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I stayed by the balcony edge and casually worked my way around, and finally the light dawned downstairs - the balcony rail was glass, and I stopped every few feet to belly up to the rail and look around, putting a foot up on the rail.

He was really funny to watch; he dared not just plant himself in one spot and gape up my dress from the lower level, but he didn't want to miss anything, either. He fidgeted, shuffled around, tried to appear casual, but still spent many long seconds breathing harder and keeping his hands in his pockets as I worked around the balcony's edge.

For me, it was a heady combination of fear and arousal. I was out of his arms' reach, arms tied and breasts on jiggling display, showing off my thighs to the people inches away as well as everyone on the lower level. If someone decided to take my coat, I knew I probably couldn't stop them - and then, as the crowd realized my condition, I knew I could not stop anyone who wanted to from touching me, exposing me, fingering me. I felt flushed and excited, and I started deliberately making brief eye contact with everyone who turned my way. I wet my lips and parted them, feeling a warm flush spread across my chest and neck, and I knew without even needing to check that I was soaking wet. Just before I stepped onto the down escalator and headed back to safety, I pretended to stumble slightly and pressed my breasts into the back of the man in front of me, then mumbled my apologies.

Reunited, we stepped quickly to another area. I was a little worried that there might have been more than one eager watcher enjoying my balcony show.

"Baby, that was hot," he breathed in my ear. "I almost blew a zipper right then!" I smiled, pleased with the effect of my tease. He snagged a cherry from a free sample offer and teased my lips with it as we walked, and I licked it and lipped it and panted for it until he finally let me suck it into my mouth. After eating the cherry, I worked the stem for a moment and then presented it to him in the O of my lips, tied in a knot. He giggled.

"Here's something for you to think about," I purred. "Something to test your ability to think on your feet."

"What's that?"

"Whip out your cock so I can suck it."

His eyes widened, and I had to grab his belt loop with a fingertip and yank him away from a collision with a potted plant.

"You're kidding," he stammered.

My eyes dilated wide, I huskily whispered, "I am not kidding. Right now, I'm asking you quietly. If you take too long to come up with a plan, though, you'll be walking through the mall with a woman loudly complaining that she wants to suck your dick RIGHT NOW..."

His eyes bugged out slightly and he swallowed with an effort, then went into high gear as he started mentally reviewing every square foot of the area. A light dawned, and he led me all the way to the back of a nearby department store. He hunted around briefly, then let me around a corner to a freight elevator. With a last check around, he pushed the button and ushered me inside. Even as the doors closed, I dropped to my knees and he unzipped.

By the time the car started moving, I had swallowed him completely, sucking deeply and urgently. His knees wavered, and I pressed in harder, herding him into the corner of the elevator and pinning him there with his cock down my throat. When I knelt, I had opened my knees for support, and I felt my outer and inner lips bloom apart like a wet flower between my legs. When the bell rang for the third floor, I let him pull free and stuff himself back into his pants, staying on my knees until he could help me up. Luckily, the floor layout was similar to the first floor; the service elevator was set back in a little crooked hallway rather than opening up onto the sales floor. We staggered off the elevator, panting.

After smoothing his clothes and adjusting himself, he flung himself against me, gripping me to him tightly and covering me with kisses.

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