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A teen and his sweetheart finally embrace his unique trait.

as she drifted towards sleep, 'but a very nice one!'


It was just after ten when the phone rang.

'You'd better come over and see what we taped yesterday.'

'Ooh, yes please, and should I bother putting any panties on?!'

A little laugh from Neeta. 'Not if you feel like that. We couldn't hear what they were saying last night but you can on the tape and I think you ought to hear it. It's quite revealing. See you in a little while.'

Ten minutes later saw Mary looking at Neetas television watching their husbands activities of the previous evening. She'd put the same skirt on and hadn't bothered with any underwear, just a loose top. She noticed Neeta was also wearing her sari from last night. The action was as she remembered but all the more erotic for being able to watch it without any fear of discovery. Although they were talking it was very quiet and a bit indistinct.

'What are they saying?' she asked.

Neeta turned the volume right up and Mary listened to her husband asking Tim intimate details about Neetas body, and hearing Tim telling him about the thick black hair round her dark cunt lips, her large dark nipples and breasts and the hair under her arms. He went on that he loved her tan and when he fucked her he loved to look at her breasts and would often push his face into her armpit as the smell and feel of the hair brought him off quite powerfully. They were both naked from the waist down and rubbing each others penises while talking. She wasn't surprised when Bob said he would love to see and suck her nipples but was when he said he would love to push his tongue through her hair into her cunt. She'd always thought he liked it shaved.

Mary looked across at her friend but there was no trace of embarrassment only faint amusement and a smile when she noticed Mary's glance. Then in response to Tims question, she heard her husband describe her shaven cunt and prominent lips and the way it got so wet, how she sometimes squirted, her largish breasts and large deep pink nipples which stood out hard when she was excited and the noise she made during orgasm! Mary gasped when she heard this and almost didn't hear Tim saying how much he would enjoy drinking her cunt cream and watch and listen to her cumming as she rode him cowboy style. She felt herself redden at the suggestion but couldn't deny that she had just got a lot wetter listening to them both.

The film then showed them kissing each other then oral sex before Tim turned away and presented Bob with his arsehole. The film ended just after they both came and Neeta turned it off.

'Well, what do you think?'

'Wow!' Mary breathed softly, 'so now we know.'

'Yes and I now know how we want to take our revenge.'

'Tell me.' So Neeta expanded on what she had outlined before, and Mary nodded.

'Well, that should solve it one way or another!'

'OK but what about our immediate needs? I presume you've got some because I know I have!' said Neeta.

By way of reply Mary lifted her skirt above her waist and parted her legs. She was already glistening from her excitement and ran her finger up and down her slit a few times before holding it up for her friends inspection. Neeta leant forward and gently took the wet offering in her mouth and sucked the moisture from it.

'Mmm, that's nice.' She said as she gently pushed Mary back on the settee and knelt between her legs. Although Mary had hoped something might happen between them, now it was, the anticipation was almost unbearable. She felt her lips being gently parted and heard a soft noise of appreciation as Neeta saw the extent of her excitement. 'God, you are amazing!' She felt her lips being manipulated and saw Neetas head move towards her then felt the soft but firm flesh of her tongue push gently into her. After a few thrusts this gave way to some suction as Neeta engulfed the whole of her cunt with her mouth and savoured the taste of the liquid she induced from it.

She felt Neetas hands roaming over her stomach as she sucked and licked her cunt so she undid her skirt and let it

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