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Julie loses her virginity.

She covered her mouth with her hands and gasped.

"That is the cutest thing I ever seen on your penis in my life," was all she could say as she walked over and gave my cock a squeeze and flip with her hand.

I reached over to her and keep hugging and kissing her till she asked me to slow down and just hold her for a minute so she could just look at me a minute longer.

She took my hand and lead me over to the sofa and we sat down next to each other and I could not hold back and ran my finger between her legs, that she willingly spread, and lowered my head to kiss her nipples.

As I slipped my hand between her legs I noticed that the panties did not have a crotch in them and my fingers slipped easily into her warm, wet pussy.

She sighed and grabbed the sofa cushion she was leaning back against and spread her legs even further so I could rub her lips easier.

As I was playing with her moist cunt, my cock was getting rock hard and starting to hurt in its sleeve.

I mentioned it to her she reached down and slid my cock out of the sleeve.

She stood back up to show me a couple of videos she had also gotten at the "store" for us to watch over the next couple of days.

One of the covers said "Mothers and sons in love" and the other one was "Mothers with huge breast and horny urges."

I said I knew when there were some more of those hidden (not telling her they were mine) and I would go get them if she wished.

She said do that as I wanted to see what your father is hiding from her.

I took her hand and we went to the basement and I pulled them out from their hiding place and showed the titles to her.

She gasped at the huge breasts that the girls on the cover had. One was titled "girls of BUF (big up front) and the other three she just took from my hand and started back upstairs with me right behind her wiggling her sexy butt in my face.

I said we could watch one right now if she wished.

She said NO, I have better plans for us.

We agreed we had plenty of time to watch them after her "special" dinner she mentioned.

As we were standing there looking at them and reading the back covers, I ran my hand down her tummy and over the panties and into her crotch She again spread her legs but this time even further so I could enter her vagina with my fingers.

With that she raised one leg and wrapped it around my waist, causing my cock to rub directly into her vagina and fell its wetness.

She said she remembers doing it this way once before in college, but the guy was not as large as me and she could barely get his cock into the entrance of her vagina.

I held her leg up and slid the tip of my cock in and she just leaned into me, thus pushing me deeper and deeper.

I was holding her with one arm and trying to keep myself from falling backwards when she started to move her hips and stroke my cock with her pussy.

As we stood there fucking I looked into her eyes and could tell that she was have her first organism of the day right them and there. (There were to be many more before the afternoon and evening were over)

I felt her love juices run down my leg and she sort of collapsed into me and said that that was the first time in six years she had had an organism, as dad never cared about her just wanted to cum and go to sleep.

With that, she slipped off my cock and lowered her leg, taking my cock in her hand and started stroking it and getting her hand covered with her "love juice" just stated to lick the juices of her hand and asked "if I wanted to taste her."

All the time this was happening I had led her to the sofa sit and rest of her excitement of the last couple of minutes..

I took her hand and licked it and them lowered my head and licked her nipples and opened my mouth further and took her ever so large, dark red areola into it to suck, just like when she was breast feeding me as a baby.

She just held my head to her breast and told me suck gently as her nipples were very tender and just playing with them will cause her to climax again.

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