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Carol and the gang attend their first spanking party.

Blaine's new knowledge that Marie's rules were flexible, more guideline than decree, meant that he was destined to seek her bare breast, something Marie protested vehemently before accepting so completely she'd even partially undressed herself in public, in her car, on Blaine's orders, just so he'd have easier access to her when they were alone.

Skin to skin touching led to Marie letting herself be stripped naked above the waist so her young colleague could engage in nipple play and soon rough nipple activities. The mature beauty's submission to him and her wanton responses to the aggressive "caressing" he gave her tits led to Blaine no longer being able to control his arousal.

The inordinate size of his cock meant that Blaine had to release it to prevent the insufferable pain a full blown hard on in his jeans would cause. Once out, Blaine was obliged to discharge his semen in order to soften his cock enough to return it to his pants.

It was Marie who insisted on cleaning up his messy cum from the walls and floor of that musty corner in that musty room, finally resorting to lapping up the salty liquid just to feel a second-hand closeness to the young black stud because she feared a complete loss of control were there ever to be a direct transfer of Blaine's essence into her mouth.

But it was that driving perversity, witnessed by Blaine when she was on her hands and knees suctioning pools of semen from the concrete floor and desperately fingering her slick tunnel, that had her standing next to the black stallion, holding his cock by a thin towel and exchanging depths-of-her-soul kisses with a paramour more than three decades younger than she.

"I said, kiss it," Blaine reiterated, halting Marie's mental journey of self-awareness and justification of her current situation.

Placing a hand at the back of her neck, Blaine directed Marie's head toward his groin much as Andre had more than fifteen years earlier. This time she didn't go fleeing into the night. This time she bent at the waist until her lips contacted the towel and, indirectly, the cock supporting it.

Blaine heard the guttural moan that escaped Marie when her lips parted, seeking to surround and capture Blaine's cotton encrusted phallus. Blaine felt the softness of her puffy lips grasp at him and the hardness of her teeth bite at him. When she tried to capture the cloth in her teeth and pull it off, Blaine pulled her head back up and kissed her again.

The kiss must have lasted more than a minute before Blaine broke it. During its duration Marie let go of the ends of the towel she was clutching and slid her hand beneath the white terry cloth draped over Blaine's erection not unlike a man sliding a hand up a woman's skirt. Her shudder was violent and involuntary as Marie experienced that incredible skin-on-skin contact between her hand and that fabulous phallus.

"Oh Blaine!" she shivered as her fingers pushed back along that silken skin until her entire forearm was under that towel with his penis. She could feel the warmth of his cock shaft the entire length of her forearm and it thrilled her. The cock head nestled in the crook of her elbow and she was just able to tickle his scrotum with her fingernails.

"Shit," growled Blaine, grabbing Marie's free hand and looking at her watch. "I have to make a call. Can you get my cell out of my pants?"

Reluctantly, Marie dragged her hand out from under that towel even as she mentally screamed an epithet at her young tormentor. FUCKING CUNT TEASER!!! Perhaps she should have just slid to her knees then and exorcised the sexual demons still tormenting her from the night she ran from the back seat of Andre's car.

Marie handed Blaine his phone and returned to caressing his cock while he dialed.

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