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Staff and students alike embrace a cfnm lifestyle.

If he comes over here he can be shot."

The trooper replied very quickly "Is that a threat?"

"Nope, I would not do it." Mark stood behind her with a big grin on his face.

Ron got the children every other week, joint custody sucks but what could Emma do? One day Kathy, the oldest, noticed her sister had a dirty diaper. Without thinking she changed it. Emma just stood there with her mouth hanging open "

When and why did you learn to do that?" she asked.

"I do it all the time when we are with Daddy." Then she walked into the kitchen and fixed her sister a snack.

"Do you do that too when you are with Daddy?"

"Yeah." It was not a big deal to her.

"What does Daddy do when you are there?"

"Mostly he is gone, Nanny is there but she sleeps most of the time."

Cathy Anne was nearby while the conversation was going on. She walked into the room and gently guided Emma out to the hall. "Go talk with your Dad, I have the little ones."

Mark knew something was wrong as soon as she walked into the garage where he was working on their car. He put the door down to keep the verbal explosion from destroying the neighborhood.

2 hours later she was finally calmed down. Mark promised to look into it. He worked across and slightly down the street from Nanny's place. He fancied himself to be a chef, in reality he was a short order cook at a diner. We all have our dreams; if he wants to be a chef....

Mark and Emma called her lawyer, who filed a motion with the court to get the custody changed. "Just on the word of the children we will have a hard time doing this, but it needs to be on the record." she told Emma.

Shortly after the blowup in the garage Mark was surprised by the children coming into the diner and asking for him. They were 5 and 2; they had crossed that busy street to get to him. He was astounded.

"H-How did you get here?"

"We waited at the curb until a nice man stopped the traffic and allowed us to cross the street. Nanny won't wake up. She has been in bed all day."

Mark called the police to report the children not being supervised.

The police found that Nanny had a stroke and died. Ron was found at the bar. He was drunk off his ass.

Child Protective Services took the children. Emma was pissed and asked the judge for an emergency order allowing her to take them. 3 days later she had temporary sole custody, until there could be a hearing.

A month later Ron showed up for the hearing, he had a new Camero. It was bright orange with all the extras available. He asked the girls if they would like to go for a ride in his new car. Kathy hid behind the table that separated them. She stared wide eyed and shook her head "NO. We don't like the way you drive."

The hearing was short.

The judge asked "What time do you feed the children each day when you have them?"

"Mom does that for me, I need to work to pay the bills. I see them each evening at supper. Then we read books until bedtime."

"What is their favorite book?"

Ron sat there with a stunned look on his face. He slowly replied, "The Bible."

The judge pulled out a Bible and said "Find a part they like."

Ron thumbed through the book and decided to read from a page.

The judge stopped him after he had read a few lines, "They like that one, huh?"

"Yes your honor".

"What exactly do they like about it?"

Ron thought for a minute and said "The way all the brothers love each other."

"Selling their brother Joseph into slavery is love?"

Ron just looked at his feet.

"I order full custody to the mother. The father is only allowed 3 hour, supervised visitations until he proves he is concerned about the best interests of the children. You are dismissed"

Ron left half of the tire tread on the pavement as he left court. The police pulled him over on the next block.

That evening he was in consultations with his divorce advisers. As they left the Dewdrop Inn, Ron lost control of the Camero. The tractor trailer never had a chance to stop. The rig rolled on its side; there were crates of chickens were all over the highway.

Mark woke up to find someo

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