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Late blooming housewife finds pleasure in giving.

Several hours later hour later Stacey stumbled out of the bathroom. The party was winding down and there were only a few people in the kitchen and living area of the main suite. She was a more than little buzzed and her eyes scanned the room for the two people she knew before walking towards the connecting door to room 1008. She had been introduced to a few of Jax's friends but she couldn't remember their names and in her cloudy state she was eager to find a friendly face.

"There you are," she said. She grabbed Jax's arm as he stood alone beside the couch in beside the door to the balcony. The two connecting rooms were a single and a suite. Jax was staying in the single and his friends Kevin and Max were sharing the two room suite. Stacey could feel Jax's bulging biceps and triceps and she was impressed. "Damn," she giggled as she squeezed his arm. She leaned into him and inhaled his musky scent. Her long eyelashes batted up at him and she sighed contently. He wasn't a bad guy and he was so good looking.

Jax flexed and then put his arm around her trim waist. He could feel the gentle swell of her hip and his fingers slipped under the hem of her shirt, touching her warm silky skin as he led her to the couch.

"Where's Tyler?" She asked. She felt Jax touching her bare skin and she deliberately ignored it as she looked up into his warm, pretty eyes. She was drunk and horny after fending him and a few other aggressive guys off for most of the night.

"He's in the other bedroom getting stoned with Kevin and Max," Jax replied. His fingers began to trace small circles on Stacey's skin and she pressed slightly tighter against his strong torso.

"Oh," Stacey said. "You've got nice eyes." Her mind was spinning and she felt conflicted. Jax was hot and he knew it. She didn't like arrogance but she loved confidence and he straddled that boarder nicely.

"Thanks," Jax said. His fingers moved higher, lifting her shirt and exposing her hip and midriff as he settled onto the couch, pulling her down beside him.

"You like me don't you?" Stacey asked softly. She followed his lead and slipped her hand under his shirt, feeling his taut abs as she snuggled beside him. She felt her pussy moisten. She knew she should stop but her rational mind was overruled by her needy body.

"I do like you," Jax said in a calm soothing tone. His deep voice made her shudder and she was struggling to maintain her composure. He slid his fingers along her stomach just under the waist of her shorts and Stacey sucked in her soft tummy giving him room to play. Her mind was reeling and her body was on fire.

"I like you too. Did you enjoy the show earlier? Did you like watching my boyfriend fuck me on the balcony?" Stacey teased. She felt another surge of fluid soak her ravenous sex and she breathed deep and steady catching a faint whiff of her arousal. She felt his long thick fingers approach her hard clit and her breath caught in her chest.

"I did," he grinned. His fingertip touched her swollen clit and a low, involuntary moan slipped from her quivering lips.

"Wanna know a secret?" Stacey asked with a nervous laugh. She gazed into his pretty eyes and sighed. She had never even considered cheating on Tyler but she was having a hard time denying her attraction to Jax in her highly buzzed state.

"Sure," he replied with a wry grin as he continued to toy with her pussy. He could feel her clit, hard and wanton and he rubbed it slowly while looking into her beautiful blue eyes. His dick grew semi erect inside his shorts making them tent noticeably.

"When I saw you watching I started to imagine that it was you fucking me," she confessed. She chewed on her bottom lip and sighed. Her hand moved from his flat stomach to the bulge in his shorts and she moaned softly. He felt big and while big, in her experience, was not a guarantee of good sex it didn't hurt the odds of success.

"Do you want me to fuck you now?" Jax asked.

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