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I'm moaning with each breath, muttering your name softly as I release into you. You continue to suck and lick long after I finish cumming, enjoying the flavour of my desire for you.

I reach down and pull your head up, bending over to kiss you hard. My tongue pushing deep into your mouth caressing and wrapping around yours in passionate desire. You kiss me hard back knowing that I am thanking you for the pleasure that you've given me with your mouth. I stand up pulling you with me as I kiss you long and hard, my body pressed against yours and my hands sliding along your back and pulling you hard against me. I put my hands around your waist and toss you onto the bed. You land softly with your hair spilling out behind you. I stand and look at your wonderful body as a slow smile crosses my lips. You lay on the bed, wearing just a white lace bra and panty set and a pair of silk stockings. I stand over you, my initial desire satiated but obviously wanting more. I kneel onto the bed and slowly crawl over you, my body just above yours. I kiss you deeply and press my body against yours, you can feel my shaft beginning to harden again through your lace thong and you press your hips up against mine. I let my lips caress yours and my tongue press deep into your mouth while your arms wrap around me and your hands lightly claw along my back.

I pull my lips from yours and softly kiss your chin. I slowly move my kisses down your chin and along your throat, gently sucking and nipping at your skin. I sit up on my knees and slowly slide my hands along your shoulders and neck. You take one of my hands and softly kiss my fingers, then slide one of them into your mouth and suck on it while sliding your tongue around in slow circles. You smile as I lightly groan and press my hard shaft against your moist panties.

I take my hand from your mouth and let my fingertips glide around the curve of your breasts. I lower myself and softly kiss between your breasts, while my hands caress the gently curve on the outside of your breasts. I softly kiss your breasts through your bra, so softly you can hardly feel it. I let my lips enjoy the feeling of the soft lace and the subtle resistance of the flesh behind it. I kiss around the areola of each breast, watching, as your nipples grow hard and strain against the lace of your bra. I trace my fingers along the edge of your bra, pulling it slightly away from your breasts then letting it fall back into place. You moan at the tease and push your hips against mine letting me know that you want more.

I slide my hands under your bra, cupping your breasts inside the lace. I slowly slide the bra down off of your breasts and let the lace gather underneath. I trace my fingers along the edge of your areola occasionally letting a finger caress your hard nipples. I softly lift you from the bed and slide one hand under your back. With a quick motion of my fingers the bra clasp is undone and I slowly slide the straps off your shoulders and along your arms.

I lean down and softly kiss your breasts with long lingering kisses, letting my lips open to lightly suck at the skin of your breasts. I slowly work my way toward the nipple of your breast, making circles that grow gradually smaller; moving back and forth between each breast. My hands caress first your breasts, then your sides and hips and back to your breasts. Softly caressing your skin with my fingertips. My lips finally reach your nipple, and as I suck, and lick and kiss one my hand is lightly squeezing and caressing the other. You hands grab the back of my head and guide my lips to your other nipple. I change hands and softly tease the first while my tongue makes small circles around the tip of the other.

You moan and press your hips hard against mine, my shaft pressing hard against your covered cunt.

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