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Neighbour fun moves on.


Narwell asked, "All three at the same time?"

The officer nodded, "They still have eight active ships, but they are at least fifteen minutes from weapons range and poised to intercept our attack ships away from Earth."

Narwell was glad he'd moved the ship to Earth, this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for. He'd have attacked anyway of course, if nothing had come up before his ships met the enemy in battle, but now it wouldn't be necessary. The enemy had just made their last foolish mistake.

Narwell ordered, "Fire at the ship with life signs, we must destroy the AI and her host."

The officer charged the weapons which would ruin their stealth, but it would be far too late for their target.


Aide's eyes widened in alarm as the enemy ship weapons became viewable. There were no weapons online, not even fighters. It took her an agonizingly long .02 seconds to come up with a counter, she just hoped it would be enough.

The shields came back online and she rerouted all of the power from the central ring into the outer shields as well. They were barely back up when the enemy ship fired. The shields flickered and then started building back up again. A second volley from the enemy came and their shields dropped and the ship was turned to slag on one side all the way to the inner shield. The plasma had turned half their ship into a twisted wreck.

The inner shields were still up, but the enemy ship was about to take a third shot. She started the ship turning so they would have to burn through the decks again before hitting the shield, but it was too little too late.


Narwell couldn't help but be impressed by the design. With the outer shield gone he could now see the inner. What he thought to be a one volley job would now take three.

The navigator reported, "Sir, the other two ships are on a collision course."

Narwell ordered, "Fire, now, finish them, and move the ship!"

A third volley of fire went out from his cruiser, he watched as the inner shields died and went dark. The navigator turned to tell him something, but he never found out what.

The two other ships might not have had weapons, but they rammed into his ship, the shields of all three ships caused havoc to each other's fields as they mixed, and the Alion cruiser was crushed like an egg between two cinder blocks. A brief .2 seconds later, all three ships lost containment and exploded spectacularly.


"REPORT!" Kris yelled.

Aide said, "The ship is a total loss and will have to be rebuilt. Only the bridge and engines survived thanks to the core containment shield. Without it we would all be dead."

Kris said in a lower voice, "Report in, is anyone hurt?"

Aide replied via the implant, "My body is knocked out, so are Nate and Paula. We are lucky the ship was basically stationary when we lost inertial dampening."

He felt a chill go down his spine, the ship had thrown him to the deck fairly hard. He tried not to picture himself as a pancake.

Both Stacey and Olivia said, "We're okay," Stacey continued, "What's with the lights?"

Aide replied in their minds, "One moment, I'm working on getting the core power back up. I also have one of the fourteen ships coming to get us, they should be able to open up a corridor for us and dock with the ship using force fields and gravity. I'm sorry, this is my fault. I shouldn't have assumed we were safe enough to do all three ships local to Earth at one time."

There was a moment of silence and she continued, "I'm rerouting fifteen ships from the last batch in the asteroids, they should get here before the enemy. Still, even if they don't, our fifteen carriers and six thousand attack fighters should be more than enough for the ten thousand enemies with the upgrades. I'm only grabbing them in case there are more stealth ships around."

He whistled, "Isn't that overkill?"

There was a feeling of consternation in his head, "Yes, and it's a completely emotional decision, deal with it.

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