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Jim takes on a job at the local stables.

This was my sister in law. It's just not right.

Getting those boxes down was a little more effort than expected but as she turned to hand me each box my head was now only inches from her ass and thong covered pussy. It seemed so forbidden and yet alluring. This close I could even smell her sweet, intoxicating female scent.

"You are such a good brother in law. How can I repay you for always being here for me?"

"Well how about a beer," I sputtered out awkwardly.

Next I couldn't believe what happened. As I sat at the dinette, Lynn was now standing straddling my left leg, holding a cold beer in her hand and looking deep into my eyes.

"Is there anything else I could do to show my appreciation," as her free hand brushed against my forehead. Lynn was really coming on to me and I was about to totally panic.

Before I could react, a door slammed behind us and in walked Kevin, her 13-year-old son.

"Hi mom, hi Uncle John, what's happening?"

I was actually relieved by Kevin's appearance. Another decision I did not have to make but oh how I yearned to explore and seduce my sister in law. Something had to give.

As I was leaving, "John, why don't you stop by tonight. I need your advice on something and need to talk to an adult."

Although it sounded like a come on to me, I just couldn't refuse.

The rest of the day my stomach was churning, my underwear was damp and I could not believe I was willing to risk our relationships for some potentially forbidden sex. Yes, my hormones won out so after a soothing shower, I dressed in some loose fitting cotton shorts and sport shirt, called Lynn, and headed for an evening I'd never forget.

With a knock on the door, my heart was pounding and my stomach was in knots.

There she was. Dressed in a short pink summer dress and matching off the shoulder peasant girl blouse.

"Thanks so much for coming over. I really needed to talk to an adult and of course Larry is out of town."

After some wine and small talk she mentioned how age is slowing her down and how the world seemed to be passing her by.

"What do you mean?"

" I mean I've lived a very sheltered life with no real excitement- no burning the candle at both ends."

The wine was loosening her up.

"John, we are getting older but one should live the moment. Take like right now. Even though we are related, I must confess feelings towards you. This moment will probably never occur again. We have the opportunity..."

"Lynn, I must admit. I've always had feelings for you too but I really love Carol and respect Larry so much. We just can't..."

As we stood facing ach other, holding hands, and looking into each other's eyes, I suddenly weakened to this very sexy lady's shameless come on.

Lynn now took the lead pulling me in her arms. Our bodies were one. Our lips suddenly found each other. Our tongues began the exploring ritual. Lynn was absolutely delicious. Her hands were pulling my head even closer. Now her right hand was suddenly rubbing my crotch area and fondling my cock. There's no turning back. My left hand dropped to her plump ass, squeezed her soft cheeks, then slipped under her dress. Finding her damp thong panties, I massaged silky fabric. My finger then slid under the fabric to her now hot and wet mysterious pussy.

Lynn's hand aggressively slipped under my shorts. I let out a gasp as she deftly handled my pre cum covered manhood.

My hand applied pressure to her mound of Venus as my ring finger explored her very hot forbidden love tunnel with more and more urgency. Lynn began gyrating against my hand.

"John, John, please don't stop! I've wanted this for so long. Please fuck me, oh please."

"But what about...."

"Kevin is spending the night with friends..."

With that we stepped apart.

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