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An unexpected bonus with a new partner.

After another moment, your hands begin to slide down your body and I tense with arousal anticipating the coming show.

Your fingers slide down on each side of your swelling slit. You touch and caress around your lips, not quite yet venturing to your opening, just teasing. I am transfixed by watching you. I hardly notice that you are watching me in the mirror too. You catch my eye, your face showing me that my attention and arousal excites, but scares you. I moan softly in your ear "you are so sexy, I love watching you." Your eyes glaze over with my words and you slide a finger deep into your slit.

I watch as you tease yourself. Your finger dips deep into your tunnel and then slowly slides out and up until your find your clit. A quick, light swirl of your nib and your finger thrusts back into your tunnel. I can feel your hips begin to gyrate, just slightly, as you slowly settle into a rhythm: In and out, sliding around, and then back in and out again.

Your breath quickens with each stroke and again you let your head drop against my shoulders. Your left hand has been idly caressing your body. Teasing your nipples, stroking your inner thighs, even venturing to my leg. But now, you bring it down to join your right hand. You slide a finger deep inside you as the middle finger of your right hand begins to focus on your clit. The double attention of your hands soon has you gasping and moaning "god, god."

Although watching every stroke of your pussy was my goal, I am drawn to the expression on your face. Your eyes closed as your mind takes you to what fantasy I cannot tell. Your mouth, opening just slightly as your tongue darts to lick your lips. The flush of your cheeks as your arousal reaches a point of no return. I glace as your ministrations and see that you have two fingers buried inside, furiously fondling your g-spot. One finger rapidly circles your clit, and I feel your body, still wrapped in my arms and legs, begin to shake. The explosion is everything I had hoped for. Your face screws up in that beautiful, goofy, sensuous orgasm face. A face lost in the sensations of your own body, overwhelmed by the powerful waves coursing through your flesh. I whisper-moan into your ear "yes, baby, you are so sexy when you cum."

Your fingers slow and stop as your now hyper-sensitive pussy needs a break. I feel your body relax against mine, your head still thrown back against my shoulder. Your hands find my knees and you begin to stroke and caress my legs. Your breath still coming in quick pants, you turn and I can tell you are about to suggest something, but I have plans. "Shhhhhh" I whisper "relax for a moment."

You begin to speak, but I cover your lips with mine, and let my tongue pry into your mouth. After a moment, we break the kiss and I again entreat you "just let me decide, I know what I want." Even speaking these words makes my cock throb and you mewl slightly, acquiescing to my plan.

Gently sliding you forward, I reach under the blanket and remove the bottle of lube I have secreted there. You see it, and a nervous smile crosses your lips. Thinking you can read my mind, you move forward, assuming a position on all fours in front of the mirror, your ass is positioned not from me, and is inviting. While I admit that this idea has merit, I think I have a better plan. I take the opportunity and begin to gently stroke and caress your ass. I adore your round ass, how it curves into your broad hips. You whimper slightly as my finger glide softly across the sensitive skin of your tight back door.

Squirting a generous amount of lube right on your little rose, I begin to work it into you.

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