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She resents the sitter's attitude.

"Just a peek," Sandee whispered, standing over Rachael.

She carefully and slowly, pulled Rachael's pajama pants down, exposing her bare ass. "There we go."

Sandee was still for a few seconds, looking at Rachael's ass cheeks. They were small, toned, not hugely muscular. "Beautiful," Sandee whispered, leaning down to breathe in Rachael's scent.

She stuck out her tongue, wanting to lick it, but stopped herself. "No, this was enough," Sandee whispered, pulling her daughter's pants back up. Sandee climbed into bed, lying awake for another hour, casually rubbing her clit.

Rachael stirred, shivering, cold again. "Hey," Sandee woke her up. "Let me hold you, keep you warm."

In her half-awake state, Rachael nodded and snuggled into Sandee's open arm. Her head landed on Sandee's breast. Rachael quickly moved it.

"It's ok. They're pillows, it's fine, rest," Sandee said. Rachael lay back down, her head once again on Sandee's boob.

Sandee trailed her hand up and down Rachael's back, kissing her head a few times. A few moments later, she felt her daughter's hand on her flat tummy, slowly rubbing it, then stopping, resting there.

"Please go lower," Sandee thought. "Please slide your hand into my pants." But Rachael was still, her slow breathing patterns resuming. She was asleep again.

Sandee laughed at herself, thinking how great it'd be to have a gorgeous young woman as her lover. "Oh well," Sandee thought one last time, calming herself down, drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 6

The next two days were more of the same. Large gatherings, both Rachael's biological and adopted families hung out, ate and were merry for the holiday season. The ladies went shopping, dragging their sons along, much to their dismay. The sons were rewarded wonderfully for it later that night of course.

At night Sandee slept in bed with Rachael again. They talked more and more, snuggled, holding one another while doing so before going to sleep. Sandee loved her. She wanted to tell this girl, but decided against it.

Sandee was a little concerned when she found the Christmas party her aunt was throwing was girls only. Diane calmed Sandee down, reminding her that her Aunt Tiffanie wasn't as wild as Diane, and that Sandee had nothing to be afraid of. She took the precaution of prepping Rachael, saying it was girls only, joking that there may be a male stripper, thinking the worst. Rachael laughed, not concerned.

On the way to Atlanta for their overnight stay, Sandee, Rachael and Valerie sat in the back seat. Sandee listened to Valerie and her niece chat. Valerie said she thought Rachael looked familiar from the gym. Valerie said she didn't go there anymore, opting to do her fitness regimen at home. Valerie asked if Rachael kept up with it too, Rachael said she didn't. Sandee was happy to hear Valerie suggesting they exercise together when Rachael is home from college. Sadness panged Sandee's heart - she'd be back in Los Angeles then, away from her daughter.

When they arrived at Aunt Tiffanie's, things were going great for the first 15 minutes, but then an absolute nightmare reared its ugly head, embarrassing Sandee.

The nightmare just so happened to be an extremely attractive, muscular man named Ulysses. That wasn't the problem so much as he was completely naked.

"This is mine," Tiffanie said, running her hand over Ulysses' chest. "This is mine too," she added, grabbing his cock. "I am sharing him with you all tonight. He'll be in my bedroom. Who wants him first?"

"Me!" Diane immediately spoke, making her way toward the man, grabbing his cock, pulling him to Tiffanie's bedroom. Sandee shook her head, rubbing her temples.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered to Rachael. "Aunt Tiffanie is usually really tame and boring."

Rachael, blushing, smiled nervously. "It's fine, Sandee."

Sandee grabbed Rachael's hand, patting it a few times, then decided to hold it. Rachael held it back, running her thumb over it.

One-by-one the women at the party took turns with Ulysses, all except Sandee and Rachael.

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