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Part 3 of my story.

That's how her father, ex-police sergeant Alan Vincent, raised her. The only person whom she could turn to was having some problems of his own. Stefano met a charming young woman named Laura during his first year of college. They had a lot in common. He fell in love with. Unfortunately, the dame did not return his affections. The broken-hearted Stefano closed up shop. Fed up with his lack of success with women, he began to explore his other side.

A long time ago, Stefano made a shocking confession to Dee. Stefano had been having dreams about men ever since he turned eighteen. This panicked the young man. In the black community, homosexuality wasn't exactly tolerated. Stefano didn't know what do. Dee was the only person he confided in. his confession shocked Dee. Could the young man she had loved forever be one of those? A man who loved other men? How could this be? He was a fine-looking athletic black man. Women flocked to him, though for some reason he always picked wicked women over nice girls. Dee was shocked but since she loved him as a friend, she told him that she accepted him no matter what.

After his relationship with Laura ended, Stefano met a handsome Latin man named Marlon. Marlon was a charming businessman. He was out as a gay man and took an urgent interest in Stefano. The two of them began to go out. Stefano was in heaven! Marlon was unlike anyone he had ever seen. The guy was charming and handsome. He was really articulate. He knew a lot about art and history. He knew so much about the world. He was cultivated and cultured. His charm knew no limits. He took Stefano to clubs and they went dancing. They ate in fine restaurants. All was well. One night, they finally made love. It was his first time.

Stefano had fallen in love with Marlon. So happy was he that he told Dee about it! Dee was still with Lloyd at the time but her heart was torn apart when Stefano told her that he was not only bisexual but also exploring a relationship with another man. For reasons she couldn't comprehend, Dee always thought that somehow, she and Stefano would end up together. Now, he was with another man. She tried to appear supportive. She told him that she was happy for him. Yet inside, she panicked. She was losing him!

Stefano's relationship with Marlon lasted about a year. For an entire year, Stefano explored the bisexual lifestyle and he loved it. He had a wonderful boyfriend who loved him. His best friend knew and she was supportive. Oh, and his sex life was wonderful. Stefano had been with women before. He had sex with a twenty-year-old female firefighter named Danielle Flaherty six months after he graduated high school. Sex with Danielle had been awesome. The young woman was experienced and very eager. It was a passionate relationship. Still, sex with Marlon was a lot more passionate and more intense than anything Stefano had ever experienced.

Of course, all good things come to an end. Marlon moved to Los Angeles to work for an architecture firm started by his brothers. Stefano and Marlon's relationship didn't survive the long distances and infrequent calls. They ended it. It was a severe blow to Stefano's psyche. He had never been in love before he met Marlon. Oh, he had crushes on women and even sexually experimented with a couple of them but nothing in his existence had ever prepared him for the love he felt for Marlon, and what it cost him when the relationship ended.

When Stefano continued to pursue relationships with women, Dee was reassured.

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