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Sexy Trina is brought into the plan.

My mind started to wander off to the conversation that I heard. And I noticed myself getting turned on. I felt my body start to flush and found myself getting slightly damp between my legs. I felt a little dirty, a little wrong imagining my sister's ex-husband doing explicit things.

After the meeting that night, Daniel caught up to me and asked me to have dinner with him and I didn't want to be rude, so I said yes. Were were sitting in the hotel's restaurant enjoying a nice meal and then I noticed something. Daniel was drinking scotch and I was drinking wine, but things started to get heated. He rested his hand on my thigh and started talking about the things that went wrong with Annie.

"She just wasn't the same anymore. Ever sine she had the kids, her appetite for sex just disappeared. She NEVER wanted it anymore. She claimed that I was disgusting and that she couldn't stand my weird sexual fantasies. But before the kids, she was more sexually turned on than anyone I have ever known. She would try anything and everything. We even experimented with threesomes and swinging. But then all of a sudden, she didn't want anything to do with me."

I just sort of shrugged and made a comforting noise and drank more of my wine.

"What about you Allie, what sort of fantasies do you have?" Daniel asked with lust and the effects of his scotch taking over.

"Umm...I'm not sure," I said as his hand made it's way higher on my thigh, making me tingle all over and feel a little weird.

"It's okay Allie," he said as his green eyes gazed into mine.

"Annie and I are through, but you Allie, you turn me on so much. Ever since I met you. You give me the hardest cock ever. I used to think about you when I fucked Annie. I pictured your face when she sucked my cock and when I came all over her tits, I imagined that they were yours."

My flesh was now on fire as his hand massaged my thigh close to my wet pussy. My breath was coming in short pants and I felt my nipples tighten as my body betrayed me.

"Let's go upstairs to my room," Daniel suggested.

I could only nod my head as I lost all my senses except for the lust.

We made our way to the elevator and my brain was all jumbled up. I kept thinking that I was betraying my sister somehow. But she left him. She had walked out on him. She couldn't satisfy his needs and in some weird way, I could. He wanted ME. The average girl. Average looking, average student, average job, average sex life. But he wanted to fulfill his sexual needs with ME and it felt wonderful. I pushed aside the fact that he had been married to Annie and I let the wine and the primal sexual needs forward.

We made our way to his room and as we stood outside the bedroom door, he looked at me in earnest and said,"are you sure Allie, you don't have to do this."

I looked at him for a moment and the reached up and kissed him.

He grabbed me around the waist and deepened the kiss. He fumbled for the room key and finally opened the door. We danced our way into the room, arms wrapped around each other feeling our bodies against each other. Lips and tongues completely intertwined. I felt completely surreal as he reached up to undo my dress. I also felt a little self conscious as he undid the zipper and let it fall to the floor in a pool around my ankles.

"Beautiful," he breathed as he took in my body in just my bra and thong.

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