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Unfulfilled mother / Distant son. Tension established.

Angela retrieved our sweeper from the closet and pulled it to the middle of the floor.

Ray again addressed Angela and said "Why don't you hook it up and show us how it works, Angela?"

Angela went over to the sweeper and bent over to connect the hoses to the base unit. As she did her robe rose up displaying her thonged bottom. Her ample black pubic hair was in clear display as well as her puffy pussy lips and tight but crack. Angela was unaware of the scene she had just displayed and stood up straight saying "Ok."

Ray grabbed the handle to the vacuum head and looked at Angela saying "Go ahead and plug it up for me maam." Jose had just walked back into the room.

I was ready to speak out as Angela walked across the room to the outlet. Looking for another free show I thought. Angela didn't disappoint them as she bent over to grab the plug and place it into the wall socket. Again her robe rose up exposing her most private parts to full view of her all male audience. As Angela stood back up her robe was kind of displaced from all the bending and maneuvering and the top of her tits were clearly visible beneath the sheer lace fabric of her nurses' outfit that was showing through the top of her open robe. I was certain Angela did not realize the compromising position she was putting herself into as she had never dressed like this before even in private. She normally wore granny pajamas around the house or a pair of sweat clothes.

Ray did not seem to notice the show from his demeanor and started the vacuum and did a section of the floor about 5' X 5'. I thought maybe I was a little overprotective as Ray seemed to be professional and very courteous while staying focused on demonstrating his product. Ray turned off the vacuum and said "Let's go back to the family room and continue."

As we walked back into the family room there were freshly filled glasses of cold beer sat around. Angela and I both grabbed our and drank them down. I sat back thinking of the exhibition show Angela had put on and how I was going to take her after these guys leave. Ray continued on about carpets and vacuums and talking to Angela about details of the art of housework. I started feeling funny as my mind raced thinking of how hot Angela looked bent over the vacuum and how I may have her do a little housework for me after our guests leave. I could see Angela face had flushed and she was sweating lightly as she sat mesmerized by Ray. I tried to sit up to go and get another beer but could not move my arms or legs. I tried to speak but could not utter a word. I felt that I was fully alert but my body was asleep.

Ray looked over at me and smiled big. I knew something was wrong but could not respond. He looked to Angela and asked "Are you feeling a little hot sweetheart?"

Angela looked at him and in a low voice and replied "I am so hot I feel like I am going to burn up in here."

"Why don't you remove your robe and cool down a bit." Ray responded.

I watched in horror as Angela under some type of spell stood in front of these men and slipped her robe from her hot body. She stood in the sexy white completely see thru outfit as if not noticing her condition of undress. Her breast nipples stood out at attention and her unshaven pubic hair splayed from around the thin white thong bottom of her outfit. The front of her thong was noticeably wet. I tried to get up to put a stop to the actions in front of me but hard as I tried could not move.

Ray continued smiling as Juan and Jose began making lewd comments about my wife. Ray walked over to me and sat beside me holding his own beer. "You see here Mike, I saw your lovely lady today down in Homestead and I knew I had to have her. I invited two of my friends to join me. I used to sell vacuums but quite to take up a much more lucrative operation."

I was trying to fight, trying to yell out at them but could not.

Ray continued "You have been given a drug to put all but your mind to sleep; you cannot move or speak Mike.

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