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The party arrives in the Cinder Vale.

Now show me what you've got!"

He thrust his hips up several times again. This time I thrust with him.

"Ohhh, that's the way to do it. You KNOW he's going to love it...now show me what you got." He stared at my pelvis. "Lift that skirt and show me what you got!" He smiled and began a slow up and down thrust in time with the music. With the girls urging me on, I caught the rhythm and began to slowly lift my skirt. I couldn't believe I was even thinking about flashing him. I had worn very tiny bikini panties and, if I lifted my skirt much higher, he would be able to see almost everything. In a few seconds, I had lifted my skirt almost to my waist.

"Oh, yeah. . .pretty little panties." he said. Then he said, "Watch what you're doing to me."

With that, he tugged at the side of his thong and it ripped away. His cock fell out and every woman in the house gasped. It almost touched the floor as it hung between his legs! He stared at a spot right at the top of the vee between my legs and began that same slow upward thrust he had done earlier. I stared at his cock and watched in amazement as it started to grow. It got harder and harder. It lifted up and began to inch its way up his stomach, stopping just short of his belly button.

It was only after he stopped that I realized two things. Mesmerized by the whole scene, I had matched him thrust for thrust as I watched him grow and I was soaking wet between the legs.

He got up to a standing ovation from the ladies, put on his duster, grabbed his clothes and went back upstairs. From the look on Carla's face, she knew I was wet. I prayed the others hadn't noticed.

The party broke up soon after. I was at that numb lips stage of drinking and Carla urged me to stay with her that night rather than drive home. I had the overpowering urge to pee, so I headed for the bathroom telling her I would think about it.

The downstairs bath was occupied, so I ran upstairs. When I was finished, I walked out and bumped into my black cowboy. He was wearing the duster and smiling at me.

He slowly drew his eyes up my legs until he reached by crotch. He leered at me and said, "I showed you mine, baby, now you show me yours."

I was frightened and I told him I wasn't interested. He smiled at me again and said, "Your mouth may say no, but these are saying yes."

He was looking at my nipples. I hadn't worn a bra and they were standing out under my blouse. He brought his hand up, cupping my breast and using his thumb to feel my nipple through the thin cotton.

I grabbed his hand to pull it away. He caught my hand and slowly moved it down his chest. His duster opened and I realized he was naked underneath. He kept moving my hand downward.

"I know you want to feel it, baby. Go ahead." He kept pushing my hand downward.

I felt my hand move through the mass of rough, black hair surrounding his cock. I was powerless to stop him. I looked up at him, he was almost a foot taller and realized he was staring at the tops of my breasts.

"You have some nice white titties," he said as I felt my hand instinctively curl around his cock. I looked down again and saw that he had a good six or seven inches sticking out above my fingers.

"Stroke it, baby, make it real hard for me."

I was mesmerized as my hand began moving up and down, making it grow. I realized that his hand was moving under my blouse and he quickly had a nice white titty at his fingertips. He teased my nipples, making them incredibly hard then pushed hard against my breasts, flattening them as I fell against the wall. I was breathing like I had just finished running a mile and watching a thin, white drop form at the head of his cock.

He reached down and lifted my leg up high, exposing my panties as my skirt opened for him. His other hand slid between my legs, I could feel his thumb rub across my clit. He felt the wetness of the silk that was keeping his hand from reaching a spot where only my boyfriend had ever been.

"OOOOH, baby, you are one wet bitch. I'm going to make you cum so hard you're gonna scream."

He slipped the strap between my leg

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