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Writer becomes a submissive almost against her will.

Standing up, next to naked, peeing in front of me. "Here's a little present for you!" she had smiled. More like a curse!!
I gave in and whacked off again. I shot another big load. I was naked this time, sitting in front of my computer. Shit! I didn't have anything to wipe my cream up with. God damn it. 'Fuck Zakes', as my high school buddies might have said.

I got up and walked over to the laundry room, dripping with jizz. I wiped off, tried to get my shit together, ate dinner, and watched an action flick while drinking a beer. I thought I had it all under control until I hit the sack.

My fucking dick was hard again. Shit. I tried, once again, to think of anything else. No dice. Kyla. Just Kyla. "I wiped some butter on my butthole, propped the cob up on the plate, and sat down on it." Arrgh!! How and why had everything she said infected my brain like this? Kyla peeing off the side of my rig, her beautiful buns pointed at me with her coveralls around her thighs as she turned and laughed. Oh my god!!!

I resolved not to jack off. No fucking way. This had gone too far. Back to all business tomorrow, no more of this bullshit.

The next day I was back on my game. I saw Kyla first thing in the morning, had a twinge of something at the edge of my mind, and pushed it out. Back on top. Nice. The rest of the day was smooth as glass.

Weather had warmed back up again so I decided to see if I couldn't finish off that site before the weekend. Kyla asked if she could go with me for some more practice. I opened my to say, "Sorry, can't do that again." Instead, "Sure thing, kiddo," came out. What the flying Christly fuck? I stood stunned for a second with my mouth open.

"Great!" said Kyla, hefting her bag into the box of my truck and climbing into the cab. I couldn't really figure out what had just happened, so I let Jabber climb in the back, got into the driver's seat, and headed off for the job site.

We chatted on the drive. I kept up with the conversation. Inside my mind was screaming. WHAT THE FUCK? HOW DID SHE GET IN HERE? HOW DO I GET HER OUT WITHOUT BEING RUDE? AAAAAGH!!

I felt trapped, but there wasn't anything I seemed to be able to do about it. Ken was there, shutting the site down again. He glanced sideways at Kyla again, and I flushed red. Fuck! Get yourself under control! I just tried to laugh it off. Ken was cool. Just smirked and left us to it. Whew, thank god. I owed that dude a bottle of whiskey for sure.

We fired up the Deere and started to it. I tried to keep focused on the job. Let her have a good go at the controls. We chatted about this and that. Again, I was astounded at how she handled the hydraulics with her level of experience.

"So I've been thinking about the little show I gave you," she stated out of nowhere after a bit of a pause.

"...Uh huh," I simply replied.

"I liked it. Maybe a lot. You liked it too?"

I was going to say something like, "Not overly." Instead, I found myself saying, "Yup."

"Heh," she chuckled. "Thought so. I can tell. Think I can tell a whole bunch about you."

"Yeah?" I asked. "Like what?"

"Well, I think you're a dirty fucking pervert who likes watching younger girls pee, isn't that right?" she asked plainly, wearing an eager grin.

"...Guess so," I responded.

"And I think you weren't going to let me come with you tonight, but you did hoping I'd pee for you again, right?"

I started to say something. Don't know what it was. "Uh, that's probably pretty close," I croaked out. My dick was stiffening. Down boy! God damn it!!

"Well, I want to," she stated after a short pause.

We sat in silence for about five minutes. I operated the controls while I fought to get my rock-hard erection under control. Had no hope in that department.

Kyla turned to me with a matter-of-fact look on her face. "You know that I'm never going to fuck you, right?" she asked.

"Never expected that," I answered.

After about ten seconds, she suddenly stood and began removing her coveralls.

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