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Will & Eva's vacation: Monday.

She bolted as if from an electric shock at the first contact of my tongue and her ass rose from the bed pushing her pussy into solid contact with my probing digit. I licked again at the fragrant pussy flesh as her cuntlips began to spread and release their honey. I pushed my long hot tongue into her juicy cunt and began to swirl it around searching for more of her tasty treasure.

"Ohhh, God that feels so goooood...," she cried, as she threw back her head and raked the bed with her fingers.

I continued to suck out her hole for a few more minutes then brought out my tongue to lick up and down her slit. When my hot tongue hit her clit and began to circle it she began crying, "Yes, yes, right there. Ooohhh, yes. I'm cummmming now, I'm cummmiiinnnggg!!!!!"

I continued licking and then sucked the stiff clit into my lips as I sucked and licked. After a few moments she collapsed back on the bed to get her breath. I lay back and we shared a cigarette as we tried to recuperate for the next round.

"Boy, that was really something. I never dreamed it would be like that. If I had, I would probably have tried it long ago," she said.

As we lay there talking and kissing, I felt her hand moving down to my half hard cock. She began to play with it and felt it harden still more. "Do you like to ball," she ask me suddenly.

"I love it." I said.

"I think I will too," she said, "and I'm about ready to try it. Let me get your cock really hard and ready to go."

She swung over my crotch taking my hard dick into her warm wet mouth and began sucking and licking it all over to get it hard and wet.

"Just enough to get it really wet and hard, baby. I'm about ready to fuck you now," I said. As soon as she was satisfied she raised up and gave it a few final licks before laying back on the bed and spreading her legs.

"Please, be easy with me. I've never had a cock in me before but I want it so bad I could bust," she said.

Realizing the honor she was about to bestow on me, I said with a grin, "Sure, baby. I'll slip it in so easy you won't even know it's there."

"I'd better know it's there," she replied with a smile. "Now let's fuck and have a ball."

I rolled between her spread thighs and lifted her legs off the bed and spread them wide. I told her to reach down and spread her tight cuntlips for me. She opened her lips and I spread a gob of spit with my finger right into her pussy opening. I gently pressed my finger in and reamed it around to stretch and lubricate her tight virgin cunt.

As soon as I removed my finger I guided my stiff hot cock into her virgin hole. She held it open as much as possible as I watched and felt my big cockhead disappear into her virgin pussy. As soon as the head was securely lodged inside she let go and locked her legs around my back. Damn, it felt like very tight hot wet velvet glove in there.

I held still for a few moments as Terri's cunt muscles adjusted to the rude invader. "Does that hurt, baby," I ask her.

"No, it doesn't hurt, but it feels very tight. Like you're trying to put a telephone pole up inside me," she replied.

"OK," I said. "I'll just stay still for a few minutes. When you're ready for some more just start working it in."

In a few seconds; she started moving her butt from side to side then up and down a little at a time, getting use to the feel of a hard cock entering her virgin hole. As she moved more, her pussy started to lubricate and adjust to my cock. In a few minutes, she had most of my stiff dick buried in her tight young cunt.

It was so tight and hot that I had to ask her to be still for a few moments so that I wouldn't cumm off yet. As I cooled down I dipped my head and sucked on her luscious tits. Soon I released her nipples and began to slowly fuck into her hot pussy with longer and longer strokes. She began to moan and buck her cunt up to meet my every stroke. In a minute I was plunging into her full depth.

"Ooohhh, God, that's wonderful," she said, "and I do know it's there, too.

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