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Jamie gets an official induction into the Noble family.

As if he was watching someone else, he looked at his wife with disbelief.

"Claudia's not like that. She doesn't like sex. She barely tolerates having sex with me," he said.

Colleen gave her brother-in-law a sexy smile.

"Maybe as he's doing in the pool now in front of both our eyes, he grabs Claudia's ass, feels her tits, and cups her pussy in the front seat of your car. Maybe, as brother and sister, they're closer than we think they are and should ever be," said Colleen giving Mark the eye.

Mark looked from his sister-in-law to look at his wife in the pool with her brother again. Had he not known that they were brother and sister, in the way that she allowed her brother to touch and feel her, they did seem more like boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife than they did brother and sister. Perhaps, Colleen was right. Perhaps, they were having a forbidden, incestuous, sexual affair.

On the flipside of the coin, perhaps, Colleen was jealous by all the attention that Alec was paying Claudia that he should be giving her. Perhaps, Colleen was jealous that her husband should be in the pool with his wife instead of being in the pool with his sister. Obviously, Mark reacted differently than Colleen to watching Alec groping his sister. Instead of acting jealous, Mark watched them with sexually excitement. Another man, even if that other man was her brother, especially if that other man was her brother, was touching and feeling his wife where no man should ever touch and feel his wife.

When she wasn't holding onto Alec while swimming, he was holding onto her while swimming. Seemingly innocent touching at first but now that Alec was drunk and Claudia was high, it did seem that there was a lot of touching and groping happening below the water, especially in the deep, dark end of the pool. With Claudia's hands disappearing under the water, Mark couldn't help but imagine Alec putting his sister's hand on his exposed prick. It sexually excited him to think of his wife touching her brother's cock and giving him an underwater hand job while he fingered her nipples and masturbated his sister.

"That would be hot for your husband to make out with my wife," confessed Mark while looking to Colleen for her reaction of an incestuous affair between brother and sister titillating him. He continued when she didn't voice her disapproval or her indignation. "I wouldn't mind watching Alec having his wicked, sexual way with his sister," admitted Mark looking at Colleen again while stunned that he admitted that. Obviously having second thoughts of what he had just said, he apologized. "Sorry, I don't know what I'm saying. Suddenly, the incestuous, sexual excitement took hold of me. I apologize if I offended your sensitivity."

Colleen laughed out loud. She made a face at Mark as if she thought him stupid. She removed the wool from his eyes with her next comment.

"Offend my sensitivity? I'm not from the 19th century nor am I made of glass. I'm a modern woman," she laughed. "After having been around the block a few times with a variety of men, I don't have any sensitivity. Just as I don't have a filter of what I take in my mouth, I don't filter what comes out of my mouth either," she said giving him a sexy smile and a wink.

He wondered what she meant when she said that she doesn't have a filter of what she takes in her mouth. Wondering if she'd be willing, he'd love to fill his sexy, sister-in-law's mouth with his cock. In the way that his wife refused to suck him, he wondered if Colleen would suck him. No doubt, if he was to wager a bet, she would. He'd love nothing more than to put a heavy hand behind Colleen's pretty head and hump her mouth and fuck her face. While feeling her big tits and fingering her erect nipples, he'd love nothing more than to cum in her beautiful mouth and watch her swallow his cum.

"Sorry. I beg your pardon, but I don't understand," said Mark.

As if ready to explain the birds and bees to him, she gave him a patient and understanding smile.

"Think about it Mark.

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