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An elven ranger begins her descent into depravity.

Before long, I felt a fantasy grow within me and, within seconds, reality faded away.

Moments after the fantasy began, I paused the movie and turned to the twins.

"Have you ever kissed each other?" I asked. The sisters stopped whispering and turned to me with shocked expressions. It was obvious they were unsure if I had actually asked what it sounded like I had. So I repeated the question.

"Have you ever kissed each other?" I asked again. Realizing they had indeed heard me correctly, they let shock wash over them.

"No!" they said as one. Their voices were filled with repulsion, but their expressions betrayed their true feelings.

I smiled.

"But have you ever fantasized about it?"

There was a brief silence before they once again let fly a resounding "No!" But that was not about to discourage me. I kept on pressuring them until they finally admitted they had secretly fantasized about it. Both were surprised to hear of their sibling's incestuous desires. But I did not give them time to wrap their heads around it.

"Kiss!" I proposed. At first they were shocked, but soon realized there was no real reason not to. After debunking their weak excuses, I managed to convince them.

"Kiss," I said again, this time in a sensual voice. Finally, the twins gave in to their perverse desires. I expected them to start off with tentative lip kisses. Instead, they dove into the deep end, thrusting their tongues into each other's mouths for a passionate make out session.

"Wow!" I gasped in awe as powerful waves of arousal washed over me. By the time the incestuous kiss came to an end, I realized I was gently rubbing my labia through my pants.

"Undress each other!" I ordered. Oddly, the twins did not even seem surprised by the order. Instead, they got to their feet and started ripping each other's clothes off. Within seconds, they were fully naked. I barely had time to drink in their great beauty before they pulled each other in for another passionate make out session. Unfortunately for them, I soon ordered them to, "Stop it!" They did as told, but seemed confused. I smiled at them reassuringly as I gave my next order.

"I want you to take turns licking each other's boobs," I explained.

"Yes mam!" they said as one as a few giggles flowed past their lips. Moments later, one sister was expertly sucking, licking and biting her sibling's nipples. After a while, they switched positions, but I soon realized I wanted more.

"Lick your sister's pussy!" I told one of the twins. She hesitated for a second, but when her sister spread her legs, she gave up all hope of fighting her perverse desires. Dropping to her knees, she buried her face into her sibling's cunt.

"Mmmmm!" moaned the sister as she felt her lover's tongue on her lower lips. By then, my hand had slipped into my pants and I felt two fingers slither past my own labia. Moments later, I was furiously finger-fucking my poon while the kneeling twin used her tongue to do the same to her sister.

This continued only for a few seconds before I heard the twin moan at the top of her lungs, telling me she was about to climax. Realizing I was nowhere near an orgasm of my own, I decided to keep going at my current speed. After all, I would have ample time to get ready before it was the other twin's turn to climax. But such thoughts were soon washed aside when I saw the first twin writhe on the couch. Moments later, I saw a few drops of cum fly through the air. All I could see was the tongue-fucking sister's head buried in her twin's crotch, but I could perfectly imagine her mouth filling with her sibling's hot cum.

"MMMMM!!" moaned the climaxing twin at the top of her lungs as she squirted her hot nectar into her sister's mouth. This continued for a while before her spasms finally died down and she just lay there, gasping for air. Pulling away, her sister took the first breath in what seemed like forever.

I continued to slowly finger my pussy as I watched them recover.

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