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I wake up to see her swallowing your cock.

"Hey, they're all gone!" she laughed, giving me a poke in the arm. She then spotted the empty wine bottle beside me.

Well, well, well," she teased, "Mr. Martin had a party and didn't leave anything for me. Guess I'll have to steel a cig from mom's stash before I do my homework."

She picked up her soccer bag and flung it onto her shoulder, then disappeared up the stoop and up the three steps to our floor. I turned halfway and watched her nether end sway up the steps. I felt I might need to go inside before I fell asleep, not drunk, just incredibly relaxed.

Suddenly, Kasey reappeared, a bit out of sorts.

"That idiot mother of mine. She took the key with her. I hate when she does that."

"You locked out?"

"Hey, you're pretty fast," she laughed. "Com-on over here and give me a boost."

She walked a few paces to a window, just out of our reach. As her apartment was identical to mine, only backwards, I knew this was the smaller of the two bedrooms and most likely hers.

"Put your back against the wall and lock your hands together, like this," she said demonstrating what she wanted me to do, striking a pose simialr to a volleyball stance.

"What are you going to do?

"You're gonna boost me up to my bedroom window; it's unlocked, I think."

With that she placed her right foot in my hand then pulled herself up by my shoulders. She stood in my hands, bracing herself against the window-sill, my face now buried into her skirt-covered crotch.

I hadn't been prepared for this. She caught me of-guard as I immediately began to feel myself getting hard.

"Pay attention, down there. Lift!"

Perhaps it was the wine, but she seemed a bit more stout than her diminutive stature betrayed. I struggled to lift her. She placed a knee on my shoulder and her skirt flung partially over my head. Now, I was staring straight into white cotton-laced panties with tiny black hairs poking out of each side, and as she pulled herself up by the sill, she grazed her crotch against my face. The friction, the smell, the sensuality of it all began to have a profound effect on me.

"Hey, yoo-hoo, down there...you think maybe a little higher?" she teased.

With her skirt now in my eyes, I reached blindly to boost her by her hips. Now both knees rested on my shoulders and my hand landed on her ass, pressing her up, toward the window. As I pressed, one of us shifted and my thumb was now pressing on her panties, the portion directly covering her soft mound, my fingers spread over her tiny, round ass. I couldn't believe it. Was I drunk? Was I doing this on purpose? She squirmed but didn't really move off my thumb. My eyes met hers as she looked down,quizzically.

"What must she be thinking?" I wondered.

"Got it!" I heard her say as the window opened and her weight began to lessen on me. I stepped way from the wall and turned to be in a better position if she were to fall. I looked up just in time to see her white, lacey-cotton covered ass disappear over the sill.

She stuck her head back out the window and stared into my eyes for a second, not smiling. I could only imagine what her thoughts were: that I was a big perv, that I tried to cop a feel, that she was going to tell her mom that I tried something with her. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

"Thanks," she said, with little expression on her face, then added, "Hey, meet me at the door. I gotta get my soccer bag and you can help with something."

"Sure," I blurted, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. I was just glad she didn't seem afraid of me now.

Running up the steps of the stoop and into the hallway, up the steps to her door, I found the soccer bag. I picked it up and couldn't help but notice the heaviness.

The door opened, and as I picked up the bag and placed it on my shoulder, my eyes followed Kasey's sweet, slim, toned legs up to her uniform skirt and higher till our eyes met.

"What have you got in this thing?" I asked trying to get my mind of the sweet little budding form before me.

"Shoes, balls, shin guards, uniforms, all that c

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