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You have some fun after the game.

unday morning?

No such luck, we run into Dave, I found out his last name is Horsley. Lizard eyes, he figured out Debra was the one up there, and he made some suggestions which I did my best to deflect.

The guy had bought out the local tire shop on main street in our little town.

Where I know everyone, and I do mean everyone, and Debra being the person running the local medical facility, well? She knows everyone too.

"Yea, cost me $600.00 by the time they put it on the wheel. Now I have to take it home and put it on the tractor, I was thinking you could give me a hand?"

"Hell, you got it off, didn't you?" I asked. I happened to know that that tire and wheel was about as tall as I am, not quite.

Which means heavy.

"Yea, but once I got the nuts loose it falls off, now someone has to help me shove it up in place with my little tractor while I put the nuts back on."

I sighed, I wasn't really in the mood for that but Bud had helped me so many times over the years I couldn't really say no.

"We can drive you out since it's raining, we can take the little tractor up the hill, then I was thinking I could get Billy here to run you back home?"

"Ok. Let me go get dressed, I need to tell Debra where we are going." I got up and went in, found some not too dirty blue jeans and a heavy work shirt, plus a coat since I knew it was drizzling outside.

That is one thing about the Oregon coast, it is either raining, preparing to rain, or it just quit and is resting up for the next round of rain.


We got out to Bud's ranch, Billy sat in the middle and didn't say a single word. I always found her to be on the quiet side anyway, different since Bud is exactly the opposite.

Bud and I managesd somehow to shove the tire off the back of his truck, we hooked up a chain so we could drag it up the driveway. When it rains, Bud uses the little tractor, hell, even a four wheel drive would have trouble with his driveway when it's wet. Dragging the heavy tire and wheel, even the little machine hopped up and down and spun a little bit.

Once we got to his upper field, I ran the tractor and used the bucket to pick up the tire after we chained it down. That part was easy, it slid right on and Bud made short work of the 12 big nuts that held it in place.

Then we stood and looked at the machine, the right side tire had nearly all of the lugs worn off of it, the left one was brand new.

"Ain't got no $600.00 for the other one, it will have to do." He said, catching my look.

We went back down the hill, Billy drove as Bud went back up to his house with a wave.

"So, what did you think, Danny?" Billy asked the moment we went around the first turn.

"About what?" I asked.

"You know. When I did that, let you see me." I glanced over, she had a small smile on her face.

"That was....uhh...nice. Not many women would do something like that." Hell, what was I supposed to say?

"I heard about what Debbie did." Billy said.

"You mean Debs? Like what?" I got a sudden sinking feeling.

"What she did when you guys were down there in Reno." She cast me a side long glance.

"Who told you about that?" No point in denying it, and I already had a pretty good idea who was yapping.

That Dave Horsley guy, Mr. "My lips are sealed." He had told me. Hell, were were not yet back home for a full day, for God's sakes.

"It's OK, I won't tell anyone. You were just having some fun." For a moment she looked odd.

"I would love to do something like that, but my body is...My fanny is so big and my boobs are so little."

"Don't be silly, you are a very attractive woman." I said, trying to comfort her because she looked almost...sad?

"You think so? Really? Do you think if I was to go out there and..you know, dance all naked like that? Would men throw money at me and maybe..cheer?"

"I am sure they would." I looked up as a sign went by, 8 miles to go and I would be home.

"Really? You would? I can see they might for Debbie, she is so beautiful, so slender, well built. Me? I am...." Her voice trailed off.


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