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Lia meets a new friend.

Early came in to the kitchen with a glass in his hand and took a chair on the opposite side of the table from Susan.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming home today? Why didn't you call and tell me that?" she asked.

After taking a sip of his whiskey Early replied in a voice devoid of all emotion, "I did call. I called today in the afternoon. You weren't home, and you weren't in the office... Jennifer wasn't there, either." Letting the silence drag out again, he took another sip of his whiskey.

"I was sitting here in this chair when you lied to me, straight in my face and pretended to be here. Is that John Stickner really worth more to you than our baby and our marriage? Do you love him so much?"

The only sounds were Susan's strangled sobs, "No, no, no, I don't love him. Early you are my only love. My visit to his house doesn't limit my love for you and nothing happened between him and me there, no, nothing. We were cooking a dinner when you rang me. Please let me explain, please listen to me honey."

After a moment, Early continued, "If you could cheat on me and lie to me today, you could have done it the whole week while I've been away. Have you spent all those 'lonely' nights with that Stickner? Have you? Where you did you do that, in his house as today, in our house or in both?"

Susan continued sobbing, "No, Please believe me because I haven't cheated you today and I've spent all of my nights alone at home. I swear I've been at home and I've been alone."

He slowly rose from his chair, took up her overnight bag from a chair, opened it and poured everything on the kitchen table. It contained a short sexy nightgown, stockings two sets of clean sexy underwear and a makeup bag. After looking at the items he began speaking in a voice so quietly that she had to strain to hear.

"Susan, I want to shake you; shake you so hard your teeth rattle. I have never wanted to hurt a woman before, much less my wife, my love. It would be a very bad idea if I were to meet John Stickner now, despite your implication that it was you that wanted to reward him." Susan made a small sound, maybe denying she had intended to seduce John Stickner.

Early continued, "You told me you owed him big time, which obviously meant a weekend of fucking. Just to toss another little problem at you, now that he has tasted your fruits, given to him with almost no effort on his part, isn't he going to expect those fruits will be available to him later? No matter what you explained to him, he now has to consider you easy."

Susan's protest was cut short when he spoke over her words. "Maybe he won't think you are available for anyone but if he brags about his easy married slut even others will try their luck. It doesn't matter what you do or say, he will believe you are available to him. To him, you are easy. Over time your reputation as Stickner's slut will cause your co-workers to lose a lot of respect and value for you. Maybe that has happened already."

After a sip of his whiskey Early continued, "What about V.D.? Do you really know how many other sluts this Stickner been fucking unprotected during the last months? I didn't find any condoms in your bag and I can hardly believe Stickner said 'no thanks' to a bare pussy. Did you think about what a big risk you took both for yourself, the baby and for me? Testing for V.D. must now be of high priority for you.

A loudly crying Susan began to sob, "Please believe me Early, I have never had any sex with John Stickner but I can't deny it could have happened if I spent some nights in his house. I made a big mistake, lied and acted in the most shameless way to you but I never had any kind of sex with him. Please forgive me for what I did. Please Early, I love you so much, please say that we can get past this?"

"I want to know what you have done during all your lonely nights and the whole day today. What happened as soon as you arrived at his house today? You had many hours available for giving him the first part of his 'Big time reward'. Please don't think I am stupid."

"We left

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