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Two riders want more than a meal in the Old West.

I told her we could roleplay it if she wanted, but she said no. I'm too nice to be that aggressive anyway. Many of my fantasies are easily fulfilled. Some of Claire's are much harder or downright impossible for one reason or another.

I realize my penis has gone soft, but as soon as I look at Claire's ass again it starts to perk back up. Then I start to formulate a plan. It might not be exactly her fantasy, but maybe it would fulfill it a little bit. I reach out and put my hand on her ass gently, trying to gauge her reaction. She doesn't even stir a little bit. She must be really deep asleep, because normally she's a pretty light sleeper. I roll to my side and the bed creaks loudly and this time I'm sure she'll notice, but not even her breathing changes. I put my hand on her ass again and caress my way down to her thigh and then over. In the dark, it takes a moment, but I find the entrance to her pussy and gently rub my finger down it. I hear her breath intake, but she doesn't stir. I slowly rub the outside of her pussy and she doesn't make another sound.

I quietly sit up in bed to get a better angle so my wrist doesn't get tired. Emboldened by her staying asleep, I push one of my fingers to the first knuckle into her pussy. She twitches a moment in her sleep and switches which way she's facing again, but that's it. I rub the entrance of her pussy and feel its warmth even when it isn't aroused. As I tease it, it starts to get wet. I spread the wetness around and avoid her clit for fear of touching it and waking her up. I push my finger in deeper and she moans softly in her sleep. I slowly finger her pussy until it's completely soaked. My dick is throbbing with anticipation. I move from my sitting position so that I'm hovering over her ass with my dick and wait for her to react. When she doesn't I part her pussy lips with one hand and with the other I guide my cock to the entrance.

I pause a moment to make sure she's still asleep before I push the head of my dick into her pussy. She shudders and moans and I think she must be close to waking up. I push the rest of the way inside because I want to be inside her when she does wake up. As I do so, she really begins to stir and make little confused grunts. I slide my cock back and then thrust it forward again. By the third time I pump my dick in her pussy she's woken up. She starts to squirm and I let my body rest against her no longer needing to hold myself up above her. I don't thrust any more but instead just let my thick rod twitch inside her wet pussy.

"What?" she asks groggily, then louder, "Jake?"

She lifts her head to look and when she does I put my hand over her mouth and whisper in her ear.

"I'm going to fuck you," I say and as I do I lift my hips and thrust into her again.

She jolts and squirms a moment. I let her pull my hand away from her mouth, but she doesn't protest. She puts her head back down on the pillow and moans.

"Just do it," she says.

For a moment, I stop. She sounds actually upset. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe that fantasy should have stayed more firmly a fantasy. Or maybe she's just trying to get into the idea of it. I decide it isn't worth it if she really doesn't want to and I pull my dick out of her pussy. It comes reluctantly wanting so much to spend forever in her dark cavern. She lifts up her head again and looks back at me.

"What are you doing?" she asks sounding indignant. "Fuck me."

The command makes my heart jump and almost of its own accord my cock plunges back into her pussy.

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