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.. uh ... examined me." He hesitated for moment, then finally continued when she turned from her close examination of hs privates and looked up at him inquisitively.

"Well, you see it only hurts a little when I start to get excited. But as things go along it gets worse..." he paused, again licking his lips nervously. "But when I ahhh... ejaculate, that when it's really bad, I would say the pain is a strong seven and it stays that way for a while after." The miner looked embarrassed and at the same time relieved to have finally gotten it out.

"Okay" said the doctor, turning her attention back to his now rock-hard erection "There are plenty of conditions that can cause pain during ejaculation" she gently lifted his cock until the hard shaft pressed against his stomach, reaching beneath to carefully heft his testicles with her other hand. "The most common causes are infection, but I already know from the medi-patch that you don't have one of those. Not to mention that Miss Mounds, the entertainment coordinator, takes very stringent measures to ensure that those sort of infections aren't brought into the base."

The miner gasped softly as she continued speaking and examining him. His legs twitched once when she delicately gripped a testicle between her thumb and index finger, squeezing and slowly turning it, feeling for any lumps or irregularities. When she switched to the other he gasped again and his rigid cock briefly strained against the small hand that was holding it up against his stomach.

"Please don't move, I am almost done" said Doctor Zhao tartly. With that she released his testicle and slid her fingers down underneath the scrotum, fingertips pressing and probing at the strip of hairy skin that separated it from his anus. She pursed her lips thoughtfully as her digging fingers caught the barest outline of his prostate. It felt as though it could be very slightly swollen... but looking at the flushed skin of his rigid cock still held in her other hand, the doctor was reminded that in his current state of arousal it might feel enlarged. She didn't think a manual examination of the prostate would be needed but she needed to get a sample of his ejaculate anyway.

She stood straight, still holding his erection in one hand. "I think you have a slightly enlarged prostate, so I need a sample of your fluids to run some labs" With her free hand, the doctor reached into a drawer under the examination table and produced a clear plastic sample container, popping off the lid with her thumb. "You will need to masturbate and ejaculate into this."

The miner looked up at her and swallowed hard, his adam's apple moving up and down beneath the tangled mass of his salt and pepper beard. "Umm.. okay." He hesitated. "Can I get a little more comfortable?"

"Of course" replied the doctor, giving him a warm smiled and letting go of his erection. The shaft slapped audibly against the miners stomach as he moved to sit up a bit, while the doctor tapped a foot control to make the the examination table rise to about a 45 degree angle behind him for support. "You shouldn't feel awkward about this, I just need this sample to diagnose you fully and then you can be on your way. Would you be more comfortable if i stepped out?"

The miner took a long moment to answer, at first looking downward but finally bringing his eyes to her face. They were a shocking bright blue and when they locked with her brown orbs, the doctor felt a brief rush of heat rush from her face, down her body, all the way to her pussy. "Actually, would you stay please?"

"Of course" said Dr. Zhao, realizing as she said it that she was repeating herself. The flush of heat that she had felt rose again and she realized that she was probably blushing.

The miner didn't speak again, instead leaning back against the table and spreading his legs wide, then reaching down to wrap his big right hand around the thick shaft of his cock.

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