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How I met my Chinese GILF and surrogate mother.

Gale also stood by, and provided a few other answers so Joel could wolf down his hamburgers.

Fran sat close beside Joel, and I could see the immediate fascination she had with this manly hunk she'd 'won.' For that matter, Joel seemed equally charmed by the beautiful naked brunette nymph sitting beside him. I watched as the two occasionally touched each other for any reason they could think of. They both seemed to be star struck with each other, and for some reason that bothered me.

Rita came up to me and we started to make out with each other in a corner of the sofa. Gale dimmed the lights and then I watched her naked form merge into Sean's in the large overstuffed chair near the fireplace. Aidan and Nancy stood for a while kissing, and then they disappeared down the hallway heading for the bedrooms. Chip and Sheila were right behind them. Lyle claimed Ally who looked happy to spend time with him, and they stretched out together on an oversized yoga pad in front of the fireplace. Of course that left Fran and Joel; he took Fran's hand and led her towards the master bedroom.

Rita and I had a beautiful reconnection after having not spent time together for a while. The red head hot wife seemed unusually cranked up and ready for me to transport her to the Land of Orgasms, and that's just what I did. At one point, the others in the living room paused in their activities to watch Rita panting and gasping for breath as one climax ripped through her body after another in a near continuous stream of bliss.

After an hour, I joined Rita in one of her orgasms allowing myself to peak with her. After that, we cuddled together in our afterglow. She made me feel particularly special by explaining that I had just given her the most amazing sexual experience of her life. I hoped Sean wasn't listening.
As we lay there on the sofa, I could hear whimpers of delight from the master bedroom, and I could tell the voice was Fran's. Joel had been working her over and over and over for the past hour as well, and from the groans, mewls, and other animal noises from that direction I could tell she was one happy woman.

I wanted to go and peek at Fran and Joel, but my plans were frustrated when a few of the couples in the living room rearranged, and I found myself starting to bring Nancy to a series of peak experiences. After her first series of orgasmic detonations, I glanced up to see Joel and Fran slowly move through the dimly lit living room to the kitchen. They both looked very happy.

I felt myself cringe inside as I saw how Fran looked at Joel. She was off the deep end and falling for him fast. He looked equally entranced with her. Gale and Sean stopped making out, and they too went into the kitchen for drinks. A little while later, Gale came out with Joel, and suggested that he join with Rita for the next round. I could see that Sean had claimed Fran, and my initial feelings subsided a little. I knew I could trust Sean.

I wondered if my unease was due to Joel being such a total unknown. Would he try to steal Fran or one of the other girls away from me? Did I have a hold on them? Did I just want to be a hog and monopolize all these women? I listed the women I'd made love to in the past month, and in some ways the list was embarrassingly long: the six women at the party, Jane, Pam, Jean Henson - the girls' mother, and then about eight more from the Henson's swing group. What was my problem?

I think the problem was that I was in love with some, including Fran, and the others were great fuck buddies. That old saying about setting butterflies free or something like that flitted through my head. If it was right for Fran to stay with me, she would; otherwise I had to set her free with no holds on her. I resolved to talk to Fran before the end of the weekend when I had to leave for New Jersey again.

* * * * *

I took Fran to lunch on Sunday, and I think she guessed the topic of our conversation before we went.

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