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They meet.


"You're turning into a monster." I told him. "I may have to spank you."

"I wonder how that would feel while I have my toy up my ass." he said.

He was giving me a hard on, just listening to him, so I told him that I had to go.

When lunch time rolled around, I had another inspiration so I drove back to the porn shop. I quickly found what I was looking for, leather cockrings with Velcro for easy adjustment.

When I carried them up to the counter, the same guy as yesterday was working.

"Back so soon?" he asked as he rang them up. "These are some of our most popular items. I see you're buying two. One for your son?"

"Yep, something else for him to enjoy."

"So, he enjoyed the dildos you bought him?"

"I've only given him one; I'm saving the other till he gets tired of the first."

"He's a lucky boy." the tattooed guy said. "You should bring him in sometime; I'd like to meet him."

I couldn't resist saying, "You like handsome young guys with hot bodies and big dicks?"

"I sure do. I like handsome older guys with hot bodies and big dicks, too, in case you're curious."

"I'll keep that in mind." I said as I picked up my change.

The rest of the day flew by in a muddle again. It took all of my concentration to deal with my work instead of daydreaming about my naked son.

When I got home, Bobby was still cleaning but he was now nude.

"Nice outfit." I said as I came through the door.

"I bet you have one just like it." he said.

I started supper while he finished up his cleaning chores and when I had everything on the table, he came in and sat down, still nude.

"You're going to eat supper with your cock hanging out?" I asked.

"Sure, it feels great. You should try it."

It felt odd to even think about but I couldn't resist. I stood up and shucked off all of my clothes and then sat back down. Bobby ducked to look under the table and then sat back up, smirking.

"Your cock and balls are too big for the chair." he said. "They're dangling in the air."

I bent to look at his cock and balls in the chair across from me.

"You're hung as big as I am and it seems you're dangling pretty well, too. Now shut up and eat."

I enjoyed that meal more than I had in a long time, knowing that all of that pretty meat was hanging loose so close to me. We both acted pretty goofy throughout the meal.

When we were finished, I got up and started putting the dirty dishes into the washer.

"Are we going to play around again tonight?" Bobby asked.

"I'm glad you reminded me. I got another toy for you to play with."

"If it's as good as last night, I can't wait." he replied. "I'll get the living room ready."

By the time the dishwasher was loaded and running, he had made the necessary arrangements and had a porno film on the TV. I noticed as I sat down that his cock was already hard and standing straight up and his dildo and the lube were laid out on the coffee table in easy reach.

When I was seated, I handed him one of the cockrings.

"What do I do with this?" he asked.

"I'll show you." I said.

While he watched, I looped the leather strip under my balls and then fastened it at the base of my cock. My dick had been half hard, now the ring forced the blood to back up and my cock lengthened and stiffened and turned a dark red.

"It makes your cock harder and makes it harder for you to cum." I told Bobby. "You can play with your dick for hours wearing one of these."

He was anxious to try it out and I leaned over close to watch him put it on. I could smell the fresh cock scent wafting up from his crotch.

When he was in the ring and had it closed his cock flushed the same color as mine. His erection was long and fat and veins stood out from his reddened shaft. He grabbed his cock by the head, bent it forward and released it so that it slapped against his abdomen.

He lubed up his dick and handed me the tube and sat stroking his cock as I greased mine.

"This is really hot." he said. "It makes my cock bigger and more sensitive but at the same time, it doesn't feel as much like I need to cum."

"That's the wh

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