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Don't need her to follow in her Mom's high school footsteps on that count!

After a quick shower together, Stan and I went downstairs so I could finish fixing dinner for the three of us. Valerie was already downstairs and when she looked at me she gave me a shit eating grin and leaned over whispering "What a HOT show you nasty BIG BLACK COCK FUCK SLUT" and then let out a sinful lust filled laugh and for some reason I smiled and laughed with her. The two of us finished putting dinner on the table where Stan joined us.

"Baby -- do you remember Marcus Davies from high school? You know the star basketball player that got that full sports scholarship to Georgia Tech?"

"What? - You mean MEAT? I'm sorry Valerie just a nick name a guy in high school had. Yeah I remember him. We were really good buds and got into all sorts of trouble together -- They called us the Piano Keys Twins. Say wasn't his main squeeze- uummm what was her name - Margot -- Yeah Margot Simpson -- She was one of your friends if I remember correctly. I think she even went to Georgia Tech too. And I think they ummm, errr, had the same kind of jump start on a family as we had -- A boy I think also named MEAT I mean Marcus. Why have you heard something?"

"Well it seems they are our new neighbors just two doors down in the Jenkins house. Valerie found all this out talking to Marcus Jr at school and on the phone. But it seems Margot was killed by a drunk driver 2 years ago. This is all news to me as of today. Anyway, I know you're leaving Saturday, but I had Valerie invite Marcus and Marcus Jr to dinner with us Friday night as a Welcome to the Neighborhood gesture. I didn't figure out it was THE Marcus Davies until after I had extended the invitation. Do you mind having company before your trip?"

"No, by all means, it would be great seeing MEAT -- I mean Marcus. I'm truly sorry to hear about Margot though. Now I hate having to leave Saturday. No way we can catch up in just one evening. And be sure to extend the hospitality of our pool to them. I know the Jenkins never put one in even after years of Beth nagging Harry to get off his ass to get them one. You should invite them over often while I'm gone, to play 20 questions to catch up."

DAMN enough of this 20 questions shit for one day! That's what got me into contemplating fucking a REAL well over 14 inch Big Black Cock while my Hubby is gone!

The very next afternoon I took Valerie shopping for swimsuits -- specifically barely there mini microkini thong suits from Wicked Weasel. Valerie's eyes widened when she saw how little there was to actually cover anything in these style suits. Of course I picked out matching suits for us "slut sisters". LOL

"MOOOOMMMM! Wow. These types aren't much more than a few strips of gauze at most -- we could cover more with just three band aids. Our nipples and clits will just barely be covered and then not completely. I LOVE IT! Way to go Mom. There's still some slut left in you after all, you old hag."

"Alright -- Just not a word to your father! It will be his welcome home surprise for him after his trip. That is unless you don't like the idea of your father seeing as much of you as you have seen of him and me when you spy on us fucking. Personally I think it would be HOT if we gave your father the Hard On of his life together as a team -- that is if you have enough nasty slut in you, young lady."

"Hmmm - what if I suggested he fuck his own daughter while I got to watch as soon as he sees us? Just kidding, but I bet I just made your pussy wet thinking about it, slut! Now you know how turned on I get when I see you spying on us as we are fucking. Just chalk it up to another fantasy your father and I share -- his #1 and my # 2."

"MOOOOOMMM -- You mean you both fantasize about Daddy fucking me while you watch? - Now THAT is HOT, you slut! - Lets get these home and model them to see how they look on us.

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