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Jedi Masters Aayla Secura and Depa Billaba negotiate.

Sam looked around, spotted the worried-looking twenty-something brunette and walked over. "Lynda?"

"Sam?" said Lynda, "I was beginning to think you weren't coming!"

"It seemed the best way to get you looking worried again!" He said, and she laughed, relieved. "Well, here I am now, so what can I get you?"

So they ordered coffee and a light lunch and chatted for a while. Lynda was getting relaxed and enjoying Sam's company when he switched the conversation to the reason for the meeting. "Now that I have met you, I will certainly be keeping that email. Without it this would never have happened!"

This seemed to Lynda like typical guy-humour until he covered her hand with his and added quietly, "Who knows what else you will agree to?"

Lynda snatched her hand away as Sam continued, with a commanding edge to his voice, "Wait. That email gives me a certain power over you. I was late arriving because I was taking a printed copy somewhere safe. What would happen to your career if it fell into the wrong hands?"

Lynda tried bluffing, "Nothing. I'm safe from your threats because my boss trusts me."

I wasn't talking about your boss," Sam countered, "I was talking about his enemies. I haven't been here very long, but I have learned where the power struggles are. I have the names of those who would like nothing more than to see you and your boss brought down. And that will happen if you disobey me."

For the second time that day, the blood drained from Lynda's face. She was ambitious and had worked hard to get where she was in life. She was used to being in control of her destiny but, for first time, she realised that she had no choice. She lowered her eyes and said, in a near-whisper, "What do you want me to do?"

"What time do you finish work this evening?" asked Sam, "And do you have any plans for tonight?"

Lynda told him that she was free that evening. Sam questioned her further about her friends, family, love life and contraception. When he was satisfied that he knew all that he needed, he handed her the package and told her exactly what to do when the time came. Finally, he produced a small camera from his jacket pocket, took Lynda's photo, paid for the meal and left.

Chapter Three - She floats like a Butterfly

When Lynda left the office that evening, she was wearing the contents of the package from Sam. Instead of her usual pantyhose, she had on stockings held up by a suspender belt. Her panties were in her purse. She had never been outside without wearing her panties before, and, strangely, it gave her conflicting sensations of freedom whilst being controlled.

She looked around and saw that the silver sports car was waiting exactly as Sam had described. As she approached it, one of the blacked-out windows slid down. She crouched down to look into the car and saw a stunning redhead watching her. "I'm Nicole," said the redhead, "but you can call me Mistress. What do you have to do?"

Lynda had been well briefed by Sam. "Whatever you tell me to do."

"Whatever you tell me to do, Mistress!" stressed Nicole, "So say it again!"

"Whatever you tell me to do, Mistress!" repeated Lynda, beginning to feel as if she had entered an awful dream.

"Well, get in!" ordered Nicole, so Lynda did. The window slid back up.

The sensation of being controlled increased further, but the freedom receded. As she put on her seat belt, she began to feel trapped. Once Lynda was settled in, Nicole gunned the little car into the traffic, drove a few blocks and pulled over, with a curt explanation, "We're going for a drink first."

Once out of the car, Nicole led Lynda to a chic bar. After they found a secluded booth, Nicole ordered a mineral water for herself and a straight vodka for Lynda. When the drinks arrived, Nicole began to increase the pressure on Lynda.

"Lynda, there are two kinds of people - those who are in control and those who are controlled.

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