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Cross-dresser's girlfriend teaches him a lesson.

"I can't wait," he thought, "to see if she has gotten aroused by this gentle flirtation." He knew there would be a telltale wetness ready and waiting for him there as he trailed his hand up her thigh. Thinking about it made his cock semi-rigid, down his thigh, trapped by his pants. He noticed that Lois' nipples were clearly evident, capping her trim smallish breasts, longing to be suckled.

"Later", he thought, "But soon, I hope." Andy's tongue flicked out over his lips in an involuntary reaction to the sight of his wife's alluring shape.

Allen soon said his good-byes and was off down the street whistling an aimless little tune.

Andy helped carry the dishes to the sink for Lois to do the washing up duties. Reaching around her from both sides to drop a plate in the water, his hands caressed her breasts through the silk of her blouse, squeezing and lifting them.

"Hmmmmmm." She murmured, sounding like a contented cat. She smiled as his hands slipped down to fondle the mound at the apex of her body. Then he was under her skirt, his finger finding the split of her pussy, probing her soft lips. His finger found what he was expecting, the telltale little pool of wetness under her panties.

"I thought so, love," he laughed seductively into her ear. "I'm off to bed, don't keep me waiting too long, now!!!" His hands trailed across her body, exploring, touching, lingering.

Lois hurried with her chores, then up the stairs, turning out the lights as she went. Ducking into the bathroom, slipped out of her blouse, slipped out of her skirt and slip, then let her bra slide down her arms to expose the little pink nipples, now rigid with her excitement. She rubbed her breasts, to get rid of the feeling of the bra's tightness, then pinched her nipples gently. Her hands slipped her panties off her hips and down her legs. She stepped out of the ring of panties and then rubbed a wash cloth over her mound and her pussy lips. She dabbed a drop of perfume there in the light blond curls covering her mound and thought of how Andy would sometimes rest his nose just there as his tongue was happily mining the juices of her pussy. Lois slipped her nightgown over her head.

Andy was sprawled on the bed nude in the light of one small lamp on his side of the bed. Lois felt the disappointment sweep over her as she realized that he had fallen asleep already. It was getting to be a frequent thing lately. She thought it was because of the stress of the difficult times at the office, but she couldn't quite get the hurt of it out of her heart. But tonight, she really wanted him, she admitted, and knelt by the side of the bed.

Andy was snoring deeply. Lois looked at the solid looking cylinder that was his cock, not rigid as she wanted, but still looking slightly firm. She toyed with it a moment, examining the smooth head, the split at the tip, her hand finding the velvety skin of his shaft. She leaned to touch it with her lips, moved along his length, speared her tongue out at the bulging blunt end. She looked closely at the tiny little "flavor buds" as she had called the textured surface of his cockhead. Her tongue tasted him, then slid along the length of it until her tongue found the sac of his balls. She heard him stop his snoring a moment, then resume. Her tongue fondled him, making his length completely wet from balls to the split tip.

She lifted his limpness, then slipped her lips around him, swirling him around her mouth with her tongue like a Popsicle.

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