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Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight.

.." I said shakily.

She beckoned me to lie on my back as she slowly ran her fingers up my chest towards my face. Her fingers slid over my eyelids and closed them softly

"Just relax, babe... We're going to have some fun tonight..." She whispered in my ear. "Count down from ten and open your eyes."

As I counted down, I felt the arousal welling up inside my stomach, that feeling I get every time I know what's coming. As I opened my eyes, I expected to see my partner sliding her lips toward my cock, eager to slip them around my engorged head.

I opened my eyes and was shocked at what I saw. Two large mounds of skin lie on my chest. I leaned forward and yelled, "What the FUCK?"

As I gazed toward my wife I saw something that shocked me even more. What I beheld was a very muscular man, not too large, instead sporting an athletic look.

He looked into my eyes and again beckoned me to lie back saying, "Relax honey, this is our fantasy, let's enjoy ourselves."

As I lie back I felt him lovingly kissing around my navel, slowly working his way down to my privates. As he reached my region, he began to stroke my legs with his soft fingers. Slowly working his way toward my member, I experienced an unfamiliar feeling. He unfurled his wet tongue and began running along a pair of lips. I had never experienced such a feeling, and let out a loud moan as I arched my back toward the ceiling. He reached toward my chest and pushed me back down to the mattress.

As he worked his tongue up and down my pussy lips, I felt my blood rushing toward it, swelling my already full lips, and increasing my already heightened arousal. Soon after this, I felt another new feeling, wetness. At first it was slow, but as he worked me harder, it began to ooze out of my pussy and slowly drip toward my ass hole.

I reached down to experience what if felt like, and happened upon a small lump near the opening to my pussy. I immediately knew what to do. Using my index finger, I make slow circles around this bump and felt it slowly emerge from beneath its hood. As my finger passed over it, I felt pleasure unlike any I had ever felt before. Letting out another moan of ecstasy, I began to furiously rub my clit and felt the pulsing sensation build in my region as I let out moans louder and louder than the next. As he continued eating my pussy, I finally reached my first climax as a woman. My asshole tightened and expanded repeatedly as I experienced my first orgasm. Even his strong arms could not hold me down as I writhed in beautiful agony.

As I came down from my high, he slowly ran his fingers up to my pussy and felt my extreme wetness. "I think you're ready, honey." He followed." How is nine inches for you?" He said jokingly.

I nodded excitedly and pulled him toward me with great anticipation. He wrapped his hand around his throbbing member and pulled it toward my gaping opening. He massaged me with his head, rubbing it from my asshole all the way to my clit. I let out slight moans form this, but I wanted the whole thing. I reached around his back, connected my hands and pulled forcefully. His cock slid into my tight pussy and stretched my walls, filling every inch of my tunnel. The pressure I felt in my stomach was unbearable and I screamed at the top of my lungs. He told me to shut up and began pounding me furiously, as I let out screams of ecstasy. His cock was so large he easily hit the back of me. It hurt, but felt so good that I didn't care. I pulled him closer to me as he drilled deeper and deeper into my slippery cunt.

Suddenly, he grabbed me again around the back and flipped us both, with him ending up on the bottom. "I want you to ride me!" He exclaimed.

I happily obliged.

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