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Daddy takes his 22-year-old daughter.

In minutes her juices began to flow and, dipping into her cunt, she wet two fingers and then returned them to her now engorged clit, slowly emerging from its hood.

"Oh baby," she said aloud, "this feels so damned good!" Donna opened her eyes and, raising her head, watched her reflection in the mirror that her mother had long ago placed at the foot of the bed. Her cunt lips had opened, revealing the fire red inner lips. With some effort she used her left hand to pull the pillows under her head so she could watch in comfort. Then, as she watched, a bit of milky white juice began to ooz from her cunt. Now she needed more than just her clit fingering, she needed penetration! Rolling to the side of her bed, she pulled the nightstand drawer open and, reaching inside, drew out the soft plastic prick she had stolen from her mother's 'toy box', the 'prick' that had taken her virginity several years earlier.

While continuing to play with her clit, she rubbed the bulbous head of the toy up and down her slit, wetting it thoroughly with her juice, then, satisfied it was well lubricated, slowly slipped it into her cunt hole. "Oh yes, baby, fuck me good," she cried out as she began stroking the toy out, then thrusting it back in. She no longer had any control over her hips as they humped and humped with each plunge of her 'lover'. "Unh....unh...unh...oh jeezus...unh...I'm gonna cum...unh...YES!...Yes...yes... YEAS!!" Her whole body tensed up as the climax wave washed through her, her hips thrust upwards, the toy buried as deep as possible as she strained to maintain her orgasm.

After minutes the pleasurable feeling began to wane and her hips fell back to the bed and her body began to relax. Leaving the toy buried in her cunt, she rolled onto her side. Glancing at the clock, she saw it was now quarter past seven. She'd been at it for at least forty minutes. She smiled to herself. She could sleep now, there was no rush to get up until she had to pee again.

* * * * *

Donna had inherited much from her parents, both now dead. Her father, a giant of a man, had died of a massive heart attack several years ago. From him she got her height of six feet two inches. Other than Robby Henricks, she had always been the tallest in school. Both she and Robby were the centers for their respective basketball teams. He was six feet five inches.

From her mother, Donna had inherited her drive for sexual gratification. Almost every night Donna had fingered herself to the sound of her parents fucking, her mother crying out yelps of pleasure.. She swore that her father had fucked himself to death trying to keep her mother satisfied. Then, after her father had died, she continued to hear her mother in the throes of sex each night. It was then that Donna had discovered the toy box, hidden under her mother's bed. There were so many that her mother apparently never missed the one Donna had taken.

Last year, right after Donna's seventeenth birthday, her mother too was dead. She had been caught fucking the next door neighbor, Mr. James. Mrs. James had returned home unexpectedly and caught the two of them in the James' marital bed, fucking like rabbits. Using Mr. James' own gun, she had put a bullet through his head just as he was shooting his load of cum. Donna's mother had been so intent on her own cumming that she didn't notice until she opened her eyes just in time to see the gun pointed at her and Mrs. James pull the trigger again.

For the past year, Donna had been a ward of the court until her eighteenth birthday when she inherited the house, a new car and more than three quarters of a million dollars. She had moved from her smaller bedroom to the large one of her parents.

* * * * *

It was almost noon when she awoke again and she was hungry.

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