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Mobster gets revenge on his lying ex.

"Your honor," the prosecutor said realizing that the Judge was wandering into dangerous territory as his glassy eyes convened a sense of what he was thinking while looking at Venus. "I think our next witness can shed considerable light on why Cupid hasn't been picking up any potion lately," the prosecutor wanted to keep the momentum moving while it was still accelerating.

"Yes," the Judge agreed, "Mr. Henry, you can go," the Judge had barely finished his dismissal before Mr. Henry was running to the waiting arms of Olivia. They embraced passionately as they started to leave the courtroom. Everyone knew what was going to happen next as the door shut behind them. They'd all seen the papers and even some of the film clips from the news choppers that had been overhead that day. Olivia and Mr. Henry were a major news story. Their sexual exploits had sent the city burning with a desire of its own, and they didn't seem to mind the spotlight even when what they were doing should have taken place away from the cameras, or at least not in broad daylight.

"Venus, if you want to help out, perhaps you could find an antidote for this potion that Cupid has created," the Judge offered hoping for a chance to talk with her privately later.

"I'm not sure that I would want to have anything to do with stopping a love as strong as what they share, your honor," she said as she twirled, giving him a splendid 360 degree view of her beautiful body before heading back to her seat.

"Your honor," the prosecutor was speaking again, "It should be entered on the record that Mr. Henry has had his personal life destroyed, his wife of over thirty years won't speak to him, his kids have disowned him, and he is homeless. Worse still, the effects of the potion still linger and he has not even the faintest concern for those that he once held in the highest esteem and with the greatest love. Cupids potion not only created an artificial magnetism between Mr. Henry and Olivia, but it destroyed their love for others around them," he paused at the thought that everyone was having. Mr. Henry had just turned sixty and Olivia was only in her twenties.

The prosecutor was looking at Cupid with disgust. Cupid for his part was smiling back and winking, miming shooting an arrow at the prosecutor and then another at one of the men in the jury box.

"Order, Order," the Judge banged his gavel as the courtroom broke into more raucous laughter at Cupids antics. "Cupid, one more outburst like that and you will be watching the rest of these proceedings via video link from a private cell in the basement. It was an empty threat the Judge knew, he couldn't contain Cupid even here in the courtroom without the help of the Gods, but it did the trick, Cupid was behaving-for a moment.

"Mr. Prosecutor," the Judge continued, "your next witness if you'd please," the prosecutor nodded and a very attractive woman in her late twenties approached the witness stand.

"I'd like to enter this as exhibit A, your honor," the prosecutor said as he held up for the jury's viewing pleasure, a poster sized picture that seemed similar to the lady now entering the witness stand. In the picture she had dark, brown hair that was pulled back tight against her head and tied into a very unbecoming bun upon the back of her head. She was dressed in an impeccable white lab coat that read, "Dr. Smith", across the lapel. She looked every bit the stuffy librarian type except for the white coat. The background of the picture showed a modern lab, complete with test tubes, and gizmos, ruling out the librarian stereotype offered by her demeanor

The woman that was actually sitting now in the witness stand had red hair and was wearing a sheer white blouse.

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