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She's blackmailed into submission for saucy snaps.

The kids are playing in the Rumpus Room. I'm sure they will be happy to see you. Go right in. Would you like something to drink?"

"No thank you, Mrs. Welch", he said, remembering how it felt to have his huge cock buried to the hilt in her asshole. It seemed so ridiculous to maintain such a facade, but he knew it was important to her and she enjoyed playing the virtuous whore.

"Perhaps I'll come down and join you after I finish cooking dinner."

"That would be very nice, Mrs. Welch. It always makes our parties better when you can join us." Brad nearly ran to the 'Rumpus Room', unzipping his pants as he ran. He skidded into the room with his enormous dick standing straight up.

The entire cheerleading squad was sitting around the room, fully clothed, sipping tea in the grandest possible style. Even Mrs. Edwards, the faculty adviser, was there.

"Why Bradley Jones! Whatever are you doing here, and what is that in your hand?"

Brad's hardon disappeared in a flash as he slunk out of the room, trying desperately to stuff it back in his pants. At the top of the stairs, Sandra was waiting for him, naked. She took him by the hand and led him back down the stairs. If she hadn't been naked, he probably wouldn't have followed her.

When they re-entered the room he had just left, the entire floor was covered in naked, writhing cheerleaders sucking each other's cunts and laughing at him.

"Brad, you should have seen your face when you saw us before", laughed Mrs. Edwards, coming up to him with her big tits swinging. She unhitched his belt and dropped his pants before taking his now-limp dick between her hands. "I'm sorry we were so mean to you. Let me make it up to you." She dropped to her knees and tucked his rapidly thickening shaft between her tits and began to lick the underside of the bulbous head.

"No shit!", he thought. "Does everybody in town belong to this club?" Then it hit him. "Oh, no!" He just remembered who Mrs. Edwards was married to.

About that time, the biggest, blackest badasss in Westwood came strolling in from the next room, dragging a cock like a fire hose between his legs. Instantly, the whole cheerleading squad surrounded him, pulling on his prick, rubbing his body and mashing their tits all over him. He sank down into an easy chair, pulling one of the lucky teenagers onto his prick in one easy motion, with two more on the arms of the chair where he could fingerfuck them.

"Ok, white boy. Think you're man enough to fuck my wife?" Leroy pumped his black prick in and out of little Joey Stewart's tiny cunt. It looked like it must surely split her in two, but the petite daughter of the Methodist preacher seemed to groove on it, slamming her ass down on the tremendous black rod with all her might. Trying to relate the lascivious scene in front of his face to the prim and proper Joey he knew from school made Brad's head hurt.

Screwing up his courage, Brad boldly replied. "Well, it looks like you're pretty busy. Maybe I can warm her up for you."

"I don't know, white boy. She looks pretty hot to me already. I think you're already acquainted with the price of things around here, aren't you?"

"I guess I just lost my head there for a moment. Ok, if I suck your cock I can fuck your wife. Is that it?"

"Yeah. You take my black, slimy dick all the way down your throat and swallow every drop of my surprisingly white cum and you can fuck my wife in every conceivable position. Work for you, white boy?"

"Works for me, Black Man." Brad lifted little Joey off the log she was sitting on and sat her down on his only slightly smaller rod. "You sit here, Joey, while I swallow every drop of his 'surprisingly white cum'. I've dreamed of fucking you for a long time. If I have to suck a black dick to do it, then sock it to me, Leroy."

He took the black hawser in hands, eyed it for a moment, then opened his mouth wide to take it all.

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