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Incest is contagious.

Then Charlotte furthered her exploration, to his navel, laving there a few minutes, then down to the top of his cock, but not touching it. Charlotte wanted to prolong his wanting. So she traveled her kisses down each thigh and back up, and finally engulfing his cock into her mouth, running her tongue along the vein underneath, before caressing the tip. Charlotte kept this up for a few minutes, in fact, until he was about to come. Then with a protest from Miguel, she stopped, and his cock made a plop from her mouth, bounced and lingered in the dim light of the far end of the back of the store.

Miguel then grabbed the front of Charlotte's waistband of her trousers. Charlotte placed her right hand on Miguel's right shoulder, and her left hand just underneath his chin, and brought herself forward and kissed him. All the while Miguel unhooked Charlotte's trousers. His hands working furiously. He finally had the last hook undone, he placed his hand at the top of her panties, and then worked his hand inside. He found exactly what he was looking for. Moisture. The very moisture that covered her lower lips. Miguel's hands ventured further, and explored her wetness, as they continued to kiss. Their tongues invading their mouths in their wake.

Miguel finally worked his finger inside Charlotte, and began massaging the inside of her walls. Then Charlotte wiggled her cute little butt and with one swift motion her trousers landed around her ankles. Her sexy thong panties still attached to her shapely body. But in another swift motion, Miguel had her panties down around her ankles as well. Charlotte knew what she needed, and didn't need any prodding from Miguel, even though Miguel pressed his leg up against hers. Then with one swift motion, his cock entered Charlotte, and began to have a life of its own. Charlotte's insides gripped him like a vise. Charlotte unbuttoned her blouse, and reached inside and unhooked the front her lace bra. With this measure, Charlotte's breasts came undone as well, they freed themselves from the confines of the undergarment. Charlotte cupped one of them and offered it to Miguel. Which was an offer he couldn't refuse.

Miguel captured Charlotte's nipple in his mouth and began to suck wildly on the bud, which made his cock jump even more. Charlotte took her hand and placed it behind Miguel's head, and brought herself closer to him. With her one leg placed onto the shelf behind her, and her other placed onto the floor, it seemed easier for Miguel to thrust deeply inside her. And with a few last strokes, Miguel's body went stiff inside Charlotte. Charlotte's body also went still. Her body still gripping Miguel's cock like a vise, milked him until he was dry. After empting his seed into her, Miguel's cock made a plop noise again and exited Charlotte.

Charlotte protested this, and began to run her fingers up and down his cock. Slowly Miguel's cock began to get some life back into it. Miguel and Charlotte both watched as her hands did their magic. As Miguel's cock began to get a life of its own, his hands began to roam Charlotte's lithe body. He cupped her breasts, and then began to roll her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, before bending his head and enrapturing one between his lips. His lips gripped her nipple as he began to suck.

Miguel was sucking her nipple furiously, before he stopped and turned Charlotte around and spread her legs. Miguel then entered her from behind, this time a little more slowly. Then with time, his pace began to quicken. He grabbed onto charlotte's breasts and used them in his hands, pulling on their nipples as he thrust himself into her. Charlotte's knees began to weaken with each thrust. She knew she was headed for a big orgasm, she could feel the sensation welling up within her.

Miguel pulled Charlotte's nipples a few more times as his thrusts became more furious.

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