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The scandals and passions of a Gilded Age family.

She crossed the room to an open window through which the cold night air flowed freely. She allowed her duffel bag to drop to the floor with a heavy clank next to the window.

She smiled at him again. "Get up," she commanded. "I want you to kneel, but don't fall off the table."

He tried, but with his restraints, he needed help.

She obliged, helping him to a kneeling position on the tabletop. Then she lit more candles around the room while humming sweetly to herself.

Adam decided to try a different tactic-empathy instead of bravado.

"You made them angry," he said reasonably.

"They don't know what I have planned for you," she purred in reply. "If they did . . ."

She turned away, leaving the thought unfinished.

The room had no furniture other than the small table that supported him and a large leather chair intended for the comfort of a mistress. There were hanging bondage implements and spooled chains on ratcheted wheels attached to the wall. He surmised that one of the ratchets was for adjusting the height of the sex swing hanging in the room's center.

Emily paused in her humming to look up toward the ceiling, and Adam remembered that she had never seen the room before-although she had certainly heard about it.

Something she saw satisfied her. She continued to hum.

She walked to the open window and looked out. As she leaned over the sill, she seemed completely unconcerned (or perhaps she had forgotten) that she was no longer wearing panties. Adam unavoidably saw what her short dress failed to conceal.

She whistled as she looked out.

"Long way down," she said. "Good thing I'm not afraid of heights." She grinned too knowingly.

She continued to hum.

She reached into her duffel bag and pulled out a cell phone. She pointed the camera lens at him and said, "Smile." She took his picture, and continued to hum as she pushed more buttons on her phone.

After putting the phone back into her bag, she found a selection of chains hanging on the wall. She selected one of the longer ones that had a removable link on the end. She brought it and an S-hook over to Adam.

She attached one end of the chain to a ring on the upper back of Adam's harness. She threw the other end across an overhead pipe, then carried the end to a metal ring imbedded in the wall, making it as tight as she could before attaching it to the wall with the S-hook.

She walked over to Adam and kicked the table out from under him.

Still secured in a tight hogtie, he found himself dangling at a nearly vertical angle, swinging helplessly from the chain that had been slung over the pipe. Unable to use his arms or his legs to steady himself, he hoped that the S-hook in the wall was as strong as she thought it was.

It held, but Emily tested it further. With reckless abandon, she threw both arms over his shoulders and pulled her own feet into the air, allowing the chain to support their combined weight as they swung back and forth.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she squealed in giddy contentment, enjoying the feeling of his body pressing against her.

She placed her feet on the solid floor and halted their movement. She gave a final tug on the chain and said, "That should be strong enough."

She placed a cushion beneath Adam. After crossing the room to the load-bearing ring, she grabbed the chain and released the S-hook.

She lowered him-almost gently-to the cushion on the floor.

"A good test," she said, and resumed her humming.

She pulled the loose end of Adam's chain down from the pipe and allowed it to fall to the floor next to him. With one end still attached to Adam's back, she brought the other end to the duffel bag next to the window. Squatting, she unzipped the bag and placed it inside. He could not tell what she was doing because her back was turned, but it seemed like she was attaching the chain to something inside the bag.

She stood up and turned her attention to the sex swing.

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