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"Rachel, Valerie, dinner is on the table," Giggy called from the dining room.

"Thanks, Giggy. Shall we," Rachel asked Valerie.

Valerie nodded her head and followed Rachel into the familiar kitchen. Tonight would not be the first time a scene had started at this table. Sally was standing behind her chair, looking expectantly at her lover, bound hands resting on the back of the chair. Valerie moved behind Sally, circling her own arms around her slave's body. She pulled Sally tight and took one of her ears into her mouth. Val's teeth scraped along the surface as her arms squeezed her tightly. Sally sighed as her lover started the events of the evening. A mixture of fear and anticipation filled her as she thought about where she would end up by night's end. The fact she'd asked for this didn't make the prospect any less scary.

After several minutes of playing with her slave, Valerie sat Sally down, making sure the short skirt was lifted so Sally's bare behind was sitting on the wood of the chair. As the meal progressed, the audible conversation was much like one would find around any dinner table. Subjects ranged from politics, weather, friendly gossip about mutual friends, etcetera. Through it all, however, Valerie kept a near constant physical contact with Sally. Light caresses of her arms, face and side were a constant presence for Sally and she found herself both leaning into the contact and trembling slightly as her body flushed with low levels of desire.

As Giggy left to get the dessert, Valerie moved behind Sally again. She unclipped Sally's wrists, only to reclip them behind her back. She then embraced Sally from behind and ran her hands over every part of Sally's torso. Sally closed her eyes and took deep breaths. She tried to resist the growing arousal; not because she didn't want to be aroused, but because she wanted Valerie to force it on her. Much like her need to be broken with pain two weeks ago, Sally needed to be similarly broken; or taken if you will, through pleasure and denial.

Valerie fed Sally her blueberry cheesecake, adding a caress or stroke somewhere on her body to every bite. Val made each bite a sensuous experience, gently putting the food in her mouth and using the fork to carfess her face under the guise of scraping food from her lips and chin. Helplessly, Sally felt her body's desire for more overtly sexual contact increase in spite of her attempts to ignore Valerie's attentions.

Once dessert was finished, Giggy cleaned the table off while Valerie continued to play with her slave's body. Rachel went into the living room to prepare it. She knew what Valerie intended and pulled a chair, not normally used by guests, into the middle of the room that. The cloth that usually was draped over it was removed, revealing the straps along the arms and legs of the chair. By the time the other three women returned, Rachel had everything prepared.

Valerie wasted no time in removing Sally's top and skirt, revealing her closed pussy and corseted torso. Val pulled Sally to the chair by the ring in her collar and pushed her into the seat. She tightened the straps in short order, leaving Sally helpless to interfere with anything Valerie decided to do to her. With Sally's intimate areas now exposed, Valerie turned her attention to them. Fingers, lips, tongue and teeth assaulted Sally's pussy and tits, driving the already aroused woman to even greater heights. Sally struggled, her hands and feet writhing, against the increasing need being forced upon her body. She could feel wetness under her thighs as her pussy juices flowed to form a puddle beneath her. Valerie drove Sally to the edge of orgasm, then stopped, letting her slave fall back a bit.
Sally shook her head, trying to fight the urge to plead for release. Deep breaths, or at least as deep as the corset allowed her, came from her as she pulled against the bindings and closed her eyes against the need. She snapped them open again when she heard Rachel. "Giggy, strip down and sit here, will you my pet?"

"I'd love to,

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