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It's true, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Black male sexual prowess is often fetishized and envied, yet the presence of black men in public places still led to unease among some individuals.

White women in suburban America often dream of bedding black men, sometimes secretly exploring their curiosity behind closed doors, yet cross the street at night when they see a young black man coming their way. This, even in the Age of Obama. That's why TS Madison took Brian Pumper's calm, cool and collected denials about his rumored bisexuality in stride.

Enjoy your trade training Mr. Pumper, TS Madison whispered, gently stroking Brian Pumper's long and thick ebony dick while pumping her own dick up his tight ass. Brian Pumper had fucked hundreds of women in front of the cameras as an adult film star. The handsome, well-endowed brother's exploits were legendary. Simply legendary.

Black porn stars such as Cherokee D'Ass, Lola Lane, Pinky, Vida Valentine and various others had felt Brian Pumper's awesome rod of power, as had mainstream white porn stars like Stunning Summer, Ginger Lynn, Joclyn Stone and Barbara Summer, to name but a few. Brian Pumper was the king of interracial porn, and had dethroned older black male porn icons like Byron Long, Devin Weed, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele and Tony Tedeschi.

TS Madison watched and waited, and finally, her persistence paid off. One night, at the Adult Video News awards, Brian Pumper gave a rousing speech, and his legions of fans, both male and female, happily clapped. Even while Brian Pumper, flanked by his girlfriend of the moment, Montana Fishburne, daughter of Hollywood icon Laurence Fishburne, smiled and talked, TS Madison could sense the brother's uneasiness.

Like an actor playing a role, Brian Pumper was putting on a good show for his adoring public, but an experienced soul like TS Madison could see right through him. That's why, after the festivities ended, TS Madison discretely approached Brian Pumper. Hello sugar let's have a word, the tall, curvaceous and big-bottomed, chocolate-hued transsexual diva told the rather startled young porn star.

A few hours later, here they were. TS Madison of Miami, the transsexual porn icon known to the world as the Big Dick Bitch, had Brian Pumper right where she wanted him. Fuck me in the ass, Brian Pumper whispered, stroking his own big ebony dick as TS Madison filled his butt with her hole. TS Madison nodded and pushed her dick deep into Brian Pumper's booty hole. Smiling cockily, TS Madison raised Brian Pumper's legs in the air. Just like he liked to do to the women he butt-fucked in all of his damn porn videos.

Brian Pumper sighed happily as TS Madison fucked him in the ass with that magnificent dick of hers. For years Brian Pumper had been one of TS Madison's biggest fans. Hell, he was a regular viewer of her videos on the website Big Dick Bitch. The way the sexy, curvy black transsexual goddess fucked brothers turned him on more than Brian Pumper could ever bring himself to actually admit. Well, until now.

TS Madison smiled as Brian Pumper screamed like a little bitch while she plowed her long and thick dick up his ass. Who's the bitch now? For years TS Madison privately jerked off to Brian Pumper's black porn and interracial porn videos. The brother with the swagger loved fucking the hell out of the female starlets he was often paired with. Now it was time for Brian Pumper, the cockiest guy in the world of porn, to get a dose of his own medicine.

What better way was there for a sexy black transsexual dominatrix like TS Madison to tame a cocky guy like porn king Brian Pumper than by filling his ass with her own big juicy cock? This TS Madison did magnificently, pumping her dick into Brian Pumper's booty hole with gusto, until the macho brother from Hempstead, New York, finally tapped out and begged for mercy.

I can't take it anymore, Brian Pumper all but squealed, and TS Madison laughed triumphantly pulled her long and thick dick out of the black porn stud's now gaping asshole.

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