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She just shrugged and looked helpless as if to say, "How could I know what would happen?"

Coach Anders glared at Cheryl with an 'I'm waiting' look. She groaned silently and reached up her skirt to lower her thong.

"Nichole, you might like to lock the door," the coach advised. "I'm sure you don't want to find someone walking in and finding you bent over with your bottom shining in the light."

"I'm more worried about other bits flashing around," she muttered to herself, jumping when Coach Anders laughed. The man had ears like a bat.

"Now why don't the pair of you bend over the desk? I'd like to get started."

"Wait, wait, wait," said Cheryl. "You can't do this. You can't make us. We refuse."

"Now she refuses," murmured Coach Anders. "After she's had an excuse to take of her panties." He smiled at Cheryl's blush. "I guess you're right. I can't exactly force you to bend over. You're free to depart. I'll let your parents decide what they'd like to do about your bet."

The two girls stood there, glaring mutinously at him while they considered this threat. Finally Cheryl yielded.

"Fine," she said with an angry snarl in her voice. "So we get spanked."

She stepped up to the desk and bent forward, leaning on her hands. She was joined by an equally reluctant Nichole.

The coach stepped forward and lifted the back of their skirts, tucking the skirts into their belts. There as some subdued muttering from the young ladies but no attempt to cover up again. The coach took a step back to admire the view.

Cheryl gave a gasp of shock as Coach Anders' hand came down sharply on her bottom, followed by a gasp from Nichole as she enjoyed the same experience. Their gasps were followed by twin squeals of protest as then next pair of spanks landed on two pouting little mounds.

"Oh, stop panicking," scoffed the coach. "So my aim is a little erratic. Just put up with for a short while and it will all be over."

The accuracy of his aim was to prove highly suspect as half the spanks delivered seemed to land on the wrong spot. The girls squirmed and protested and suffered, knowing there was nothing they could really do.

The twin spankings didn't really go on for that long. The coach was just using the spanking to get his message across and the girls were receiving the message loud and clear.

"Right, I think that will do," Coach Anders said, moving to stand between the two girls. He had a hand resting on each rosy bottom. "No. Stay the way you are," he ordered when the girls made tentative moves to stand away from the desk. At the same time his hands drifted down, rubbing against the girls' mounds, his hands giving them a squeeze.

"You stop that," exclaimed Cheryl, accompanied by a, "What are you doing?" from Nichole.

"I'm being generous and accommodating," the coach informed them. "I've decided that I'll enable both of you to win your pedicures."

To emphasize his statement his hands were busy massaging and probing, fingers easing lips apart and slipping between them.

"What are you talking about?" Cheryl demanded in a strangled shriek, with Nichole indicating that she agreed with the question.

"The bet. Remember the bet?" the coach's tone indicated that he might be speaking to the mentally defective. "You get to have sex with me and the other has to give you a pedicure. Consider your current position. You're never going to get a better chance to win, now are you?"

There was some incoherent spluttering from the girls, indicative of the fact that they thought the competition was finished.

"The pair of you are being silly. Who wants to go first?"

The silence that greeted this question didn't deter him.

"Not sure? Don't want to seem greedy by rushing things? I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll give you each a taste of what's about to happen. Give you a chance to make up your minds."

Nichole made a wailing protest but found she was too slow to prevent what happened.

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