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A young couple hooks up for hot sex on a cruise.

I suffered in the hard, cold smelly boot for about ten minutes, and then we pulled in somewhere very bumpy, and stopped. My Master turned off the engine , got out of the car, and came and opened the boot. I was completely blinded by the boot light, so Master pulled me out quite roughly, then shut the boot.

I couldn't see much but we obviously weren't home, which is where I'd thought we were going, and as best I could make out we were at the entrance to a field. Master led me past the car and up to the gate. I was in the middle of the countryside, completely naked, and totally under the control of my Master.

"Climb onto the gate. Sit astride it like the wooden pony."

"Yes master."

"Hands behind your back."

Master brought a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket, and handcuffed my wrists behind my back.

"Take your legs off the gate and let them hang down. I want all your weight on your pussy."

"Yes master, please master, it really hurts."

"You won't be there for long, so don't whine."

"Sorry master."

"If you look to your right you'll see some house lights. The furthest left one is ours, well, mine. There are two fields which you need to cross to get home. Don't go on the road, it's too dangerous for you, naked and handcuffed. Good luck."

Master pushed hard on my left shoulder and I had no way of avoiding falling off the gate. At first, as I rotated on the top metal pole of the gate, my pussy lips were in agony. The gate was rough with rust and all my weight was on my pussy which was dragging around the pole as I fell. Then I was falling. I worried for a split second that my right leg would get caught in the gate and broken, but Master was ahead of me. I felt his hands grip my right ankle, and suddenly I was flying across the field, clear of the gate. I landed with a splosh in very wet churned up mud. I tried to turn to get up, but I just ended up wallowing around in the deep disgusting mud. I got completely covered in it, even my hair was plastered with the disgusting mess. Finally I got to my knees and then my feet.

I heard Master's car start, and then I was blinded by the headlights, and, of course completely illuminated for anyone driving along the lane. Two seconds later the headlights swung away as Master reversed on to the road. Two more seconds and he was gone, and I was alone, covered in mud, freezing cold, handcuffed, and completely blind. The headlights had blinded me so much that everything was black. If a car came along while I was standing there, they would get a full naked view of me. How many men could resist such an invitation?

After what felt like an hour, my vision cleared and I could see the dark hedge on the far side of the field by the light of a crescent moon. I set off quickly and immediately crashed face first into the mud. I struggled back to my feet and moved off more slowly. Soon the mud changed to grass, and I moved more easily, although I still fell twice more. I was gaining a lot of bruises. My breasts were suffering most, followed by my knees and face.

Finally I got to the hedge, and started to work my way along it to find the gate. When I found it, my heart sank. It was an old rickety wooden gate, and the top had barbed wire wrapped around it. If I tried to get over it my legs and pussy would be ripped to shreds. I couldn't think what to do.

In the end I settled for trying to find a gap in the hedge.

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