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Ryan escapes his wife at a nightclub and discovers something.

She tried to move, but the restraints kept her in place, only succeeded in injuring her wrists and ankles in the process.

He chucked softly as he addressed her, "What a beautiful specimen, slave." His voice lingered on the slave, for he was never permitted to call her that before. He leaned over, and slapped her hard in the face. The other slaves outside were now watching, waiting for what he would do, cheered, for she had no friends amongst them.

He hovered over her a moment before simply indulging himself in long awaited glory of her breasts. Sucking and biting hard on the left, while kneading the right with his hand, tugging at the nipples, more painful to her, yet bringing himself all the more pleasure hearing her whimper. He felt himself starting to get hard, he sprawled himself out on top of her, pivoting his hips to brush against her pussy.

He smiled as he looked up in her face and then seeing her eyes closed, he slapped her, hard, leaving marks upon her face. Her eyes started open and he grinned. "watch me slave, for tonight I shall be your master."

She shivered beneath him. She knew that the male slaves were not permitted near the females so she could only imagine that this was a treat for all of them. Although they would only have till morning when the master came to have their way with her. She watched his hungry eyes as he moved swiftly, stabbing her with his huge cock.

She did not believe that the size of the soft dick would fit into her pussy, much less it hard. She screamed as she felt as if she were being ripped open, the slave was relentless as he began to immediately make long thrusts into her, pushing her to the limit of pain as she knew it.

At last, when the pain and agony of the day were too much to bear, she was too weary to stay awake. Even during the repeated rapes of the other slaves, she passed out unconcious, allowing them full use of her unresisting body. Those around took full advantage of her, several of the slaves at once. Though she would never have known it, she was lucky to have not be able to know what they were doing to her.

Morning came and the sun filtered through the lone window, high up on the walls. She looked around at her situation and then sighed. She sat up, knowing that that was not a dream last night but a reality, for she was sore from head to toe. Wait a minute, she thought, I just sat up. She looked around and saw her bonds were removed and fresh water and breakfast was waiting for her. Things seemed to be looking up, slaves usually had to go into the mess hall and serve guests before they received the scraps. These were hardly scraps.

She tried repeatedly to drown out the agony of being used, all the time wondering what her beloved gentleman was faring, no doubt worse than her. She tried to block him from her mind, but the look on the master's face showed her completely what was going to conspire. Though she could not drown him out, her tears drowned herself in sorrow, for if not for her pressings, they would not be here tonight. Shaking her head, more tears flowed, sobs racking her body.

She did not hear the master enter the room, nor did she see him through her tears and self pity. Though he waited at the foot of her bed until her sobs lessened and the tears began to cease their endless flow down her cheeks. Once she had composed herself to something other than the pitiful scene he saw when he walked he, he announced himself.

"Do you sit on the bed in the presence of your Master, slave?" His voice was harsh, she noted but not as harsh as it is with the other slaves. She moved wordlessly to the floor, where she knelt down before him, stealing a look up at his eyes. He was ready for that look and his hand quickly connected with her cheek, making an impression on her. "You know better, slave." She did know better, but she saw what she had needed, he still held compassion for her, hopefully, he would be easier on her now.

She thought she was right when he whisled loudly for a slave, the one

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