stinging pain on my face after Matt slapped me. "Shut up, bitch. There's no one to hear you anyway. But I don't like screaming, unless you scream when you cum. Do you scream when you cum?" Matt was staring down at me, and evil look on his face. I ignored him, turning my head to the side. I looked up at Phil, who was just sitting there, his huge, erect penis in his hand.

In the next instant, Matt was off of me, roughly rolling me onto my stomach. Pinning me down with his knee in the middle of my back, he ripped the rest of my costume off me. There I was, in the still heat of that massive bedroom, laying face down on an ancient Spanish moss stuffed mattress, completely naked. Mark was still fucking me with his fingers, which were slick now with my juices. My body had betrayed me. I didn't want this to happen; yet I was becoming wet for these guys.

I began to thrash on the bed, trying with all my might to get away. Someone grabbed my wrists and painfully wrenched my arms behind my back. It was Matt, and I heard him whisper close to my ear in a deep, scary voice, "Don't. If you want to live, you better cooperate." Then I felt the burning sting on my ass as he slapped me hard.

Mark's fingers left my snatch and I began to relax. But it was only for an instant, as I felt him push his huge cock into me. I screamed like a banshee, for they hadn't realized I was a virgin. And with on hard thrust, he'd rend my hymen. I was crying then, tears staining the antique quilt that had covered that bed for more then two hundred years. Mark saw the blood covering his dick as he pulled out and thrust back into me hard. I heard him laugh and say he'd never taken anyone's virginity before. I heard the other two moan as if my being a virgin was an even bigger turn on. Silently, I thanked god my mom had put me on the pill when I was twelve to regulate my periods. If anything, at least I wouldn't get pregnant by one of these bastards.

Soon the searing pain lessened. The blood blessedly eased his thrusts deep into me, beating my core relentlessly. Through my daze, I heard the other two cheering Mark on, telling him to fuck me harder. Just as I was giving into my fate, I felt a finger pressing at my ass. It was too much and I began to beg again. Before the whole plea left my mouth, I felt the sting of a belt on my ass. One of the bastards had taken his belt off and was whipping me. I writhed on the bed, only succeeding in making Mark harder inside of me, if that was possible. I heard Matt say close to my ear, "I don't want to fucking hear anything else out of that sweet mouth of yours."

Phil, who at this point had don

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