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A surprise twist.

"But yes, sweetheart, it was," His hips made a slow drawn out circle that had her clutching His shoulders even tighter as she felt the pressure building again. "Is, baby girl. I'm nowhere near finished with you yet."

His hand moved slowly up from her hip to cup her breast. He lifted the flesh, weighted it in His palm. Squeezed and played with it like a beach ball for a long moment as He moved inside her in those slow, torturous circles. "You know I always loved the tit pics best, Claire. They always made me hard instantly," He punctuated His words with a deep reminder of just how hard He was at the moment.

"I loved those damned maxi-dresses of yours. Especially when you did not wear anything under them." He bent and kissed the rosy tip of her breast. She watched hypnotized as His tongue licked at it like a little boy tasting the sweetness of a lollipop for the first time.

"But you didn't pack any clothes, did you? So I guess you are going to be stuck wearing nothing but my shirts for a while," He smiled at her like a cheeky child. She felt Him swell even more inside her at the words. "My shirts, Claire. Not his. Not your sons' that they left behind when they went to uni. Not your ex-husband's. Mine, baby."

Claire felt her throat tighten at that word. That word sprang and bloomed in her mind. Though she tried with all her might to stamp it out like a wildfire, still it flamed.

He held her gaze for a long moment. Dared her to speak, to deny it. But she could not. Could not make the words come.

He smiled once more. This was no cheeky grin of a child. It was the arrogant markings of a man. "Mine, Claire. And you want it that way too."

He did not give her time to confirm or deny His assertion before He bent His head and captured the hard nub between His teeth. He bit her nipple. Harder than she liked. Harder than she thought she could endure. He pulled His head back with the tender flesh still between His teeth. Her whole breast lifted and stretched off her chest wall. She cried out. Tears came to her eyes. When she would have sworn she could take no more, He released it as suddenly as He had captured it.

She shuttered at the foreshadowing...was that what He would do to her in the end? Capture her completely, enthrall her in His spell, and then just dump her. She knew that pain would be far worse than the physical one still throbbing in her nipple.

He bent His head once more. He licked softly at the throbbing bud as if a kitten licking its wounds after a fight. She moaned softly at the tenderness in this touch. That had always been her James; pushing her, demanding things she was not certain she wanted to give, cold and distant at times, then in a moment soft and tender. Always there for her.

Her hands came up and buried themselves deep in His hair, holding His head to her breast. Offering herself up to Him. Giving whatever He needed. Freely. Yes, if they were going to play this game, He would not need to take anything. She would give. Give it all. Freely, no strings attached. And when tomorrow came? She would look back on this moment with bittersweet joy.

"And here I thought you wanted me naked," she teased.

He looked up and laughed, "When I punish you, sweetheart. But you forget...CFNM."

Those four little letters hit her like a brick wall suddenly appearing from nowhere. They were a reminder of that first teasing email. He had asked her about dating. Why she did not date, to be exact. She had said that she simply could not imagine getting naked with a man, any man, ever again. He had replied...'Good for me you won't need to...CFNM.' She had not known what those words meant, but was a bit shocked that this young man, only a bit older than her own sons would tease her like that.

Of course, she soon found out what CFNM meant. And quite a few more of His kinky fantasies too.

His kinky fantasies? She wanted to be the one to make them come true.

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