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A sticky Saturday morning.

When I hit the sensitive part just below the head, he shudders with pleasure.

I stop and, holding his heavy, black cock up in my tiny white hand, look up at him. He is looking down at me now that I've stopped. I wait for a second, running my thumb softly on the sensitive spot I just licked. I ask him if he likes that. He does. I ask him if he wants me to suck his cock in my mouth. Surprise! He does. I tell him that he is so big, I don't know how much of him I can take in my mouth, but I want to take him all the way in.

Then, I slip my mouth over his rigid pole. The head is well defined and I feel the ridge as it passes my lips. My jaw is forced open to an extent that I hadn't anticipated. I know that I can't do this for very long-my jaw muscles will give out. But I want to feel him completely fill my mouth and slide in and out as long as I can.
It feels marvelous. I wrap both hands around the base of his massive cock, trying to cover his whole length with my hands and my mouth. Also, by having both hands there, I can control his thrusting so he doesn't force his cock down my throat. That, I fear, would kill me. But the thrusting he is doing, controlled by my hands, is marvelous. Again and again, my mouth fills with his hot, smooth cock and then empties as he pulls out-only to thrust in again.

As wonderful as this feels-and I hear myself moaning with pleasure-I'm tiring quickly. The ache in my jaw is overwhelming now and, reluctantly, I pull off his cock. As I stand up, I can see the desire in his eyes. I wonder, for a second, what he would do now if I stopped him and told him I didn't want to do anything more. Would he rape me? I guess that he would. He wouldn't even think about the fact that I had provoked it. He would just take what he had to have.

But I'm not going to do that to him. This isn't primarily based on compassion for him. Maybe if this were going to be a one-time thing, I would do that. It would be an interesting experience. But I didn't plan for this to be a one-time thing and I hadn't thought through the implications of having our relationship start out with a rape. Maybe it would be good. Maybe I could control him with his guilt or his fear. But I hadn't thought it through and I don't want to take chances.

Still stroking his cock with my hand, I look him in the eyes closely and ask him if he wants to fuck me. He does, of course, but he doesn't take the initiative. So I turn around, pulling my panties off and bend down over the counter. Then, I feel his hands on my hips and his strong cock-wet with my saliva-press against my cunt lips.

He's not subtle, or even gentle, but I'm really wet so his cock, despite its size, begins slipping into my cunt easily. But then it all changes. There is no friction; my cunt is as slippery as it could be. But his cock is stretching me now. The resistance is provided by the tightness of my cunt. This is a sensation I haven't felt since I was a teenager-when I was first getting fucked. I like the feeling. I like having to be stretched to take him in.

He is thrusting in to me pretty quickly, I think, but it is all in slow motion to me. I feel every inch of his cock. Each stroke takes him deeper into my hungry cunt. I realize that, even when he is bottoming out in my cunt, he still isn't completely in me. Slowly, my cunt stretches to accommodate him. At last, I can feel his pubic hair, then his pubic bone, pressing against my cheeks.

Now it's getting easier and he settles into a regular, insistent rhythm. I enjoy this and begin urging him along. He seems fine with the dirty talk: "Oh, god, yes. Fuck me with your big hard cock...Give it all to me...Let me feel your cock." He seems to like it especially when I tell him (truthfully) I've never felt such a big cock. Well, what 18-year old wouldn't?

I reach back, between my legs and feel his rod as it pistons into me.

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