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She was thinking about lying, and not revealing her bisexual experiences to the other couple. None of their friends knew of their "other" life, but she felt that if they were into it as well, the secrets would be safe between the four of them. Both Andy and Mike were amazed that both of their wives had drank from that statement, and Andy wanted to hear about Jess's experiences, and Mike wanted to hear of Liz's.

Jess said, "Okay, this conversation cannot leave this room." All agreed. "When I was in college, I made out with my best friend a few times. It was no big deal." She said it was no big deal, but she was squirming like a little girl. Liz thought there was more behind that story, but didn't push her. The guys turned to Liz for her story.

Liz decided not to talk about the swinging experience based off of Jess's story. She told about her first kiss by a girl. "Okay, I was fairly drunk one night, and we went to this bar. The bartender asked me if I wanted to do a body shot off of her, so I did. Every guy in the place went nuts. One guy even asked me to lick her stomach again, so I did. The bartender seemed to like it as much as I did, and kissed me."

"It was fucking hot," Andy added.

Liz looked at Mike, and she swore she saw a bulge in his pants. Mike caught Liz looking, and moved slightly so she was certain he was getting hard. Liz felt even more wetness in her panties. Mike smiled sexily at her.

Since Liz had made the last "I never" statement, the group decided that Jess ask the next question.

"I've never swapped partners before." Jess smiled as she said it.

"Wow," Liz thought. "I was right. They ARE into swinging!"

Mike and Jess looked at Liz and Andy, but neither one of them drank. While they had a wonderful experience with another couple, they never had a full swap. Just as Liz was going to explain, both Jess and Mike started to drink.

"We got into the scene a few years ago," Mike said. "It's actually made us love each other even more. And god is it a great time. I love seeing Jess get fucked by another guy."

Liz looked at Andy, and Andy told them of our story with the other couple. "We feel the same way you do, that it really has brought another level of emotion into our relationship, and it's made sex with each other even more exciting, and we didn't think that was possible! They weren't into a full swap, but we were. We've really just been looking for the right couple. Liz had a good time with the other girl though. And we all fucked in front of each other, but that was as far as it went."

Liz saw Jess's face light up. "Did you like your girl-girl experience?' She asked.

"Yes, I did," Liz blushed. All of the sudden, the sexual tension in the room just broke. Jess moved closer to Liz, and said, "Would you like to do it again?"

Before Liz could answer, Jess leaned in and kissed Liz. The kiss started out slowly, but the two of them couldn't contain their lust for each other. Their tongues started dancing in their mouths, and hands started fondling each other. Liz was so happy to feel Jess's tits spring out from under her shirt. Liz rolled them with her fingers. Jess became the instigator, and started to pull Liz's shirt off. Before long, both girls were completely naked, on the floor, exploring each other's bodies. Liz looked up to see what the guys were doing, and both were sitting on the couch, pants down, stroking themselves as they watched. Liz almost came at the sight of it.

Liz decided she would take the next step, and rolled on top of Jess. Her tongue worked down Jess's body, sucking on those tits she wanted to see so badly. Jess was moaning in delight. After some slow licking and sucking, Liz finally got where she wanted to be, her head between Jess's thighs. She started slowly, teasing Jess with her tongue. She would lick all around her clit, but never directly on it. Finally, Liz lightly licked her clit with her tongue, and Jess squealed with delight. She started tonguing her faster and faster, and Jess just got louder and louder with her moans.

Liz couldn't take it a

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