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Couple gets frisky at celebration dinner.

I think I tried to suppress it out of shyness, because it seemed to take ages to burst. It was like a volcano, you know, building and building, sending out little bursts of smoke and steam until eventually the pressure becomes too much and it erupts sending streams of molten lava? Well, that's how my climax went, making me hotter and hotter, with little shafts of pleasure making me gasp and jerk, until in the end it rolled over me like the lava of the volcano, engulfing me in a torrent of pleasure that had me calling out, my legs held wide and my pelvis lifted from the bed. God, it was so good, made even better by the knowledge going through my head all the time that I was being watched, that it was my first public orgasm. I don't know how the girl next to me coped, because I know I must have squeezed her fingers unmercifully in the heat of my climax, but I was grateful for the contact.

When my hips eventually settled back onto the bed and I lay panting and spent I felt Simon's lips nudge my ear and he whispered with a smile in his voice. "I think you nearly got a round of applause."

I grinned hugely from the implied compliment and mentally checked that my legs were still open. I wanted everyone to see my sopping wet pussy and know that I wanted more. Cumming in front of others is like a drug, you do it once and the buzz it gives makes you want to do it again. One thing was for sure, I wouldn't be shy next time.

Simon still had his hand resting on my thigh, up next to my pussy, and I was hoping he'd play with me again, but his hand moved away. That meant that for a moment the only human contact I had was with the hand still holding mine, and it made me conscious of her fingers tightening on mine. I could tell that she was also on the verge of cumming.

The noises she made when she did cum were strange strangled cries and gasps, obviously deliberately held back in case I recognised the voice, but I could sense a very intense orgasm. Her fingers gripped mine like a vice and I could feel her body rising and falling on the bed next to me. Then her grip slackened, her orgasmic noises stopped and she lay still, her breath panting and ragged.

"Fucking hell, that was..." A sharp 'sshhhh' silenced her momentary lapse, and try as I might, I couldn't place that slightly familiar voice. Damn it, why couldn't I be told?

It was my one regret of the whole time, that I didn't know who was there, but before I had time to voice it this time, I felt Simon's weight lowering itself onto me, and the feel of his big cock seeking entrance to my pussy. Once he had entered me I didn't care who was there, I just wanted them to see my pussy cope with him and to watch him fucking me. Beside me I felt the girl move as if she was sitting up for a better look, and I tried to move my leg on that side to let her see. I've no idea, of course, just what they could see, but I hoped and prayed it was everything. Mentally I had this image of myself with my legs back, my pussy distended by Simon's cock and my arse slick with overflowing juices and pulsing as I know it does when I'm really turned on. And boy was I turned on. This was it; I was actually being fucked while other people watched.

You can have no idea just what a thrill it gave me. It was like experiencing a constant low intensity orgasm, that's the best way I can describe it. Constant thrills and waves of intense excitement went through me, and all the time I listened for some indication that our visitors were indeed watching me get fucked. It was pretty quiet most of the time, I guess they were sitting there spell bound, or at least I hope they were, but there were little whispered 'wows' now and again, each one sending another thrill through my exhibitionistic soul. Before long I was climbing to another orgasm, feeling the fire in my belly and the tingling all through me.

This orgasm just about blew me away, it was the most intense, deep and exhausting climax I have ever enjoyed, and besides that it was one of

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