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Continuation from Zorro.

Now the kitchen, had large French doors overlooking the pool, so as I swam, I couldn't help but look in at Cathy busying herself getting dinner ready, and that her body had if anything gotten better.

After my swim, I got dressed and dinner was ready, I never knew Cathy was such a great cook, steak, and lobster, with all the trimmings. After dinner we each grabbed our wine and headed for the den, we talked of family, school, and Cathy's job...just small talk, like old friends.

Then it happened like a lightning bolt, Cathy asked me if I had been with many girls, which shocked me, we had never talked about such things. I told I had my share of encounters, But she wanted to know how many so I told her 15 which was just about right to my recollection.

She sat back on her chair with a smile and began to tell me things I never thought about, mostly about her life, how she had put all her efforts into her work, and now realized she was missing out on life.

Like what? I asked then she said it...like sex! Then she got up and sat down beside me on the couch, not wanting to look directly at me while she continued to speak. My sister Cathy was a virgin, not in the sense she had a hymen, because she had spent many nights with her toys, but she had never been with a man. But mainly she felt she didn't know anything about making love, and if she was going to change her life, she would need to learn a thing or two and that's where I came in, after all she couldn't just ask anyone to teach her about sex...could she? Then she kissed me, her best deep soul kiss, and it wasn't bad, in fact after all the talk, I was starting to get pretty hard. Cathy put her hand in my lap, and noticed it too, and grabbed my hand to lead my to her bedroom, Cathy dimmed the lights real low, I kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt as I sat on the bed. The Cathy started slowly taking off her blouse, and skirt, to reveal a black corset, with red trim, and garters holding up her stockings, and a black g-string. She had obviously put a lot of thought into her plan to seduce me.

Then she pushed me back on the bed and began removing my jeans and underwear, and let my dick spring free, which by now was a hard as I can remember. Cathy got down on her knees and started to lick my dick, then took it all into her mouth, I wondered how she knew just what to do? Later I found out Cathy had been planning this evening the whole time I was off at school, including a select collection of porn videos. She got up on the bed with me, removed the G-string, and immediately got into a 69 with me. Can I describe what a virgin pussy, that has waited this long tastes like? I started licking the most wonderful tasting pussy I had every had, and Cathy was doing a pretty good job, of getting me even harder, with an expert mouth courtesy of some great porn tutorials. Afraid I might cum too soon, I moved Cathy around to face me as we kissed I notice a new softness in her face, she was beautiful! I unsnapped her corset to reveal the body I never thought I'd see, and in the dim lights it was all I thought it would be.

I pulled Cathy on top of me so she could set her own pace, she immediately reached down, and aimed my dick at her pussy, which by now was dripping with anticipation, and I slid right in as she slowly lowered herself onto my raging boner.

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