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A native gives her a strange flower as a gift.

They quiver at my touch and I quickly replace my fingers with my tongue, licking lightly at her thighs, inching ever closer to her crotch. Cheryl's hips are moving, very subtly, and her cries have become a sweet, "Mmmm ...mmmmm." I decide it's time for the main event and reach up for the waistband of her panties. With my fingers just inside the band I pause for effect. "May I?" I ask coyly.

Cheryl looks excited and oh so happy. "Yes, you may!!!, she answers with dramatic enthusiasm.

Cheryl eases her hips off the bed as I slowly, deliberately draw the panties down over her legs, revealing a perfectly trimmed but full little bush of blonde hair.

Cheryl seems a little embarrassed. "I don't shave it," she says apologetically. "I know that's kind of old school."

I certainly don't mind. I happen to think pubic hair is sexy, especially on an older woman. "Don't apologize. it's beautiful," I assure her. "You're beautiful." I am rewarded with a grateful smile and a sincere "Awwww... you are so such a doll baby."

Cheryl's head falls back onto the pillow and her hands start to run lightly, almost unconsciously over her breasts and belly, stimulating herself. Her legs a open but not splayed wide, her knees raised slightly in a relaxed position. I caress her kegs and she looks up at me with soulful, bedroom eyes. "Oh my gawd," she breathes, "I am so ready."

Yes, she is obviously ready. Cheryl's upper torso is flushed pink with sexual excitement, her nipples standing out on the orbs of her breasts, which rise and fall heavily now as her breath comes fast and furious. But the real evidence is lower, between her legs, where her pussy lies fully aroused, waiting for the attention I am now eager to give. Her lips are those of a mature woman, full and distended, opening up like a pink tropical flower, exposing the moist pit that lies between them. It looks so good! I can almost see the heat and desire rising out of her hole. I give her a quick smile of approval and move down to get started.

Cheryl spreads her legs easily, contentedly, as I position myself between them. I lick slowly up and down her thighs, several times, purposely avoiding her steaming pleasure pit. I can tell she wants a slow, easy cuntlapping, and that's what I give her. My mouth grazes lightly over her inner lips, just a tease, and she responds with a little "Ohhhhh" and a disappointed "Nnngh" as I move on without doing more. She places a hand lightly on my head, not pushing or pulling, but hinting that she wants more. I give in and kiss her hotly right on her open cleft, getting a lusty "Ahhhhhh," for my efforts. I nuzzle into her cunt, rolling my head back and forth, her blonde bush tickling my nose. I lick delicately at her swollen flaps as I move, then take one long, tortuously slow lick up and down in her warm slit.

Cheryl is happy to just let me work on her. She lies back lazily on the bed, totally relaxed, murmuring quietly to me as I delve into her wet cunt. "Oh sweetie .... oh god ... mmmmm ... oh honey ... that feels so good ... oh, baby that's just what I needed." Her hands move affectionately though my hair as her hips sway in a gentle rhythm, rising and falling in response to the motions of my tongue in her slot. I look up to see her, eyes half-closed, mouth open, her cheeks drawn in with desire, a look of total bliss on her face as I pleasure her.

"Ohhhhhh ... oh yeah ..." she whispers in her sweet, gentle drawl, "lick me ... just like that."

At this point I am totally turned on. Not only am I in bed with Cheryl Hines, whom I find incredibly attractive, but I am hearing her sweet, sexy voice calling me sweetie and baby and other pet names as I eat her out. I don't even try to hide my feelings as I shamelessly moan my passion into her hot, wet folds. My desire is obvious and Cheryl clearly notices.

"Ohhh mmmmm, eat me out, sweetie.

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